5 things to check before choosing the best casino for you, personally!

What exactly separates the absolute best online casino sites from other also very good online casinos?

Like everything else in life, it is the small details that make the very best casino sites more popular than other casinos.

In today’s article, we go through 5 things that the best casino sites have that make them better than other good casinos.

1. Payment methods

Payment method is one of the most important details where online casinos differ. The vast majority of casino sites in New Zealand of course have payment methods that are popular to use such as bank transfer and credit card.

Most popular banking methods

But the very best casinos make sure to offer even more payment methods that are popular such as Poli Pay, Paypal and other digital wallets with which you can quickly, anonymously and safely make deposits and withdrawals.

They have simply gone a step further than the “good” casino sites and ensured that there is a payment method for all players.

This of course does not make an online casino better, but it is one of the details that clearly shows that the casino focuses on the NZ market.

Compared to an online casino that, for example, only takes credit cards, a NZ online casino with popular payment methods is significantly better.

Learn more about payment methods and choose a casino based on payment method, here!

2. Customer support

Customer support at an online casino is incredibly important as this is the only way for us players to communicate with the casino. In our opinion, there are two types of casinos in this category.

Rabona 24/7 support
Rabona 24/7 support

One is casinos that have 24/7 support and all other casinos. Just like with payment methods, an online casino does not have to be better because it offers 24/7 support, but in a world where online casinos are operated from different countries around the world, 24/7 support is very important as we all live in different time zones.

In other words, an online casino with 24/7 support guarantees that regardless of where we live, we can contact support at any time and get help.

Just like any other company, we believe that this is one of the things that separates the best casinos from the good ones, as service is something we all value highly.

With us, you will always find information in all reviews with support opening hours and contact information.

Top casinos with 24/7 support

3. Number of games

Another thing where casinos differ is the range of games. If you look quickly, it may seem that most casinos have pretty much the same selection of games.

Hell Spin games
HellSpin games

But if you delve deeper and take a closer look, you quickly notice that both the number of games and who developed the games differentiate casinos.

What the very best online casinos do is create as many collaborations as possible with game developers to both provide us with many games to choose from but also games from many different game developers.

Good casinos can have 100s of games to offer, while the best casinos often have 1000s of games and many game developers, i.e. many different kinds of games.

Here is an example of three NZ casinos with different natal games to offer:

CasinoAmount of games
Rizk500 games
Boom casino2000 games
HellSpin7500 games

4. Slightly better conditions

The fourth thing that separates a good casino from the best is their conditions for their bonus offers. The difference may seem incredibly small, such as a wagering requirement of 35x instead of 40x, but is still slightly better.

No wager bonus

Casinos must have wagering requirements because otherwise people would have just logged in, deposited money and then withdrawn them with their bonus money. In short, all the casinos had gone bankrupt quite quickly.

So that an online casino has a wagering requirement of, for example, 35x, which seems quite similar to a wagering requirement of 40x, it still shows that they are doing their best to make us players happier.

We find the absolute best conditions at online casinos that have removed the wager requirement and/or casino bonuses with low wager requirements.

5. Play in NZ currency

Again, one thing that does not guarantee that the casino is the best just because it offers games in NZ currency, but a clear sign that they did something better than good casinos.

Choose NZD
If you are from New Zealand recommended is to choose NZD currency

In other words, the best casino sites in NZ have ensured that games in NZ currency are offered. Other good casinos do not care about changing currency as all deposits are automatically converted to the casino’s currency.

However, the best have ensured that we can play directly with NZ money and this ensures that no exchange rate is needed and that the casino once again makes an effort to make its target group more satisfied.

If you want to play in NZ currency and avoid the exchange rate, you should take a look at our NZD casino top list.


No casino is perfect for all players of course! That’s why we do our very best to present the absolute best NZ casino online operators every month where we of course compare these 5 things with them but also other things such as bonuses, player reviews and personal experience.

The list above is more like an example of how we can delve into top casinos to find out which online casino is actually the best overall.

So the best casinos in our top list don’t necessarily have something that you personally love about casinos, but they are operators that overall offer a better gaming experience because they have a better product.

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