Online Craps

Online craps are one of the most exciting, fast-paced and overall fun casino games around the world. Even if you are a total beginner and you don’t know how to play online craps, chances are, you know more about it than you thought.

That is why we have prepared this online craps guide, where you can learn how to play craps, rules of the game, tips and tricks and other useful info that will increase your skills and chances to win.

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How online Craps works?

In dice game craps, it’s all about making bets and rolling the dice, the rest ultimately falls into the hands of sheer luck. The game is played at a table with two six-sided dice.

And, despite the fact the game is played around the world, the rules don’t change any matter if you’re in the U.S or New Zealand.

First, it’s best to get accustomed to some important players at the craps table, such as:

  • The ‘Boxman, or ‘the boss,’ who oversees everything that goes on around the table.
  • The Dealers, who are essentially in charge of paying the winners and retrieving the chips from the losers.
  • The ‘Stickman,’ who uses a stick to control the dice. When the bets are in, the Stickman will grab the dice and direct them to the shooter.
  • And finally, the ‘Shooter,’ who is in charge of the dice for that round. The shooter has to roll the dice across the table and hit the wall on the other side, known as the ‘come-out’.

How to play online Craps?

Before the come-out roll is a go, however, the shooter must make major bets, known as a Pass Line bet, or a Don’t Pass bet.

Then, other players will also make bets.

If the numbers on the dice are 7 or 11, the Pass bet wins, and the Don’t Pass loses. However, if it is a 2, 3 or 12, known as “craps,” the Pass loses.

As for all the other numbered rolls in the come-out, they become the player’s point for that turn.

If the shooter rolls any number that isn’t 7, he or she must keep rolling until they roll the exact number again to win, or roll a 7 to lose, called “sevens out.’

Essentially, the goal in craps is making bets on a number that will be a “come-out.”

People have developed several different casino strategies to win at this seemingly-complex casino game, but it’s important to remember that the odds are always for the house, so making bets with a low house edge is always a good way to go.

The house edge is around 1.41% for the Pass Line bet, which is always a good one to start with.

Types of bets in online Craps

There are three different types of bets in online craps and they are

  • Pass line bets
  • Multi-roll
  • Single roll

Below we will explain how to play each bet, what does it mean and how to use it.

Types of bets in online Craps

Pass line bets in Craps

  • Pass line bets: as previously mentioned is the simple bet made on the come-out by placing your chips down on the ‘Pass Line’ area of the table. Pass Line bets win with 7 or 11, loses with 2,3 or 12 and is considered a point when rolling any other numbers.
  • Don’t Pass bets: are usually going against everyone’s bets and are essentially the opposite of the Pass Line.
  • Come bets: are similar to Pass Line, turning the throw into another come-out (using 7 or 11 to win).
  • Don’t Come: is a kind of bet where you’re specifically betting on the 7, opposite of Come Bet.
  • Pass Odd bets: are one that acts like a side bet after a point has already been made.
  • Don’t Pass Odds: is basically the opposite as far as the numbers go.


  • Place bets: allow players the freedom to choose a number without having to wait for an established point on the come-out roll– betting the shooter will roll the number you choose rather than the
  • With the Buy bet: players buy a specific number to win their bet at true odds. The only catch, you have to pay the house a 5% commission.
  • Lay bets: are similar to Buy bets in the sense the winning ones are paid at true odds, but in this case, it varies by point number.
  • Put bets: are bets that sometimes players may altogether skip the come-out roll on a Pass or Come bet.
  • Hardways: are ones made the “hard way” in that you roll the exact same number on both dice.
  • Big 6 and 8 bets: are basically like the Place bet, but specifically for the numbers 6 and 8.


  • With an Any 7 bet: you win if the roll is a 7 and you are paid 4-1.
  • A Horn bet: lets players double their bets by making a Horn number a “Horn High” number. Usually, this bet is played in $5 multiples– placing $2 on a particular number and $1 on the three others.
  • The Whirl or World: is an ultimate betting combination of the Horn and Any 7, as it uses multiples of $5 and player wins on the 7. This kind of bet isn’t one you would see on many craps tables, however.
  • With a Field bet: winners are paid 2-1 for a roll of 2, and 2-1 or 3-1 with a roll of 12.

Players bets

  • Fire bets: play for big, sometimes even a 999-1 payoff. This type of bet defies standard craps.
  • Bonus craps: also allow you to win big, as this kind adds three new side bets determined by the number you roll.

