Big Casino Wins: The Ultimate Guide to Big Online Casino Withdrawals!

You know exactly what you’re after, those big casino wins, and that’s why you’re here, right? Let me help you get answers to important questions about big casino wins. I have written this article with the goal of being able to help those who wonder about bigger casino wins and how these are paid out at online casinos.

These is the things I will go through in this article:

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How can you win big money in a casino?

Let’s start by looking at how you can win the big wins at online casinos.

  1. Progressive Jackpots: Progressive jackpots offer online players the chance to win the very biggest prizes that slot machines pay out. It takes enormous luck to win the biggest jackpot on a slot machine.
  2. Big win: Regular slot machines can pay out the biggest possible win that the machine is set to. Different slot machines have different maximum winnings and no machine has the same maximum winning as a progressive machine, but the chance of winning is greater.
  3. High-roller bets: High-roller bets can win big on classic table games by making bigger bets that lead to winning combinations. Applies, however, to finding online casinos that are adapted for high-rollers where you can make larger bets.
  4. Smart Play: Players who master patience and strategies can win big over time by analyzing, playing smart and patience. The most popular strategy that most players have had success with is the Martingale strategy.
  5. Daily jackpots: Smaller payouts than progressive jackpots but have the advantage that a new jackpot is awarded every day and even these can be quite a big win.

These 5 ways to win big at online casinos are the most common and most sought after. Of course you can also play a crash game and be lucky enough to win an extremely large amount of money, but the aim is to offer a quick overview of how you can win big wins not in exactly which games as all games can offer big wins.

Can you win big with small deposits like $10-$20?

Is it possible to win a big profit with smaller bets? Not everyone wants to play for $100 per spin, but you still want to be able to win the big wins, so of course you have to be able to, otherwise there’s nothing to attract, right?

If you are one of these players who would like an answer to this, I would like to simply explain that 1. yes it is possible to win big with small bets and 2. you need to know which slots to play on for this to be possible .

Arabian Nights review

For example, if you want to be able to win a progressive jackpot with smaller bets, you have to play Arabian Nights, which is a progressive slot where you can win the biggest jackpot with only $2 in stake per spin. Same for regular slots, you can find slots that require small max bets but have big max wins.

How much can you cash out from online casinos?

Once you’ve won a big win, it’s important to know how casinos treat it and what to expect. First, it is important to know that different payment methods have different maximum limits for transactions. In other words, the casino cannot decide on its own how much money they should pay out at a time if, for example, your bank does not allow it.

This, as I hope you understand, only applies to very large transfers. But it is equally important to know that the casino can determine the maximum withdrawal per transaction up to a certain limit. Players who are considered VIP players may, for example, make larger and more withdrawals.

If you are NOT a VIP player but still want to withdraw larger sums, I recommend that you choose casinos with high withdrawal limits for all players. Depending on which payment method you choose to use, on the page with casinos that have high withdrawal limits you can see all the withdrawal limits that apply as standard.

Just to give you a quick idea, this is a maximum of $20,000 in one and the same day. If you have less winnings than this, in other words, you do not need to think about the withdrawal limit.

For more detailed info check the banking options page and choose a payment solution.

How do online casinos payout big wins?

Really big casino winnings can be paid out in two different ways. The most common and the one most players prefer is that the casino pays out the entire sum at once. If the casino you play at wants to pay out the winnings like this and it also suits you, then both you and the casino will be in contact with your bank to explain to them about the big win and that a large deposit is on the wall.

The bank then reviews the company that will make the payment and then gives you and the casino the go-ahead that they are ready for the transaction. As soon as the bank gives you and the casino this go-ahead, the casino can send the money and within 3 working days the bank will process this matter and approve the transaction.

Option 2 is (depending on how big the profit is) to create an installment plan together with the casino. You might win a big win but not quite 50 million but a smaller amount. However, it is still too large to be transferred with a single transaction due to max limits. Let’s say you win 1 million and the max limit for one transaction per day is $20,000. Instead of you and the casino asking your bank to allow this transaction and waiting for their response, you can agree that the casino pays out $20,000 every day for 5 days.

As I said, it depends on how big your profit is and how you want to do it. Regardless of the method, you will always be contacted by the casino first, who will then ask you how you would like your winnings to be paid out.

Exclusive mega wins like, a brand new car!

As crazy as it sounds to those who are not familiar with the subject, you can win big prizes at online casinos that are not money, for example a brand new car. At Woocasino, customers can earn a brand new Porche 911 through loyalty and at Playfina, customers can earn a brand new Lamborghini. But how does such a “payment” work then?

If you are the lucky winner of a prize like this, it’s really nothing strange, the casino will make sure that your new car is parked at a car dealer where you can collect the car, just as if you had bought one yourself. The important thing to keep in mind in this situation is that this kind of profit is considered taxable. So even if you win a super nice new car worth a lot of money, you have to be prepared to pay the tax on the car. This is done via your regular income tax return.

Learn from other online players

You can read about personal withdrawals that other players have made at different online casinos via Quora and take part in their experience and experiences for different withdrawal amounts.

Need more answers?

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