Stick to one casino VS being a customer of several casinos?

In today’s article we will compare two different casino players, namely the player who sticks to his favorite casino and the player who likes to change casinos often.

Who gets a better gaming experience and above all what type of player are you?

Advantages of sticking to a casino

First of all, these advantages obviously depend on which casino you choose.

But the biggest advantage you can have with sticking to a casino is the loyalty (at casinos with loyalty gifts).

VIP benefits
VIP benefits

Because it means, in short, that you are rewarded for all the gambling you do in the casino.

Take Wazamba casino as an example.

Here as a player you will collect points for all the games that you play. These can then be exchanged in a shop for real gifts. By switching to an another casino, you will then lose the loyalty reward.

This also goes a little hand in hand with the VIP program. The casinos that have one will make you a VIP player if you play often.

This in turn means better gifts, faster payouts and a personal dedicated manager to help you at any time around the clock.

Last but not least, you avoid creating multiple accounts, which takes some time.


  1. Loyalty rewards
  2. VIP benefits
  3. You don’t have to create many accounts

Advantages of being a customer of many casinos

What are the advantages of being a customer of several casinos?

You can play games that are not available at the same casino. That is, if you can’t find a fun game at one casino, you can certainly find it at another.

The same applies to other products such as sports betting or bingo.

When you have an account with several brands, you can always choose what you want to play.

The next benefit is the welcome bonuses. These are always best at an online casino when welcoming a new customer.

If you register at several casinos, you can claim a new welcome bonus at each casino.

Imagine, for example, if you become a customer at all the casinos we list (100+), then you could collect more than 100 awesome welcome bonuses.

Last but not least, you can easily and quickly change casino environment at any time and at the same time choose a casino that has the best promotion right now.


  • Claim more welcome bonuses
  • Play more games
  • Choose to play where the campaigns is best right now

Many accounts VS one disadvantages

Many casinosSingle casino
It takes time to create many accountsThe range of games is limited
You need to have your login credentials saved somewhere to remember them allYou must wait for a campaign to become available
It is not so easy to keep track of all the rules that apply at the various casinosYou can only claim one welcome bonus

What type of a gamer are you?

Single casino account

If you are the player who settles for 1000+ games which almost all casinos have, the player who likes to collect loyalty instead of chasing welcome bonuses and a player who does not like to have many accounts then you should stick to just one operator.

Make sure to choose one of the best for the best possible long-term experience.

Here are a couple of casinos that may be suitable for you:

Captain SpinsPick up a new reward every day!
RoyalPandaGet 5% extra on every deposit!
Vegas LoungeCashback every day and no wager!
SpinYooClaim 25 extra spins every day.
Rapid casinoDistributes 3500 free spins daily

Mutliple casino accounts

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind having several accounts, want to be able to collect lots of welcome bonuses and play where there is a current promotion, then you are the player who should have an account with several casino companies at the same time.

To you, we can warmly recommend our new casino section, where we fill up every month with new top casinos with new offers.


There are of course more things if you compare different casinos more specifically.

For example, maybe one offers bitcoin as a payment method but not another.

But basically it’s the bonuses, loyalty and games that separate these two players.

From now on, I leave it up to you to decide which style of play that suits you best.

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