Wagering requirements at online casinos

Wagering requirements are not so popular among online casino players. With features like free spins, free demo mode, bonuses and slot games online casinos try to give maximum benefits to its players.

But nothing in the world comes for free, and that is why all these bonuses and free spins come with the wagering requirements.

You probably heard about it, and on this page, we are gonna explain to you all about them, how they work, and how to complete them, and many more useful tips you should know.

What are the wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements act as a restriction which does not come with a negative connotation at all. It only amps up the online gaming experience and adds an interesting element to the slot game for the players.

Simultaneously, it helps the slot games to increase the playing time and retain the player activity. It is the total amount that must be earned before you can withdraw any winning prize.

These are mentioned in numbers along with an “x” e.g. 30x. This is multiplied with the amount of deposit you make.

How does it work?

As mentioned before, wager requirements s are expressed as, for example, 35x.

Here, the 35 represents the number of times you have to bet the “x”, whereas, the “x” refers to a certain amount according to the game’s format.

This amount to be a deposit only, the bonus only, or a sum of the deposit and bonus amount both.

Wager requirements usually vary from 20 to 50 times the original amount.

However, it varies from game to game and casino to casino throughout New Zealand.

How to complete wager requirements?

Sometimes, high wager requirements might scare you off and you would no longer want to play the game. You must always carefully go through the terms and conditions of any game you decide to play which has caught your attention. This is very important. It saves you from any unforeseen losses or disappointments.

It is ideal to avoid such games because it may get difficult to meet the requirements at times, especially when you are an amateur level player in NZ. However, if you are determined to beat wager requirements you should land a big win of about 300 to 600 times the bet or even more than that.

Or at least you should be able to win a consistent number of ample amounts during a single session. For this, you should try to play slot games with high volatility and variance so that you can win the desired amount.

Once you are assured that you will be able to meet the requirement, you can start playing slots of the opposite nature, which is, with lower volatility and variance.

This will bring you closer to the wagering quite easily.

How to calculate the wagering requirements?

There is a number of bonus offers available on almost every online casino in NZ. But one of the most attractive ones is the No Deposit Bonus.

You can easily find casinos that have this offer online and sign up with them. You will automatically find the bonus amount in your account.

Such bonuses often come with some sort of limitation, such as a maximum limit to the withdrawal of cash, etc.

For this purpose, you must read the terms and conditions of the casino before going ahead.

Also, there are a number of individual websites and casinos online that allow you to calculate the wager requirements of a particular bonus.

Bonus wager requirements at casinos

Casino bonuses at all online casinos are introduced to enhance their customer experience and prolong the playing time of the gamers.

For instance, if a casino offers a 40x bonus wager requirements, you simply multiply it by 5 to get the number of bets you need is supposed to place before you can withdraw your winnings.

In this case, it is NZ$200. It does not necessarily mean that you have to deposit this amount, but simply that you need to make NZ$200 worth of bets before you can withdraw your earnings.

Free spins wager requirements

Sometimes, you are required to wager the free spins, winnings along with the original deposit you made to earn the free spins.

But generally, you only need to place the bonus cash you are rewarded from the spins. For instance, a casino has a wagering requirement of 30x for 50 free spins.

This comes with a bonus of NZ$20. You go on to earn NZ$60 from these free spins. For withdrawal, you must bet the amount earned from the bonus 30 times.

With a quick calculation, you will find that in this case, you have to place at least NZ$1500 as a bet in order to enable yourself to withdraw.

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Sports betting bonus wager requirements

There are some conditions which need to be fulfilled in the case of getting a bonus wager. Without fulfilling these requirements, it is not possible to retrieve the bonus wager which is won.

One of the most prime requirements is the lower limit of the sports betting bonus. In some cases, there is a lower limit and the user cannot withdraw the cash unless a certain limit is reached.

There is also an upper limit in some cases. In such scenarios, the user has to make smaller and multiple transactions in order to get the bonus which is won.

Casinos with low wager requirements

There are a number of casinos available online that come with other attractive features alongside no wager requirements.

The best casinos we recommend are those around 25x wager requirements.

This number is considered to be low enough because when we consider that there are many casinos offering wagering requirements around 40x to 50, then 25 wager req is really low.

Check out our casino list with low wagering requirements.

Casinos with no wagering requirements

A better option available for players who are tired of these requirements is the no wager requirements casinos.

These casinos have not only relieved a typical player from such limitations but also offers a number of free spins and bonuses additionally.

But casinos that perfectly compensate for a high requirement with free spins and bonuses can make the gaming experience worthwhile and fruitful for the player.

That means that we can make a deposit or collect a bonus and we have control of our withdrawal all the time.

That means that we don’t have to meet any wager requirements and we can withdrawal our money whatever we want.

If you want to find out more about casinos without wager requirements you should check to our no wager casinos page.

Frequently asked question

✅ Why do the casinos have wagering requirements on bonuses?

Online casinos have been abused in the past for enabling good payouts with no restriction. Hence, this is a way of preventing that.

✅ Where to find info about wagering requirements at online casinos?

They are clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions of any online casino. But also on our website newzealandcasinos.nz you can read the review of each casino that we recommending. You will be able to find every important info about the online casino we recommend in the blink of the eye.

✅ How can I see when I have met the wagering requirements?

You can always view it on the withdrawal page of any online casino’s website.

✅ Does wagering requirements apply to every game?

No, they are only applicable to bonus games and free spins games.

✅ What is an outstanding wagering requirement?

It is the amount you need to earn before you’ll be allowed to withdraw your cash prize.

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