Dunedin Casino

Dunedin Casino in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand is the perfect place for people to go when they want to play in a casino that is truly fun. They want to go to a place that is going to give them the best experience, that will give them intriguing games to play, and that will offer them the kind of experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

*Important: In order to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), casino have new openning hours: Sunday – Thursday (12pm : 10 pm) and Friday – Satruday (12pm : 12 pm)

Read more about what this land-based casino in NZ can do when the player is trying to make a lot of money while playing any game that is truly exciting.

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About the Dunedin casino

Dunedin Casino New Zealand is a fun place to play because it has the playful spirit of a place that was made just for the kiwis and their friends. This is a place where the casino floor is a space with many tables/slots, and it has been designed to make life easier on the player.

The casino staff has a customer service team on-hand, and they have set up the casino as a play that makes it much easier for people to win. They even have games with cheap mode so that people can practice their games without risking too much money.

New Zealand players can come to the casino at any time when they are in this part of NZ. People often come here because they have come to the land of the kiwi for a nice vacation.

The casino is a good place to relax, and it allows people to gamble for as long as they like. Some people might be confused because this conscious is land-based. The casino actually has a website, but this is the real building that started it all.

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Games at Dunedin casino

Gambling on the property is split up into the table games, the slot machines, and video poker. They have special coffee tables in the rooms that make it possible for people to gamble, and they have games of every difficulty level on the casino floor.

Gambling in this casino is cheap and easy because players are not forced to spend all their money to have a good time. New Zealand players who come in for a night of gambling can also enjoy the entertainment that is on the site. Players get everything they need, and they can come by any time they are in this part of New Zealand.

Players club and bonuses at casino Dunedin

The players club at Dunedin is the rewards program that will give players bonuses for all the money that they have spent on the floor of the casino. Bonuses are typically reserved for the people who are playing on the app, but there are bonuses on video slots in the casino.

This is a good way to win a little bit of extra money, and the player will find that they can go home with more money if they focus on the games that offer the best bonuses.

Dunedin casino Hotel

Dunedin casino is located in the Scenic Hotel Southern Cross (Southern Cross Hotel) in Dunedin, New Zealand and offers visitors amazing ambient and great entertainment experience. Gaming rooms with breathtaking interior and unique mosaic floors with grand staircase are just a few amazing things to mention about this complex.

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Below we have described more features that Dunedin casino hotel offers.

Restaurants & Bars

The land-based casino has all the restaurants and bars that people could want. This is a special casino in that it has bars and restaurants that can see the casino floor along with restaurants and bars that are far out of sight.

Some of the bars are very quiet so that people can recover from a night of gambling, and there are restaurants that offer a nice sit-down meal.

There are places where players can get a buffet dinner, and there are bars that sit right off the casino floor, and players could walk right back to play more games.

Entertainment events

The entertainment at the casino is one of the most exciting parts of the land-based casino because there are new bands, comedians, and acts who come through the area.

There are residents in the casino who have shows almost every night, and some of the biggest headliners in the whole country will come through to perform.

The land-based casino is also the best place to see smaller bands who will take some of the smaller stages. People could hang around to gamble after they see a show, and it helps couples close out a long day in the casino.

Dunedin casino location

Below we have provided you with the exact location of Dunedin casino in New Zealand.

Final words

Travelling to New Zealand to gamble is one of the best choices that anyone can make. These players might have been playing in the Dunedin app for a while, and they need to see the property for themselves.

The casino is the best place for someone to go, and it helps the players have the very best experience no matter how much they want to play.

The players could players just a couple of games, and they can go watch a show, go have a bite to eat, and get a drink before going back to the casino floor. Dunedin has it all, and it is set in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the Dunedin casino?

Lani Hagaman from Christchurch owns a 42% share of the Dunedin casino. Lani and EarlHagaman are one of the richest couples in New Zealand and it said that they are worth $180 million.

When did Dunedin casino open?

Dunedin casino is opened in 1999 in New Zealand, city of Dunedin.


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