The Casino Bonus Hunter’s Playbook: 5 Winning Strategies!

Bonus hunters are players who constantly hunt for casino bonuses to increase their game balance and maximize the chances of winning. A good bonus hunter knows exactly how casino bonuses work and how to turn the bonus money into real money.

We have asked a number of bonus hunters what exactly they look for when choosing a bonus and how they go about using the casino’s bonuses smartly with the greatest probability of winning, and here is what some of the best casino bonus hunters say.

Casino bonus hunter
Casino bonus hunter

Let’s take a look at the 5 most important things that a bonus hunter recommends to other players who want to use bonuses online in a smart way.

#1. Use first deposit bonuses

The vast majority of casinos give their new customers a welcome bonus package where you get a bonus on your first 3 or four deposits, for example. However, the very first deposit bonus is always the best! Bonus hunters mean that you use the casino’s first deposit bonus to get the most bonus for your money and when that bonus is over, you move on to the next casino to use the casino’s first deposit bonus there as well.

#2. Use low wager bonuses first

The other important thing for bonus hunters is the wager requirement. Bonuses that have low wager requirements should always be prioritized as these are easier to convert into real money.Bonuses with high wager end up last in the list even if the bonus amount is high.

#3. Exclude games that do not contribute to wager

All casino bonuses have a list of games in their conditions that do not contribute to wager. Bonus hunters look at the casino’s terms and conditions and find the list of all these games to NOT play with bonus money on them.

#4. Use strategies

Bonus hunters like to use strategies to win over the casino. It is about smart strategies such as Martingale on Blackjack but also their own strategies such as the choice of a slot machine with, for example, a high rtp that gives the players back more over time.

#5. Bet max allowed bet

All the bonus hunters we have been in contact with agree that you should always bet the maximum allowed stake with bonus money. Smaller bets can extend the game, but if you want to meet the wager requirement, you do it the fastest with the maximum bet, which is usually $5 per game with bonus money.


Do bonus hunters always win over the casino?

No of course not. The house always has the advantage and always wins in the long run but they manage to convert many more bonuses into real money than most and use bonuses as part of their playing strategy.

How to get the best bonus?

You always get the best bonus when you make your very first deposit at a casino. Another option that some bonus hunters prefer is to become the casino’s VIP player and then negotiate better terms with the casino.

What is a bonus hunter?

A bonus hunter is a player who always hunts for bonuses, immerses himself in them and plays smart to convert bonuses into real money as quickly and easily as possible.

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