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kiwi logoOne of the favorite offers for many online casino fans is definitely a casino bonus. Casino bonuses are not to be missed and you should take advantage of them because casino bonuses give you a chance to test the casinos for free and the opportunity to easily win the prizes with making less deposit.

The competition between online casinos does not stop what goes for the benefit of the players so that the bonuses offers are becoming more attractive and the online-casinos are getting more generous to their players by every day.

That’s why on this page, we have highlighted and presented you all New Zealand casinos online with the best bonuses and wagering requirements that can suit you best whatever you are a professional or amateur.

Best casino bonuses for Kiwi players

1 Get up to NZ$1000 bonus + 200 free spins Review Play Now
2 100% upp to NZ$1300 + 200 free spins Review Play Now
3 200% up to NZ$500 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
4 Get up to NZ$1000 bonus + 200 free spins Review Play Now
5 Get NZ$250 bonus + 100 extra freespins Review Play Now
6 Get up to NZ$1000 welcome bonus Review Play Now
7 100% up to $800 + 25 no deposit free spins Review Play Now
8 Get 50 free spins with no wagering requirements Review Play Now
9 Get NZ$100 extra + 50 free spins Review Play Now
10 NZ$100 on first deposit + 20 freespins Review Play Now
11 200% up to NZ$200 + 20 free spins Review Play Now
12 Get NZ$ 100 bonus + Loyalty rewards Review Play Now
13 Welcome bonus up to NZ$500 + 25 Free spins Review Play Now
14 200% up to NZ$100 + 50 Free Spins Review Play Now
15 100 free spins on first deposit Review Play Now
16 100% up to NZ$300 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
17 200% up to NZ$250 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
18 200% up to NZ$300 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
19 200% up to NZ$500 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
20 Get bonus up to $300 + 200 free spins Review Play Now

All about casino bonuses online

Also in the text below you can read everything you need to know about casino bonuses, casino bonus types, wagering requirements, and other important things that are good to know. First of all you need to know that there are of course more types of bonuses that online casinos offer us. We can divide them into the following groups:

There are lots of attractive bonuses that online casinos offer and they leave us breathless, but in this casino sea, we can guide you! Choose a casino bonus that suits you best with our list of top casinos with the best bonuses for all players playing from New Zealand.

How to claim the best casino bonus

Of course, like every other player, you want to pick up the best casino bonus and win. But if you are a new player and a beginner, it’s good to know a few things about how bonuses work so you can quickly become a professional and use these bonuses to your advantage and win.

All experienced online gamblers are talking about couple unwritten rules when it comes to casino online bonuses and they are following.

1. How to choose a casino with a bonus that fits you

When you see that the casino offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $ 100, it means that the bonus will be the size of your deposit, which means that your account will have $ 100 of your real money and $  100 of bonus money. In a case when an online casino offers a bonus of 200% up to $ 100 the best for you would be to deposit $ 50 to get a $ 100 bonus, the maximum.

Also, if the casino gave a bonus percentage of 20% up to $ 100 that would mean that a deposit of $ 500 would have to draw the maximum bonus of $ 100. It sounds complicated but not, this rule was made solely for the purpose of protecting casinos that it would not be exploited and damage the casino budget.

2. Meet the wagering requirements and claim your winnings

Namely, wagering requirements oblige players to bet their bonus funds a number of times before they are allowed to withdraw it. For example, if after the deposit the casino bonus is $ 100 and the wagering req amounts to an x20 wager, this means that to withdraw your bonus you have to turn $ 2000.

If it seems to you that much, believe it is not, because all the funds and received and lost are counted in the roller. Wagering requirements are in fact only the way in which the casinos are fenced to prevent players from exploiting it, this is more convenient for both players and the casino.

3. Convert bonuses and cash out large amounts

Now that we are introduced to the two main stocks we need to know about online casino bonuses, as Kiwi players we come to the third and most important thing recommended by experienced online gamblers. And that is how to convert bonuses and cash out large numbers of course.

Given that we have introduced the first rule and that is to choose the bonus that best fits our budget and second rule to get acquainted with the wagering requirements. Of course, it will not be difficult for us to reach great victories. So set yourself up fine and start your adventure at the best casinos we recommend to New Zealand players.

Want to play without a bonus?

So if you are a player who does not want anything extra, but only what is yours, of course, the online casino gives you the right to do it. If you choose to play with a casino bonus then you will meet with the wagering requirements.

Some players have difficulty understanding all the rules regarding casino bonuses so then they turn off the bonus option and enjoy in they favorite casino and games that answer them knowing that their winnings can be paid out whenever they wish.

If you want to play without a bonus on your account, enter the settings and find an option where you can turn them off. If you have trouble switching them off, or you can not find this option, contact the customer support and ask for help. Don’t play any bet if you do it, you will not be able to turn off your bonus.

Casino deposit bonus

The most common thing about a deposit bonus is that they meet a percentage, depending on the casinos you choose.

This means when you make your deposit on a casino gaming account that casino will determine a certain amount of your bonus.

Let’s explain how bonuses work ↓

For example, if the casino offers a 200% deposit bonus, that is, if you make a deposit of $ 100, the casino gives you 200% of $ 100. That means you now have 100 of your dollars and 200 bonus dollars in your account.

