Which numbers do the roulette ball most often end up on?

Which numbers does the roulette ball land on most often?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games that people around the world love to play. It’s still a great mystery from where this game came from and we’ve heard a lot of speculation about it.

Here are the most common number that comes up in the roulette.

The facts say that this game actually comes from France and that it appeared there in the 17th century.

Roulette is also a French word that means “small wheel” in English. Find out below more interesting things about roulette and the most important thing what are those numbers that we should place our bets on it.

Roulette: How it is played?

The goal of the game and the rules are essentially very simple. The game is played by the roulette table where there are numbers from 0 to 36 in the European type of game, while on the American roulette wheel type we have numbers from 0 to 36 and an additional slot with double zero.

If we take for example modern versions of roulette like Evolution’s Lightning Roulette we can see that the same rules are applied with the slightly added new rules like multipliers and lucky numbers. But the basic rules of roulette can not be changed.

Next to the table with numbers on the roulette table, there is an online roulette wheel with the same numbers that the turner rotates and inserts a white ball. An interesting fact is that the roulette balls are mostly made of ivory.

Before the dealer rolled, roulette players put bets on numbers, colours (red, black) or (even, odd) and other options. Half the numbers are black, while the other ones are red and the zero is neutral.

american vs european roulette difference

The goal of the game is to guess the number, colour or other betting options the ball will stop. The Roulette house edge is around 5.26%. but it can be decreased when using strategies like roulette big number system and others.

Here are the most common number that comes up in the roulette

We have explored and found for you the most common numbers and winning chances when playing on them.

We have a single out the top 3 most common bets and numbers which are recorded to most often win, but under you can see the table of all bets and their payouts odds and winning probability.

Numbers from 1 to 12 (1st 12) and 13 to 24 (2nd 12)

  • Payout 2/1
  • Winning percentage is 31.58%

Numbers from 19 to 36 and 1 to 18

  • Payout 1/1
  • Winning percentage is 46.37%

Bets on Black, Red or Even, Odd

  • Payout 1/1
  • Winning percentage is 46.37%
chances of winning at roulette

If you place your bets on these three options you will have the biggest chances of winning definitively.  There are many strategies and systems that people offering today but we must remember that roulette is a game of luck and we should not rely heavily on strategies but should rely on our luck, experience and exclusively for entertainment.

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  • Number 7:  If you have watched the movie ”Lucky number Slevin” you probably saw the power of the number seven. Many players just love to bet on this number because like it has some lucky power and it is very popular among the players.
  • Number 17: There are many theories about number 17. The number is very popular among the roulette players. There are also a lot of mathematical theories that speak of the number 17 happiness and why it often enters roulette. Number 17 is really a special number and is located at the center of the roulette table. Number 17 is black.
  • Number 23 and 24: These two numbers are also in the middle of the table, and many believe that the players are the most attentive. Many players believe that just these numbers are happy and put bets on them.

Now that you have learned all of the things that can help you win easier at roulette, you can now head to a land-based casino or to an online casino and see for yourself the popularity that is surrounding the game of roulette.

Having all of the details regarding this topic, you can easily and quickly get into the game and soon see that your chances of winning are greater with this game as long as you go with the European wheel as this will not give the house advantage.