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Christchurch is a particularly clean, bright city of 375,000 on the South Island of New Zealand. Known, among other things as the “garden city,” because of its stately parks and unique botanical gardens, Christchurch has another attraction that brings in tons of visitors. It’s a unique, boutique-style land-based casino.

When describing the Christchurch Casino, the fact that it is land-based cannot be overemphasized. Christchurch Casino, in the heart of the city, was the first land-based casino within New Zealand, established in 1994. And while there are five other land-based casino’s within New Zealand, the fact remains that the majority of gambling that takes place among Kiwi’s happens online.

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About the Christchurch Casino

The casino, located in the heart of Christchurch, was architecturally planned to represent and mimic traditional European luxury casinos, such as in Monte Carlo.

From its unique sloped roof and flying saucer design to its chandeliers throughout, this gorgeous, 44,000 square foot gaming casino with live entertainment, four restaurants, big screen television to watch live sports and exquisite cocktails is an enticing gambling and entertainment complex.

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How does Kiwi Law Apply to a Casino?

In 2003, New Zealand passed a gambling act, which essentially grandfathered the existing physical casinos in, but stated that no new ones could be licensed.

At the same time, the act gave a Kiwi the option to gamble online, but only provided the online casino was not based in the country. A Kiwi, wishing to engage in gambling, consequently, has the option of going to one of the six physical casinos, or risk depositing their money to play with an out-of-country casino not regulated by the state.

Rules of the Casino

Following gaming authority guidelines, the Casino has a few basic rules.

  • Guests must be 20-years of age
  • There is a dress code.
  • Patrons of the casino are expected to drink responsibly.
  • Excessive guest gaming.

Proof of the majority can be proven either with a passport, drivers license, or other documents. While dressing in the casino is hardly a black-tie event, patrons are encouraged by the casino to dress up, and torn, dirty, or disheveled clothes or offensive slogans on shirts are prohibited. So is the wearing of beanies and steel-capped boots. The casino retains the right to refuse patrons entrance for the unacceptable dress.

Guests should drink in a manner that does not provide an intrusion on other guests in the casino. The casino has a legal as well as moral duty to be on the lookout for potential gaming addiction. One way they inhibit problem gaming is to re-establish limits on potential losses and warn patrons when they reach those limits.

The Gaming at Christchurch casino

The casino at Christchurch boasts a number of quality features, which large casino gamers who have spent time in Las Vegas or Macau can greatly appreciate.

First, there are games priced for the little guy. A single blackjack hand on the strip in Vegas will cost you a minimum of $10 per hand. While in this elegant yet homey casino, you can play for as little as $2 per hand.

Another service the Christchurch Casino offers is custom packages for 2 up to a group of 10 people to play together with their own, dedicated dealers. While these packages are moderately expensive, they offer a degree of customization that the Christchurch Casino provides that you will never see in Las Vegas or Macau. This makes Christchurch Casino a great choice for corporate events and team building.

Table Games

Christchurch Casino offers a number of traditional and untraditional table games. For example, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are common to most gaming facilities, while exciting variations such as rapid roulette, three-card poker, and Sai Tai, a Chinese dice game are not


What would a gaming establishment be without slot machines? Christchurch has nearly 500 one-armed bandits, spread over two floors. And with the modern graphics and exciting multi-level payouts that slots can provide, this alone is enough to keep the typical slot player captivated for hours of play.

The Home of the Poker Championship

Christchurch’s Casino is world renowned for its poker games, and while not everyone knows it, poker plays flock annually to the casino to play for the countries poker championship.

Not in that class? Don’t worry, you can buy-in on Christchurch Casino’s daily poker games for as little as &75.

Player’s Club Rewards

Christchurch Casino offers five levels of player’s club rewards, the most common being the bronze, silver and gold levels. By becoming a member of the players club, patrons can get discounts of from 10 to up to 20 percent on food and drinks, receive special promotions, and become eligible for free or discounted parking.

Restaurants & Bars

A boutique-style casino offers great food, and you will be hard pressed to get bored with the cuisine at this Victoria Park casino.

The pride of the casino, and indeed of Christchurch, is the award-winning Grand Cafe, which offers a lunch, brunch and dinner buffet. Many locals and visitors go to the casino just for the food.

Sports fans, can combine their passion for racing, football or rugby on a giant television screen with their love of good food such as great wings and ribs at the casino’s Monza Sportsbar.

The casino also boasts the Valley Bar for lighter fair, and Cantonese style restaurant, the Chi Kitchen.


All in all, this is a great place to eat, gamble, watch sports, and enjoy a fine evening of entertainment at a unique, boutique-style, European gaming establishment. The food is great, and the gaming atmosphere cordial and welcoming.

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