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If you are looking to find some casinos that accept POLi you have come to the right place!

On this page, you can find all the information you should know about the POLi banking method, whatever you want to shop online or make a deposit at an online casino.

Our expert team has tested and selected the best POLi payment NZ casinos. All you have to do is check out our list, choose your favorite Poli casino and start playing your favorite real money games.

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Also, below the list, we have provided you with all the information on how to use POLi at online casinos, how to make a deposit, all about your safety, advantages and much more.

Best POLi Pay Casinos for NZ

Info: Online casinos that accept deposits with Poli!

Top 3 Online Casinos that accept Poli

Let’s take a closer look at the absolute best online casino operators that accept Poli in NZ:

  • HellSpin – HellSpin is the best online casino in NZ that accepts Poli payments. The casino has one of the market’s largest slot selections with over 7500 games, accepts an incredible number of payment methods and offers new NZ players a juicy welcome package.
  • CookiecCasino – CookieCasino is the second best casino with Poli payments in NZ. The casino offers a playful design, more than 2000 games and a handsome NZ bonus for new customers.
  • NeonVegas – NeonVegas is the third best online casino that accepts Poli transactions. The casino has attractive neon lights, daily offers and NZ’s best first deposit bonus for new customers.

General Poli info

Accepted in NZYes
Poli to casino fee?Free
Time to deposit at a casinoInstant
Withdrawal time from casinoUp to 24h
How to add funds?With Poli you connect to your bank, choose an account and pay with it fast and secure.
Withdrawal?Yes withdrawals are possible!
Company addressAustralia
Payment typeInstant bank transfer

Payments with POLi online

Casinos that accept POLi are more and more popular at our list above we have e listed only the top casinos that are safe ad licensed.

Instant deposits with Poli
Instant deposits with Poli

All those Poli Pay casinos are mobile friendly casinos and can be played via mobile devices.

When it comes to things like online casinos, virtual supply shops, or insecure sites (which may not have seemed like a place to be wary of), it is so easy to have personal information stolen and then for money to suddenly disappear when dealing with purchases online.

Even larger websites with their own security have had trouble in the past with user identities or card numbers being stolen while shopping online or playing in the virtual casino.

Using a bank account, a credit card or debit card is a gamble every time someone chooses to punch the numbers in to finalize a payment or casino win—even with additional protections on the card through the bank.

Having a trusted third party with which to make online and casino payments minimize the risk and leave one with a sense of confidence in their online experience.

Transaction fees

Transaction AmountCredit Card + GatewayPOLi
Max transaction fee is always $3.00 regardless of the transaction value.

What is POLi?

Formerly known as Centricom, POLi Payments is an online company based in Melbourne and New Zealand that helps to make online payments, including online POLi casinos.

With POLi, people can purchase coins at the casinos and buy merchandise online from sellers or transfer funds (even internationally) without the need for a credit card by connecting the sale with the consumer’s bank directly.

The service is centred around Melbourne, Australia and New Zealand with several other Australian online companies using POLi for a better sales experience.

But it’s not just New Zealand residents who use this company, but several virtual casino players enjoy the benefits of POLi.

Create a PoliPay account here

How to use POLi payment?

Using POLi Payments at casinos that accept POLi is a simple process and only requires a few steps:

  • First, choose to pay with POLi wherever there is a POLi option when finalizing the purchase (works for merchandise or casino payments)
  • Select the bank
  • In order to continue with the payment, the user will be asked to log into a bank and follow the prompts to complete the Pay Anyone transaction.
  • After that, it’s just finishing the purchase and getting a receipt!
How Poli works - infographic.
How Poli works

There is no cost, no hidden monthly fees, no registration necessary, and anyone can use it; and POLi can be accessed virtually anywhere, virtual POLi casinos included.

For more questions about POLi Payments interaction and use, visit the official website where an FAQ is available to answer other common questions.

How to make a deposit with POLi at a casino?

Deposit or making a payment at casinos that accept POLi or online purchases is easy, even for those outsides of NZ.

Poli deposit funds
Poli deposit funds

Just send the money into a POLi account, and instead of transferring from bank to seller the purchase is instead made with POLi directly using the funds that were deposited in.

Depositing is a great way to ensure that if the unfortunate happens at the very least only a small amount of money can be taken rather than an entire identity.

In order to make POLi payment, select these 4 steps on the POLi website:

  1. My Account
  2. Deposit Tab
  3. POLi is the payments options
  4. Enter deposit amount with password

Withdrawals at POLi casinos

Unfortunately, if you do choose to deposit those funds to POLi they cannot be withdrawn outside a purchase like they could with a regular bank.

