VIP casino programs

VIP casino program is something that many casinos offer to their big players. That is, only a Highroller can use a VIP program at an online casino. It is also the only reward system that we customers CANNOT apply to join, but the casino itself contacts its large customers and then offers the player the chance to join.

Playzee VIP program

Here I explain more about how these VIP programs work at online casinos, what you can expect as a VIP customer and which NZ casinos have good VIP programs.

VIP program benefits & rewards

All online casinos basically offer the same thing to big players who join their VIP club. The things that every VIP player can expect include:

VIP HellSpin benefits

How to join a VIP casino club

The only way to join a VIP casino club is to play for larger amounts in the casino. The casino keeps good track of all its big players and as soon as a new player playing for larger sums is seen in their backend, the casino’s VIP team is tasked with contacting the player to invite him to their VIP program.

What are larger sums?

If you make a deposit of $1000, it counts as a larger sum. However, this does not mean that it gives you access to the casino’s full VIP program, because the VIP program also usually divides customers into different levels.

Example: a big player who plays for $10,000 a month is a significantly bigger customer than one who plays for $1000 a month. Even though both are big players, the first player is rewarded more.

Best VIP casino programs for Kiwis

Although it is difficult to choose the best VIP casino program, we can still advise you of our personal 3 favorites and show you how these three differ so that you get a better idea of what can be offered.

Bizzo VIP

#1. Bizzo Casino

Bizzo casino is one of our favorite casinos when it comes to VIP programs, because their VIP program is open to all players. Everyone who plays automatically collects points, so those who play for smaller amounts are also rewarded well in the long term, while the big player can collect nice rewards faster. The best thing about their VIP program is that all players who reach the final level can pick up a brand new Porche 911.

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Playfina VIP club

#2. Playfina

Just like Bizzo, Playfina is an online casino where everyone collects points and climbs up the levels so both small and large players are rewarded. Here, too, a fantastic gift is offered to players who reach the final level, which is a brand new Lamborghini Huracan. In addition to this loyalty system, a “hidden” VIP program is also offered where the biggest VIP players can take advantage of even more benefits.

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VIP skycrown

#3. Skycrown

Skycrown has the most unique VIP program in the whole world, where, unlike all others where you have to wait for an invitation, you can join the VIP club right from the start. All that is required is a deposit of $1500, and then you immediately get the status of VIP player and can partake of all the glories that VIP players have to offer.

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Tip: All our reviews contain a VIP section where you can read more about if the casino offers a VIP program and how it works.

Be a VIP player from the start

For players who already know they are high-rollers who don’t want to wait for an invitation from the casino before offering a good bonus, we have a page we call High-rollers, where we have collected the best NZ casinos based on their welcome bonus for new customers and where we of course are ranking the very largest highroller bonuses that casinos offer right at the start.

Our VIP deals for Kiwis

We also have a page where we present exclusive casino rewards that casinos have created just for our readers. In other words, it’s a VIP section where you can pick up tailor-made and exclusive offers, only via our site.

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What is a VIP Program?

A VIP program is a reward system that usually the casino’s big players get to take part in. Some casinos, however, have a VIP program for everyone, but to get the big rewards you have to play for bigger sums anyway.

How to qualify for a VIP casino program?

Just make sure to make a deposit of at least $1000 and you should be contacted by the casino’s VIP casino team. At Skycrown you can activate your VIP membership yourself with a deposit of $1500.

Which casino has the best VIP rewards?

In our opinion, it’s Playfina and Bizzo where you can pick up the brand new Lamborghini and Porche, but those aren’t necessarily your preferred rewards.