What online casinos have slot tournaments?

If you love pokies as much as we do, you of course want to make your gaming experience as fun and rewarding as possible.

One way to do this is to participate in slots tournaments. It turns out, however, that a search on Google leads to guides that list online casinos that do NOT offer slots tournaments, which is a bit disturbing and the reason why we are writing an article about this.

Today we examine all 100+ casinos that are listed on our website and list those that actually have real slots tournaments to offer regularly, stay tuned!


CasinoSlots Tournamenet
VoodooDreamsSlot Duels all the time 24/7
Casumo Reel Races all day tournamenets
WoocasinoDaily slots tournament
CookieDaily slots tournament Grand Joust
Rizk casinoRizk races every 30 min

1. VoodoDreams Duel Slots Tournaments

Voodoo Casino tournamenets
  • Voodoo Dreams
    NZ$ 1600
    + 200 free spins
    1000+ games
    Customer Support: 24/7
    Casino Duels challenge
    18+ | Wager req: 30x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

VoodooDreams casino is probably the most famous and popular online casino site around the world when it comes to slots tournaments.

The reason is that they were first out with a so-called slots duel tournament between the players.

In short, it works as if you select “Duel” > a game and then match with other players who play the same game to see who wins the most.

Participation is completely free and you win as usual the winnings you win during the game, but at the same time you collect points that can be exchanged for goodies and climb the top list to take the title and the honor of being the best slots player.

2. Casumo Reel Races

Casumo Reel races
Casumo Reel races
  • Casumo
    NZ$ 1200
    + 20 no deposit spins
    2000+ games
    Customer support: 24/7
    Fast payout processing time
    18+ | Wager req: 30x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

In place no. 2 as the best casino with slots tournaments, we rank Casumo casino which offers daily slot races.

In short, this is something that you are with automatically and participate in when you play your favorite slots at Causmo. You constantly climb up / down the rankings table when you win.

In addition to the honor, Causmo regularly hands out handsome rewards to the most talented players. Each year, they award an average of 61,000 rewards.

3. Woocasino daily slots tournaments

Woo casono daily tournaments
  • Woo casino
    NZ$ 300
    + 200 free spins
    2000+ games
    Customer support: 24/7
    Lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals
    18+ | Wager req: 40x | Terms and Conditions Apply

At Woo casino, we can compete daily for NZ $ 1,500 + 1,000 free spins.

On the website you see Tournaments in the menu, click here and you see a list of all games that can be played to participate and a ranking table that shows which are the best right now.

The winner is rewarded with NZ $ 300, second place with NZ $ 200 and third place with NZ $ 100.

From 4th place and down to 99th, the remaining players are rewarded with free spins.

4. Cookie casino Grand Joust

Grand Joust
Grand Joust
  • Cookie
    NZ$ 300
    + 220 free spins
    2000+ games
    24/7 customer support
    Great mobile casino
    18+ | Wager req: 40x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

In fourth place, we rank Cookie casino, which offers several daily tournaments.

The one we like the most is the one that lets us play any slots and automatically participate in a daily slots tournament with a prize pool of NZ $ 750 + 75 free spins.

The rules are simple for every NZ $ 1 we play we earn points according to the tournament schedule. Below on the tournament page, we always see a ranking table and how many points the best players have today.

5. Rizk casino races

Rizk races
  • Rizk
    $ 500
    + 50 free spins
    500 games
    Many exclusive games
    Slingo games available
    18+ | Wager requriements: 30x | Play responsibly | Terms and Conditions Apply

Rizk races is a tournament site at Rizk casino where a new slots tournament starts every 30 min.

Here, Rizk has selected games for the tournament and what remains for us is to choose if we want to participate, which is completely free.

You earn points for each win (10 points), 3 wins in a row (30 points), 3 losses in a row (40 points) and for big wins which means that you have won 10x more than your bet (300 points).

The winning prizes are stated for each game, so just click on all the winnings during the game / tournament and you will see all the prizes that you can win if you participate in that particular tournament.


So there we have it, the 5 absolute best casino sites online for us who want to participate in slots tournaments that actually offer slots tournaments!

Slots tournaments FAQ

Which casinos have slots tournaments every day?

The casinos we mention here all have daily slots tournaments. Its are VoodooDreamz, Casumo, Cookie casino, Rizk casino and Woocasino.

Does it cost extra to participate in a slots tournament?

No, you play as usual for your money and keep the winnings you get, but in addition to one, you also participate in the tournament.

Are there never any slots tournaments with new games?

Of course, absolutely all of these casinos that offer tournaments often include new games, but it is also common for the game developer to launch a slots tournament campaign himself to celebrate a new release.

These are always time-limited and appear as promotions on our pokies page once there are active slots tournament promotions.