In order to get the funds back, they will need to be returned to the bank from POLi before they can be accessed as regular money.

However, the process to take the money back out is as simple as it was to put it back in.

The advantages of using POLi

Here are some advantages of using Poli at online casinos:

  • Secure payments every time
  • Easy access to all
  • The simple interface even for those who lack computer or online knowledge
  • No additional charges or hidden fees (only transaction fees)
  • No registration required
  • Fast and reliable online service
  • Accredited partners
  • Excellent online reviews by real customers and businesses
  • Good for international money transfers
  • If a New Zealand resident, more convenient online casino interaction


  • Not associated with every bank
  • Older versions still in use/the only option for certain banks do not have a simple interface and can be slightly inconvenient (but always secure!)
  • Players who use POLi for online casinos can’t use the POLi option much (if at all) unless they are situated in Australia or New Zealand
  • Players who use POLi for online casinos often find they cannot cash out their winnings and must look for alternative withdraw options, including New Zealand residents.
  • Players who use POLi for online casinos also cannot change their method of deposit once it has been chosen, including New Zealand residents.
  • Because POLi is associated with online casinos, in particular, it is sometimes seen as a company that pushes the activity of gambling when really it’s just an online business for third-party spending


We test all casinos on our website and the Casinos that accept POLi page is not excluded. All Casinos that accept POLi we recommending are 100% safe and secure, with fair and fast payments.

Is POLi safe as banking methods?

Yes, POLi is a secure way to make payments, including for online gaming even for people outside of New Zealand. However, it is not associated with every bank. Because of this, POLi through those unassociated banks does not have a guarantee of safety.

POLi guarantees safety and proof for that are facts that:

  • POLi never record usernames and passwords of its clients
  • Software is certified with ISO 27001
  • SSL certificate
  • POLI is recommended by some of the most trusted online brands
  • POLi is supported by major New Zealand Banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, TSN, WestPac and Kiwi Bank.)
security at POLI
Online security

That does not mean that using POLi with a bank not partnered is unsafe, but it is not advised to use POLi unless the bank is associated with security concerns with both parties. This includes those who live in New Zealand where this is a much smaller issue.

POLi as a payment method

According to Wikipedia, until the third version of POLi payment was released in 2012 it was not possible to use POLi on Macs or mobile devices, and with past versions of POLi, there had been some security concerns and criticisms from banks.

However, this version was not only updated to address those problems but allows the service to log into a user’s bank directly from an automated “virtual machine” in order to charge the amount used directly without a card.

No need to share personal credit numbers. Version 2 before it was a .NET ClickOnce program that is still operational today in New Zealand for several banks.

This version was considered less than ideal for consumers because, though it had great security, the process of downloading the NET application and additional plug-ins that were required for Firefox and Chrome were inconvenient and slow.

The first version was with ActiveX (and was not available in New Zealand yet), which admittedly had a few security concerns and because of that, the company could not find proper traction for growing.

Today, using the third version first mentioned, the company is very safe to use and continues to spread throughout Australia and New Zealand.

About the company

Because consumers are still likely to use POLi as a method for deposit, transfer, and payment the banks that are not partnered have often criticized POLi about their security and advertising.

Official POLI NZ website,
Poli homepage

However, POLi has a multitude of regular customers who have nothing but wonderful reviews to say about the company, and there are review websites that say despite its minor flaws the overall company is worth trying.

It allows for deposits via portable devices and does not charge private customers for their transactions.

But above all, POLi is accepted as a payment method at over sixty reliable online casinos, including established UK gambling operators the likes of William Hill, FunBet and Betzest.”

So, especially if you live in Australia or New Zealand and enjoy playing virtual casinos, you should consider giving POLi’s online services a try with our Casinos that accept POLi list above that is tested and 100% secure.

Learn more about PoliPay

Poli payment FAQ

Is it safe and secure to use POLi at online casinos?

Yes, POLi is absolutely safe and secure banking method for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

Poli never collects the username and password data from their customers.

All data is protected by SSL that using a 2048 bit SSL Certificate.

Are there any fees when using POLi?

No, POLi never charges any fees during transactions.

However some online casinos do charge fees during withdrawals, but we are recommending to always avoid those type of brands.

Can I use POLi as a withdrawal method?

If you want to receive POli payments or to withdraw with Poli at online casino, you will have to create Poli account and connect it to you bank account and verify.

After that you will be able to receive payment to your POLi account.

Do i have to register to use POLi?

No! If you want to deposit via POLi you can use it without registration and additional passwords that you must remember.

To use POLI you should have access to the “One-off Payment” function offered by a supported online banking facility.


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