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In today’s fast-paced world, there seems to be less time for adults to do anything but keep up with the hustle and bustle of modern life. Making meeting appointments, catching that 7:00 AM train, grinding in the office, it seems we are either commuting or working.

Everyone needs and deserves a little fun and excitement, personal time to unwind, enjoy the more excellent things in life and have fun. Allow yourself to let loose and satisfy the urge for excitement and joy, and experience that feeling of being a little kid again in beautiful Auckland.

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About SkyCity Auckland casino

SkyCity Auckland casino is a state-of-the-art casino and is housed in one of the unique structures today for gambling. At the top of 328-meter Sky tower, SkyCity Auckland casino offers the adrenaline junky the perfect playground to experience what no other place in the world can offer. At SkyCity Auckland casino, the gamer can satisfy any gaming thirst imaginable, providing over 2000 game machines, and 150 Table Games elegantly set in a comfortable and gratifying setting. SkyCity Auckland casino is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Games at SkyCity Auckland casino

The wide range of Table Games available at this land-based casino, SkyCity Auckland is sure to satisfy the casual gamer, to the middle of road table game player, to the elite. If you crave the Table Game classics like

  • Black Jack,
  • Poker,
  • Baccarat,
  • Roulette

SkyCity Auckland is a perfect place. SkyCity Auckland includes as part of their impressive selection of table games Rapid Roulette, EZ Baccarat, and Player Select Black Jack. If it’s the luck of role of the dice you love, SkyCity Auckland has Tai Sai, and Snake Eyes to choose.

If you like the fast-paced Table Games, the casino has Rapid Roulette, The Money Wheel and Viva Roulette. The casino also offers Table Gaming exclusively for the VIP members located in the luxurious EIGHT room. EIGHT takes the Table Game experience to new heights.

For the Baccarat enthusiast, the casino has its unique Baccarat room, which includes more than 20 Baccarat Table games.

Gaming rewards & casino bonuses

SkyCity Auckland casino has offered great bonuses and loyalty programs for visitors. So with this offer, every player must be satisfied and entertained in full. This offers includes

Return Play

The Kiwi gamer can take full advantage of the awesome rewards and points from playing at the casino. There is the Return Play, whereby Kiwis who are Premier Reward members can earn points from Table Games, restaurants dining and Gaming Machines.

Power Winners

The Premier Reward members earn $ 1 in gaming credits for every 100 Premier points. The casino’s Power Winners offers ways for the visiting Kiwi to win Premier Bonus Dollars.

Bonus Play

With the casino’s Bonus Play, each Premier member can win reward points and premier bonus dollars.

Celebration Bonus

Is one of the more exciting bonuses offered, because it’s an unannounced invitation to members to receive additional Premier Bonus Dollars

Free Play

Offered exclusively to Premier Reward members to take advantage if free play days. Free play days are days when gaming is 100% free!

Players club and bonuses 

The Casino offers loads of rewards and bonuses for Premier Rewards Platinum and the casino’s VIP members. Exclusive to VIP members are private rooms for Table Games. The Eight, Platinum, VIP Black and the Domestic Table Room and Gaming Machine Rooms.

SkyCity Auckland casino restaurants 

The land-based casino is home to one of New Zealand’s (NZ) best options for the food aficionado and possible the best in Auckland. With virtually every food choice imaginable, the casino can satisfy any inkling for a specific taste or style of cuisine.

The beautiful MASU is a Japanese restaurant offering an indeed uniquely arranged backdrop with traditional fused with modern comforts including a full bar.

The Huami is a Chinese restaurant that serves exquisitely prepared traditional dishes in a warm, inviting environment.

The world-famous Austrian born, Sean Connolly’s prepares his award-winning signature dishes. The Grill has one New Zealand’s (NZ) most extensive selections of meats serving both lunch and dinner.

The Orbit 360 offers one of the most spectacular views of Auckland, New Zealand (NZ). This stunningly beautiful restaurant rotates at one-hour intervals, offering different views of the breathtaking scenic experience.

Casino Bars

If you want to take a gambling break and enjoy this land-based casino’s five exquisite bars, each with its character and atmosphere is sure to satisfy whatever mood you happen to be during your visit.

The TwentyOne is an upbeat bar, with a live DJ, and a very welcoming atmosphere including top of the line materials, giving that prestigious look and feel.

Peter Gordon, the New Zealand (NZ) based chef brings you the Bellota, a Spanish themed bar offering unique taste and delicacies as part of an ever-changing menu.

The casino’s Sky Café offers an unforgettable view of Auckland, serving many tasty treats, ranging from cheeses, pastries, coffees, and teas.

SkyCity Auckland hotels

The casino’s three hotels,

  • the SKYCITY Grand Hotel,
  • SKYCITY Hotel
  • and the Horizon.

Each has a unique feel but include the highest level of concern to detail to make your stay unforgettable. The SKYCITY Grand is a luxurious five-star hotel with virtually every imaginable amenity.

The SKYCITY Hotel includes a theater, full spa, a massive selection of restaurants and almost something for everyone.

The Horizon will be open to the public in 2020 and is slated to be a five-star hotel, to include an upscale restaurant, full gym, offering both suites and rooms.

Entertainment in the Casino

The land-based casino has some of the most entertainingly interactive activities everyone can enjoy during their visit. With the Easter Egg Hunt, BINGO, and The Huawei P30 Street Festival you are sure to have an unforgettable, unique experience during your stay at the casino

Casino Gambling

The Department of Internal Affairs regulates all legal gambling in the country, from horseracing to the lottery to casinos. In 2009, it was required by law that all slot machines in the countries six casinos, including hotels and bars, must display the time the user spends and the amount of money they have lost.

Sky Tower

skytower auckland photo

The 20-year addition to the beautiful Auckland’s downtown area, the Sky Tower is one of the most memorable sites in the city. Standing over 300 meters above the city offers breathtaking views and a lasting experience.


The Casino is a must see for all that visit Auckland, with the broad array of award-winning chefs, restaurants, and actives the entire family can enjoy.

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