Christchurch casino launches an MGA online casino

Christchurch casino follows in Skycity casino’s footsteps and launches its own MGA version online.

Already in 2019, Skycity launched its online version under Gig’s platform and with an MGA license. It took Christchurch casino another 3 years to launch their own online casino with an MGA license.

Christchurch casino online
Christchurch casino online

Different from other operators

Both of these operators are currently the only ones in New Zealand that have an age limit requirement of at least 20 years of age, just like in the country-based casinos.

Their online casinos are designed as online casinos in regulated markets even though New Zealand is not yet regulated for foreign casinos. You see a strong focus on responsible gambling, a 20-year limit and a simple casino that is not designed to attract more gambling. They offer common payment methods such as Visa/Mastercard/Neteller but not payment methods such as Cryptocurrencies.

Very transparent

They are also very clear and transparent. For example, open a game and you will see the developer, rtp, volatility, description and can choose to play in demo mode.

Frozen Tropics at Christchurch casino
Frozen Tropics at Christchurch casino

Maybe small things really, but other operators open the slots game directly, so if you want that information, you have to search for it in the game or via other sources such as the game developers’ website.

It doesn’t really show that these operators are better or worse for that matter, but simply that from the beginning they launch a platform that, in the event of a new regulation, does not require major changes. Many other operators do not only have NZ as a market and therefore do not invest in this as it is not necessary at the moment.

What does this mean for us players?

Right now, it means in short that these two casinos offer a gaming environment without extra bling, i.e. simpler game sites for those who prefer it. At the same time, if you look at the whole, other foreign casinos offer so much more precisely for the reason that they do not need to adapt their casinos in the same way, but can offer Kiwis the same environment as they offer all other customers around the world.

The biggest advantage they have

However, both Christchurch casino online and Skycity casino online have an advantage over all other foreign casinos. The advantage is of course that they offer real casino versions in the country and have a well-established brand.

However, it does not guarantee that they will become the biggest operators online, but it guarantees them more customers than many other operators get when they are new to the market.

The similarity with other foreign casinos

Just like all other MGA casinos, both Skycity and Christchurch casino offer bonuses and loyalty programs to their customers. They also offer games from game providers that offer games for money online just like all other foreign casinos, i.e. their online version is not a copy of their country-based casino but a world of its own.

In other words, it’s small things that set them apart, just like it is with all other online casinos.

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