Sky City Wharf Casino

Wharf casino has been shut down completely. Skycity Group bought up the Wharf casino in 2013 and has since failed to reach an agreement with the owner of the building. At the same time, New Zealand’s law prevents the casino from relocating and therefore it was decided to close the Wharf casino until further notice.

This is what it says on their website:

Wharf casino is closed

Wharf casino before it closed down (2019)

In 2019, Wharf casino was open and their website was working. Below is a picture that reminds us of what the Wharf casino looked like back in the day when it was open.

Wharf casino

Skycit casino online

You can still play at Skycity casino, nowadays via your mobile or computer and around the clock. Skycity launched its own online casino in 2019, which welcomes all Kiwis regardless of where in New Zealand you live. Read more about their online casino via our review or visit the casino directly and get 50 free spins with no deposit required. This is an exclusive offer for our readers only.

All land-based casinos in New Zealand

There are still 5 other country based casinos that you can visit in New Zealand and one of them is also in Queenstown just like Wharf casino “was” before it closed down. Here below you can see them all and can read more about each one.

Skycity Auckland casino24/70800 759 2489
Skycity Hamilton casino
Mon to Thur: 10am – 4am
Friday: 10am – Closing on Sunday at 2am in the morning
Skycity Wharf casinoClosed!03 441 1495
Skycity Queenstown casinoEvery day 12am – 1am03 441 0400
Grand Casino (Dunedin)Every day 12AM – 2AM0800 4770 4545
Christchurch casinoMonday till Thursday: 11AM – 3AM
Friday: 11AM – Closes Monday morning at 3am.
03 365 9999


Why did Wharf casino close?

Because Skycity Goup has not succeeded in negotiating new terms with the owner of the building and because New Zealand law prevents them from relocating the casino.

When did Wharf casino close down?

We don’t have a specific date for when Wharf casino was shut down, but what we do know is that in 2019, Wharf casino had its operations open because their website was live and the year after, i.e. 2020, we are met by a message that the casino is closed, so sometime between In 2019 and 2020, the Wharf casino was closed down.