Bank Transfer casino banking method

Online casinos are quite popular nowadays. It is because people find it convenient to play in their own safe environment and allows them to save money and time.

There is no doubt that the number of people playing online casinos will increase in the coming years, and it is evident from the number of online casinos popping up every day.

If you love to play at online casinos but are worried about using any kind of third-party wallets or your credit cards at the online casinos, a bank transfer is the best option for you.

Here, we will explore the method of bank transfer in depth and also look at the way you can use bank transfer method at online casinos and other important factors that you need to keep in mind.

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What is a bank transfer?

Kiwi making first deposit with bank transferBank transfer is a simple method where payment is made using electronic transfer from the player’s account to the online casino’s account.

Here, the player initiates the payment, and it is pushed into the online casino’s account.

It is considered to be a safe option for people because the bank accounts are verified.

In case of any fraudulent activity in your account, your bank will contact you immediately.

How to use a bank transfer?

To use bank transfer at an online casino, you need to have a bank account. Then, you need to create an account at one of the top online casinos that offer such a payment method.

You will have to make bank transfer a preferred payment method and get the banking details of the online casinos such as their SWIFT or BIC codes, account numbers and more, through their customer care executive if it is not provided on the payment page.

You can then arrange for a transfer through the online method since it is more convenient than the telephone method.

You will be required to log in to your bank account and then send money to the legitimate online casino’s account.

The amount transferred should reflect in your online casino account within a few minutes.

Casino deposit with a Bank Transfer

Depositing money to an online casino is quite simple. You will need your banking account to make a payment to the online casino account. You should have the online casino’s bank details to make the transfer.

On your banking account, you need to click on bank transfer or wire transfer option where you need to enter the bank name, bank account number, and other details and click on transfer.

One of the most important things you need to consider is to fill all the information correctly to avoid any problems later on.

It is also a good idea to note down the transaction ID until the deposit has been confirmed by the online casino.

Withdrawal with a bank transfer

You will be allowed to withdraw your earnings once you have enough money in your online casino account through bank transfer. Most online casinos allow people to withdraw money once they have a certain amount of money in their account and not before that.

Some online casinos have a lower limit that needs to be reached to be able to withdraw money from the account. You need to enter the details of your bank and click on the withdraw button.

The money will take a few days (s) to appear in your bank account.

Bank transfer waiting times

Bank Transfer is one of the slowest options to withdraw and deposit, although some casinos provide an immediate deposit option and withdrawal in most cases waiting also depends on the withdrawal method.

Bank transfer casino method is really one of the safest methods, but if you’re in a hurry then you would definitely recommend that you read some of the e-wallet options like POli banking method and e-wallet Skrill, or use a debit card.

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kiwi visiting to read about bank transferBank transfer waiting times will depend on the country where you live and the located where the online casino is registered.

Different countries have different waiting times for the funds to transfer from one bank to another.

For overseas money transfer, it can take anything from 2 to 10 days working days to reflect in the account.

Only once the money has been transferred that one can start playing at online casinos.

Bank transfer fees

Most banks will collect fees from the senders on all transfers that you make via them. The fee collected will be different from the money that has been transferred.

Even the receiving bank will cut its service fees from the money that is transferred to them.

Thus, it is best to check the processing fees before doing bank transfers.

In most cases, the fees are gonna be around 2.5% – 3% of your deposit or withdrawal. Good thing that not on all casino we have to pay those fees.

The charges levied will vary depending on the bank and also on the country where the transfer is being made.

Advantages of bank transfer

All you need is your bank account details to transfer money. Another advantage is that most of the online casinos out there have bank transfer as one of the options.

You will not have to create an additional account to transfer funds. Another benefit is that bank transfers are used by everyone around the world and is a reliable mean to transfer money.

  • Bank transfers allow you to transfer funds from your account to the online casino account.
  • The transactions are secured because all of the top banks use encryption protection.
  • It ensures that your transaction is safe from any hacks and your funds are not stolen.
  • You will also not need to use any card or wallet to move real cash.

History of transfer banking method

Bank transfer is one of the oldest and the best-trusted payment method when it comes to online casinos.

Even though there are plenty of other payment options in online casinos, bank transfers are safe and give you a level of safety in case something goes wrong.

It is the reason why so many people use bank transfer over other forms of payment method.

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