Do you need to know whether it is smart or not to ask for another card?, what percentage chance you have of winning the next round of roulette or which slots game to play to maximize your winnings.

These tools can help you!

Here you will find all of our free tools that you can use when playing casino online.

Casino tools

Blackjack strategy charts

14 different blackjack charts designed to help you increase your chances of winning in blackjack.

These BJ charts are for the most famous blackjack strategy called Basic strategy.

Blackjack charts

Blackjack chart

Roulette odds

We have created a simple but easy-to-understand table with all possible roulette bets and odds for each.

Here you can learn which bets have better odds and how big the percentage profit can be.

Roulette odds

Roulette odds

Poker hands rankings

Here you will find a simple and easily understood ranking table for poker games.

Applies to all online poker games. Whether it’s real poker, video poker or another RNB poker game.

Poker hands

Poker hands

Best RTP pokies

Our system automatically reads the RTP of all the slots we review and then always lists the ones with the highest return to player.

You will therefore always find games with the highest theoretical payout quickly and easily with us.

Best RTP pokies

RTP top list

Poker tracker

Poker tracking programs that are legal and help you win more when playing poker online.

Free to try for 14 days but must then be purchased for full use.

Poker tracking

poker tracker

Bingo cards generator

Open Google Calculator and press F9 and 3 new bingo cards are generated that you can print. Completely free to download and use!

Create endless bingo cards for free and print in less than 1 minute.

Bingo cards generator

Bingo cards