There is a multitude of possible bets in the game of craps beyond this, but these are some of the most common you will get acquainted with.

table of the online craps

Tips to play online Craps like a pro

Craps can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner. So, here’s a brief list of 5 simple tips beginners living in New Zealand can use:

  1. Betting limits vary from minimum to maximum amounts you can choose to put in at a time. One option may be to put in a minimum of $5 to a maximum of $500
  2. Set a limit on how much you spend. Sometimes it’s best to walk away satisfied with $400 instead of risk losing it all
  3. Take advantage of odd bets when you can, because they have a zero house edge
  4. Familiarize yourself with all the bets in the game to learn which ones produce better results
  5. Just take time to learn all the rules, the layout and the many aspects behind craps, this can only improve your playing

Craps odds

After you’ve devoted some time to playing craps, you will start to know the odds.

You will learn how to predict the odds of each number rolled by considering the number of ways it can possibly appear, compare it to the 36 combinations on the dice and the total number of rolls made.

Below we have listed the odds for possible dice combos in craps.

Dice totalPossible combosTotal combosOddsOdds %
21,1135 to 12.78%
31,2 2,1217 to 15.56%
41,3 3,1 2,2311 to 18.83%
51,4 4,1 3,1 2,348 to 111.11%
61,5 5,1 4,2 2,4 3,3531 to 513.89%
71,6 6,1 2,5 5,2 3,4 4,365 to 116.67%
82,6 6,2 3,5 5,3 4,4531 to 513.89%
92,6 6,3 2,5 5,4411 to 111,11%
104,6 6,4 5,5311 to 18.83%
115,6 6,5217 to 15,56%
126,6135 to 12.78%

Strategy & tricks

Here are some tricks and strategies that you can use when playing craps:

  • Remember to roll a 7 or 11 on your come-out roll. You don’t want to see any other number.
  • When you make your pass line bet, be sure to take double odds if they are available at your table. The house edge is much lower when you have the maximum odds on your pass line bet.
  • Be aware of the time of day and how crowded the table is. The busier it is at the table, the more likely it is that you will roll sevens frequently. Therefore, if you’re trying to avoid sevens, sit at a less crowded table or wait until later in the night when things start thinning out.
  • Always keep in mind that you can’t control what happens with each roll of the dice. Therefore, all you can do is play smartly and hope for good results.

Craps glossary

  • Advantage– Same as edge, it’s the percentage on a bet
  • Big Red– placing any bet on
  • Crap out– when a 2,3 or 12 is rolled, also called ‘sevens out’
  • Double odds– placing the odds bets behind pass/don’t pass/come/don’t come at twice the amount
  • Edge– the advantage the casino has on any bets made
  • Inside bet– wagering on a 5,6, 8, and 9
  • Inside Numbers– place numbers 5,6,8,9
  • Natural- rolling a 7 or 11 on come-out
  • Outside numbers– numbers 4,5,9,10
  • Place numbers– numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10

Craps history

History of Craps in New Zealand.

A game known as ‘Hazard’ was the predates and inspired craps. No one is certain when Hazard was developed, but some evidence suggests it may possibly even date back to the Crusades. However, craps, as we know it today, developed in the U.S in 1807, when Hazard was brought from London to New Orleans.

So, craps may have started in the U.S and is still a beloved past-time there, New Zealand players love it just as much, hence why there are so many land and online-based casinos occupying New Zealand. Queenstown in New Zealand is one of the largest gambling cities and has to offer, with so many options.

However, online casinos are prevalent around so Kiwi can play casino games specifically based on the New Zealand dollar. Not only with this popular game, but if you’re in New Zealand, be sure to check out all the many amazing online casinos that are offered!

Frequently asked questions

What is the best site for playing online craps for real money?

Best sites for playing craps online for money are online casinos. Here in our craps guide, we have listed the top 3 best casinos to play craps for fun (free) or for real money.

What are the odds of the different dice combinations?
Dice total Possible combos Total combos Odds Odds %
2 1,1 1 35 to 1 2.78%
3 1,2 2,1 2 17 to 1 5.56%
4 1,3 3,1 2,2 3 11 to 1 8.83%
5 1,4 4,1 3,1 2,3 4 8 to 1 11.11%
6 1,5 5,1 4,2 2,4 3,3 5 31 to 5 13.89%
7 1,6 6,1 2,5 5,2 3,4 4,3 6 5 to 1 16.67%
8 2,6 6,2 3,5 5,3 4,4 5 31 to 5 13.89%
9 2,6 6,3 2,5 5,4 4 11 to 1 11,11%
10 4,6 6,4 5,5 3 11 to 1 8.83%
11 5,6 6,5 2 17 to 1 5,56%
12 6,6 1 35 to 1 2.78%
What is the best bet in online craps?

Best bets in craps that player can make are Come/Don’t Come and Pass/Don’t Pass. If we stick to these bets and lay or take odds, house advantage will be 1.40% and even less.

Is it legal and safe to play craps at overseas online casinos?

By gambling act 2003, it is absolutely legal for New Zealanders to gamble at online casinos as long as they based outside of New Zealand territory. All casinos that offer online craps at our review site are 100% legal and reliable!