5 things online casinos do not want you to know about them!

Have you ever asked yourself what online casinos don’t want you to know?

The online casino industry has certain hidden facts that only the true mastermind can comprehend. But to make it easier for newbies in online gambling, we have simplified it!

online casino secrets

Most players perceive the online NZ casino industry as a cash cow. They fail to realize that these online casino companies are in business to make a profit. To make huge profits playing online casino games, you have to be abreast with certain facts.

Unfortunately, the casino companies don’t what players to know about these things.

Pay close attention to these casino top secrets that will be disclosed here! It will certainly change your gambling fortune.

1. Odds, probability and house edge

Playing your favourite casino game doesn’t always get your winnings. Playing your favourite casino games will make you emotional and forget about your goal of winning some money.

However, if you are playing for fun, you can go ahead and play your favourite casino games. But if you are playing for real money? Then you should play games with high odds and a lower house edge.

Online blackjack has the highest odds of winning with an only 1% house edge.

When the odds are high, placing a bet of a few dollars will earn you more money. Like the house edge, the higher the house edge, the lesser the probability that you will win a single bet. So go for casino games with a low house edge and higher odds. There is a better chance of winning with these features present.

Learn more about online blackjack here!

2. Games with a low house edge

Don’t be shocked to find out that your favourite game has a low house edge. Slot games appear very easy to play and win. Surprisingly, not every player knows that this is a game of luck. Games where skill is not required to win often have a high house edge.

Casino GameHouse Edge
Online Blackjack0.46%
Craps (Pass Line)0.45%
Video Poker0.8-3%
Baccarat (No Tie Bet)1.2%

Games at online casinos such as blackjack, craps and video poker that require a bit of skill and expertise have a lower house edge. With a good betting strategy, you will earn huge bonuses and more money.

For instance:

  • Online blackjack has a house edge about 0.46%
  • Online Craps has a 0.45% house edge
  • Video poker is estimated to have a house edge of about 0.8 to 3%.

3. Bonuses and wagering requirements

The juicier the bonuses offered by an online casino, the higher the wagering requirements.

Not in all cases! However, on average, they offer high bonuses only to take it away with high wagering requirements.

They are numerous casino games with low wagering requirements too. The lower the wagering requirement, the faster you start earning money from your bonus winnings.

The best online casinos offer bonuses without a wagering requirement.

4. Winning jackpots

As tempting as casino jackpots may be, not all payout. It takes more than six months for some casinos to payout their progressive jackpots. To entice more players, they increase the progressive jackpot every minute.

Jackpot slot banner

If you want to know when online casinos will pay out their progressive jackpot, do a little research. Find out when they paid out their previous progressive jackpot slots. This will give you an insight into when they may likely payout the next jackpot.

Place your bet around that time, you might be lucky to be the next winner.

5. When you are on winning strike casinos don’t want you to quit

Casinos often encourage players to never quit. They want you to keep playing whether you are losing or winning. What makes the difference between a novice and a professional gambler is realizing when to quit.

For instance, if you start your bet with $500 and end up winning an extra $1000 after a few bets will you continue playing? Stop! Don’t play again. You have already made double your investment.

These are simple but difficult decisions that make the difference.


Here in this article, we have listed 5 “secrets” that online casinos don’t want you to know. Online casinos are fun, but sometimes they can be tricky, but if players are carefully and have some skills and knowledge it won’t be a problem.

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