Online banking

All the online banking metods offered at online casinos in New Zealand listed.

By clicking on a payment method, you will get information on how to use this payment method and a list of casinos that accept the payment method that you prefer.

Important to know about online banking

  1. Choose a payment method that you also want to use when withdrawing, as you must withdraw money in the same way as you made a deposit.
  2. If you have chosen a payment method that does not offer withdrawals, you need to choose another payment method and make a minimum deposit to be able to withdraw money via this method in the future.
  3. How fast you get your withdrawals depends on which payment method you choose. On our faq page you will find a table with all payment methods and estimated time for withdrawal.
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: 1-5 days
Visa car
Visa card
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: 1-3 days
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: –
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Rapid transfer
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Same day
Mastercard casinos
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: 1-3 days

Best mobile banking options

Google pay
Google Pay
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Mifinity logo
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Same day!
Pay by phone
Pay by Phone
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: 1-3 days
Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h

Best e-wallets online

Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Instant
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Instant

Other banking options

Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: 1-3 days
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Instant
Xanpay logo
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h
Deposit: Instant
Withdrawal: Up to 24h

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The invention of the internet is one of the best inventions as it makes everything easier. Online banking is a system that enables you to manage your financial transaction over the internet.

What about EFTPOS, are there any online casinos where EFTPOS can be used? Yes at the moment all online casinos that accepts Paypal can be used by EFTPOS becouse there is a partnership between EFTPOS and Paypal in NZ.

You can read more about online casinos and EFTPOS here!

Benefits of online banking

This method of managing money is convenient and fast.

benefit of online banking

Other advantages you get from internet banking are:

  • Get notifications about any activity on your bank account.
  • Request bank statements from any location in the world.
  • Pay your bills, apply for credit and transfer cash.
  • Open an account and make deposits on the go.
  • In case of debit/credit card loss or theft, you can temporarily block your account online.
  • Easily access your money

Online banking options in New Zealand

With the above advantages, it is clear that internet banking is worth a try. For New Zealand citizens, there are several banks that offer this amazing opportunity.

Neteller ewallet

Below are some of these banks.

  • Westpac: The registration process here is swift through their Westpac One bank app. They also offer customer care services to guide you through the process on their website.
  • Kiwi Bank: If you are interested in registering for online banking, you can reach this bank via mobile on 0800113355. Thereafter, you can download their banking app; Kiwi Bank App.
  • ANZ Bank New Zealand: By installing the ANZ goMoney application, you gain access to your bank account. You can integrate this app with other accounting software such as Intuit Quickbooks to further monitor your finances.
  • ASB Bank: They have an ASB ID app that helps you provide identification proof from the comfort of your phone. This saves you time for in-branch visits.
  • BNZ (Bank of New Zealand): You can register for online banking with BNZ on their website. Afterwards, get the BNZ app from the app store to facilitate easy, fast and on the go banking.
  • TSB Bank: Just like its counterparts, TSB has an app with the same name. Installing this software will give you 24/7 ingress to your cash.

New Zealand online banking applications

To clear the way for your banking, software developers have come up with astonishing easy to use banking apps.

Most of these are compatible with all operating systems including Android and iOS.

Below are just a few of these apps:

ANZ GoMoney

This application is from the ANZ Bank. It fits together with your Android or Apple devices.

With this application, you are able to view bank and taxation statements of up to 7 years.

Additionally, you can manage your personal banking cards e.g. debit, credit and ANZ EFTPOS cards as well.

In the event that one of these cards is lost or stolen, you can block, change the pin or order a replacement through the app.

anz logo
ANZ goMoney App



This is from Westpac. The app is user-friendly and only comes in a smartphone version. Generally, CashNav helps in tracking your spending.

You even get push notifications every time you withdraw from your account.

More to this, it has a Spending Metre that compares your monthly expenditure.

cashnav app logo
CashNav App
Westpac One

This is a novel and smart way of handling your banking.

With this app on your device, you can be able to carry out normal banking transactions like transfers, deposits, paying bills and the like.

However, you are also able to request and apply for credit funding, view deposits and withdrawals and open new accounts, among other things.

Westpac One app logo
Westpac One App
Amex New Zealand

This app allows you to carry out your financial transactions and view your spending while also giving you member points.

Whenever you want to update your profile information, security questions for your login, reset pins e.t.c, you can do so from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Amex New Zealand is available on Google App.

Amex app logo
Amex App
ASB mobile banking

Whether you are paying for an online purchase, reviewing your spending, updating your personal details for your banking purposes, this app has it all.

It is easy to use and allows you to multitask by keeping you signed in when you switch to other apps.

asb app
ASB App logo

Transactions and transfers

The best thing about internet banking is how convenient it is.

With this kind of banking, you are able to transfer funds from your account to another account within minutes regardless of the time.

When it comes to transaction fees, it ranges from bank to bank.

For more information, check out your bank’s website.

Online banking safety measures

The innovation of internet banking brought with it security threats.

online banking security

Scammers online can get hold of your personal details when you register for online banking if you are not keen.

They do this by installing spyware or viruses in your devices without your knowledge.

Mostly, this malware is in clickable links and adverts.

Scammers can as well send you messages and emails pretending to be employees of your bank in an attempt to dupe you.

The first thing you should do is install antivirus software on your devices.

This will create a firewall that prevents viruses from reaching your computer.

Secondly, make sure you do not share your banking information with anyone.

Lastly, contact your bank for confirmation whenever someone claims to be their employee, and you are not certain.


  • Delete your junk files at all times.
  • Install antivirus software.
  • Inspect email attachments
  • Know your bank’s contacts.


  • Open emails or messages from suspicious contacts.
  • Share your personal details with unknown persons on the web.
  • Click on random adverts or links

Difference between bank accounts and e-wallets

The major difference is that e-wallets need to be linked to bank accounts.

Unlike bank accounts, these wallets are only usable for online payments.

They do not offer other digital banking services such as loan applications, money transfers and the like.

The biggest advantage of e-wallets is in the speed of withdrawal transactions and additionally in the protection of your bank account details when shopping online.

Prepaid cards

These cards are not linked to your checking or credit account. Instead, when you use them, you are technically using the money that you already have in your account.

Prepaid cards can be purchased online via your debit card and the biggest advantage is protecting your bank account details when shopping online.

You buy a prepaid card from a reliable retailer and use it on any other online store to buy or deposit without reliving any of your personal information.

Phone banking

Simply, this is online banking without mobile casino apps.

You simply call your bank number applications that is available 24/7 depending on the bank and follow the instruction where you can manage your bank transaction and adjust funds.

This is the best option for elder customers who are not so good at managing online applications and new technologies.

By calling this phone line you can access all your bank services through a phone call.

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Is mobile banking available in New Zealand?

Yes, most banks now have digital banking applications that you can download and login with your personal number and pin code. If you are not sure how to login to your account please contact your bank.

Which bank is best for online banking?

All of the local banks in NZ have online banking systems and applications which you can use to manage your bank account. It is hard to answer which is the best bank for online banking but when it comes to New Zealand Westpac bank is the bank with the most customers. Their online banking system is created with easy to use functions and a lot of features to help you manage your money and savings.

Are there e-wallets in New Zealand?

Of course, if you have a regular bank account at any NZ bank and access to the internet you can download and register to any e-wallet you like. There is plenty of available e-wallets, the most popular ones we have listed on our page above.

Which casinos can you make large deposits at?

At the high withdrawal casinos in this list, you can make higher deposits than at most online casinos.

How do casinos prevent money laundering?

Casinos must ask all players to verify themselves by submitting KYC documents. Read more about the Know your customer policy here.