Online casino for beginners

Never played casino online before but want to try? Start here by going throw this guide!

If you have never tried playing casino online but want to try, it is smart to go through this guide that we have put together for casino beginners.

The guide covers all the nitty gritty that you need to know before you start playing online with your own money.

This guide will cover 16 things that are important to know.

Some are just answers to the most common questions and others are tips on what you need to learn more about.

Casino beginners guide by Kiwi

Best beginners bonuses (No deposit required)

Top 16 tips for casino beginners

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The difference between playing online and offline
The biggest differences that you should know between offline and online casinos are that the ones that are online are available 24/7 every day of the week, they offer bonuses & gifts and have many more games.
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Find out, what type of a casino player are you?
Are you the loyal player who wants to earn loyalty gifts or the bonus hunter who wants to collect lots of the most awesome welcome bonuses.

Find out here.
casino bonus
Do not claim any bonuses until you know how they work
Bonuses are great and give us lots of extra money to win with, but if you don’t know how they work, you can easily get frustrated when you discover the wagering requirement.

Therefore, learn how bonuses work before activating one. Option two choose to play without a casino bonus.
Choose the right payment method from the start
It is important that you know that you can only make withdrawals via the payment methods you used to make deposits and you can have a maximum of 3 payment methods active at a casino.

Compare payment methods and choose the right one from the start!
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Make sure you can verify yourself
To avoid waiting for your withdrawals, you should also make sure that you have everything ready to verify yourself at the casino.

This is a requirement before the casino can pay out your winnings which is there to prevent money laundering.

With most, you need a valid ID card, a bill that is no more than 3 months old and sometimes even a screenshot of your deposit (you can blur out everything else).

How and why online casinos verify your identity.
What you can do if you are dissatisfied
The advantage of playing on the casino sites we recommend is that they are safe and have a good reputation among players around the world.

But if you should come across something you think is wrong and want to report the casino, then it is still important that you know what applies and how to submit a report.

How to report bad online casinos.
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Do you have to pay tax on your winnings?
In New Zealand, winnings from games are tax-free, so you don’t have to think about this at all.

However, it may be good to know that all your winnings at offshore casinos are tax-free.
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Choose games based on what you like
The biggest problem with an online casino is actually a luxury problem. Which game or games should you choose?

If you are not aware of this, you should learn a little more about what games are available online, what advantages the house has in the various games, and then try the ones that seem most appealing to you personally.

Otherwise, there is a risk that you will try games that are boring for you or have a lower chance of winning.
Where do you turn if you have problems with your gambling?
It is important to play responsibly online so as not to lose more money than you can afford. It is also important to know that help is available if you need it.

Get to know the aid organizations that exist so you know where to turn if you need it.
Unique features that distinguish online casinos
Know what sets most casinos apart so you can choose one that offers exactly what you like.

The big differences are:

Casinos with slots tournaments, Bonuses & payout methods (Read more about bonuses and payouts), Vip casino benefits, Live casino developers
2 deck basic strategy
Use casino strategies only when you master the game
As a beginner, reading a casino strategy and using it is a bad idea.

Even if you understand the strategy quickly there are other things you might miss such as not being able to count cards online even if we teach you the strategy.

Therefore, never use a strategy until you master the game well and know how online casinos works.
Casino demo play mode
Always try a casino for free first
Just because you fancy trying online casinos right now, you don’t need to make a deposit to do so.
At all casinos, you can test play most of the games for free and get to experience both the game and the casino before betting your own money.
Know where to find the answers you need
You will come across casino terms you don’t understand or other oddities that you need answers to. Knowing where to find these quickly can be smart preparation.

With us you will find a help section where we have answered the most common questions about online casinos.
casino licences
How can I trust online casinos?
All online casinos presented here on the site have a valid license that protects us players.

You can read more about these and choose casinos based on which license they have for greater security.
How do I know the games aren’t rigged?
All games are rented from third parties who must also have a valid license. In addition to the license, game developers must also have an RNG attached to guarantee that all winnings are random.
Join a casino community
Joining a casino group can also be a smart move right from the start. Uniqueness, secrets and other goodies are often shared here.

We recommend you join our Reddit community. or Quora Casinofeedback community.

You have just upgraded from amateur to beginner

If you have gone through our casino beginners list above and feel that you have a grasp of everything that is mentioned, you are, in our opinion, ready for the first step to playing casino online with real money.

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