Deposit bonuses comes separated from casinos, which means that you will not be able to play these bonuses on all types of games.

Most of them can be used on the slot machine, table games, and live casino. Although we recommend that if you want to be sure of the types of games that bonuses apply on, you should look at the information of the casino you choose.

Exklusive bonus with a bonuscode

Casino bonuscodes are an integral part of the campaign and are composed of letters and numbers, phrases or some words. When a casino throws out a campaign with it, you also get the code you type before you collect the bonus.

When it comes to casino campaigns, measuring its influence and adjusting the bonus for certain players, then we can encounter bonus codes where bonuses require code.

This method is no longer in use as it was before, so it’s less used since there are other methods that are simpler where we do not have to type in complicated codes.

Free spin bonuses

Free spins are another type of bonus with which we are rewarded by online casinos. we can get them at kiwi casinos when we:

Overall Rating PLAY NOW


Get NZ$250 bonus + 100 extra freespins

T & C Apply

  • Jackpots, live casino and pokies
  • Fast and easy register with a great bonus
  • Great guides for beginners
Overall Rating PLAY NOW

Miami Dice

200% up to NZ$250 + 50 free spins

T & C Apply

  • Play more then 2000 pokies online
  • Cool Scratch games
  • Bonus wager requirements x35
Overall Rating PLAY NOW


200% up to NZ$100 + 50 Free Spins

T & C Apply

  • Fast payouts and no bullshit
  • Easy to use and mobile friendly
  • Sport, live casino and pokies
  • make a deposit,
  • as a participant in a casino campaign,
  • when we make a new account,
  • as the type of loyalty program,

Profits from free spins in most cases are counted as bonus money. In order to turn into real money, it is necessary to wager them requiring a number of times. In any case, before you begin to play any bonus, read the wagering requirements so that you avoid unpleasant surprises during the game.

Bonus for mobile casino

Mobile casinos are becoming more and more popular every day. As the word itself says, you have the ability to enjoy casino magic anytime, anywhere through your mobile device. Mobile casinos are compatible whether you own an Android or an iOs.

Because of this possibility, many casinos today offer special casino mobile bonuses as well as those via the computer. When registering you can choose whether they will collect you through windows service providers or mobile phones, but there are also special bonuses that you can only collect through your mobile device.

Loyalty bonuses

Loyalty bonus has become a common thing in most kiwi casinos. But that bonus cannot get any players. These bonuses are received as the word itself says only loyal players who for a long time actively play and make a deposit in the same casino.

Through these bonuses, casinos try to reward their active players. Loyalty bonuses are based on several conditions and they are:

  • amount of money you deposit
  • amount of money you play with
  • collecting points bonuses
  • VIP programs with loyalty bonuses

When players are more loyal to a particular casino, that casino will reward them with the so-called loyalty bonus. Since there are many casinos in the casino industry today and the competition is great in our favor. There are many good offers that we as players can use, loyalty bonus is one of them.

Sports betting bonuses

Sports betting casinos offer many bonuses and promotions as well as on other types of games. Of course, for every promotion and bonus, there are rules of wagering requirements as well as casino games. We recommend that it’s best to read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.

With the intention of attracting new players as well as keeping them, casino sportsbooks offer a lot of different types of bonuses. With them, every fan of sports betting will be thrilled and respected to the maximum.

There are bonuses for loyal players, deposit bonuses as well as bonuses when you make a new account. We explained in more detail and more information about sports betting on our page.

Live casino bonus

If you are not a gambler who likes to play a slot machine or you just like to enjoy every part of the online casino, then you will stay entertained with live casino games. Just as there are great bonuses for slot games and sports betting, there is also a bonus for the live casino.

Unfortunately, we do not have as many live casino bonuses offers as we have for the slot games and others but defiantly can find good deals. Some of these offers can be found on live games such as blackjack and roulette and others.

Wagering requirements relating to a live casino bonus are the same as for other bonuses. And that comes with the rule that all winnings that you earn from bonus money must be reversed a number of times before you have the right to withdraw them.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses are one of the great things in the online casino. As the word itself says, we have the opportunity to return the back of the deposit that we have spent.

Cashback is one of the bonuses that have been in the casino industry for a long time and definitively one of the more popular bonuses in the world, and so with us in New Zealand.

They come in several types such as cashback bonuses that instead of a welcome bonus give you weekly cashback with a certain percentage of money that you have invested.

Most cashback bonuses usually come in the framework of the campaign, as well as bonuses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. That means that a casino returns a certain percentage of the money we have spent playing.

This offer gives you bonus money and sometimes as real money. But that depends on the campaigns and casinos you play in. In any case, these bonuses are an extraordinary offer that we are increasingly encountering in online casino casinos.


As for the casino bonus, casinos have tried to offer them in different shapes and sizes, which is great for players who want to make the most of casinos. On this issue of the bonus, we have many advantages.

Only that every big bonus comes with a wagering requirement which means that we will have to reverse the bonus money before we withdraw the winnings.

But of course, for all those who do not want to play casino bonuses, there is an option to skip and turn off bonuses.

Then you can simply play with your real money and during the entire game you have control in your hands and you can withdraw your winnings whenever you want.

1 200% up to NZ$500 + 50 free spins Review Play Now
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