How to make money on your online gambling

Is it possible to earn so much money via online casino gambling that you can make a living from it as a casino player?

Besides the obvious, of course, winning a big jackpot, there are several ways to earn money via online casinos. Here we tell you more about these and how you can use them to make money at online casinos yourself.

1. Refer a friend (Works)

Many online casinos offer a refer-a-friend function where you are rewarded with extra money in the game account.

It works as if you invite your friends to the casino (an email is sent out via the casino) and when they then make their first deposit, the casino rewards you with an extra penny.

Recruit enough friends and you can make pretty good money.

Casinos with “Refer a friend” bonus

2. Use strategies (Works a little bit)

Many players want to secure their winnings and use strategies to win money from the casino.

The most famous strategy is the Martingale where you only bet on red/black and double the instas when you lose until you win.

However, strategies are not a guarantee that you will win, as none of the strategies available guarantee a 100% win.

It is also time-consuming and you need a fairly large wallet in order to succeed as well as possible.

3. Claim no deposit bonuses (Works a little bit)

No deposit bonuses are by far the most popular way among players around the world to earn money at online casinos risk-free. However, it is not the easiest.

All free bonuses without a deposit requirement always have a turnover requirement that must be met before winnings can be paid out, and many casinos also have a maximum limit for this type of bonus.

But if you have many casinos that offer free money, then you also have many chances to try to win money risk-free.

To receive a bonus like this, you only need to register at the casino and play with your free spins.

If you win and manage to meet the turnover requirement, you earn money without risking your own. If you lose, you still haven’t lost your own money.

4. Play live (Works)

The casino players who manage to make the most money from their casino gambling are those who share their gaming experiences online via Youtube or Twitch.

Casino on Twitch

Players who manage to get a large group of fans who often watch a channel can be sponsored by the casinos themselves.

Many big casino twitchers make a living, for example, entirely by playing casino online via their channel.

All you need to start making money live streaming your casino gaming is to create a free account on Twitch or Youtube and start uploading videos of your games.

Go to Twitch slots

5. Use bonuses (Works a little bit)

A form of strategy that some players use is to use casino bonuses.

The vast majority of bonuses are difficult to pass the turnover requirement for, but smart casino players know how to fulfill these best.

You find casino bonuses with low turnover requirements and stick to games that ensure that you meet the turnover requirement with money left in the account.

For example, if you deposit $100, you get $200 to play with. After meeting the wagering requirement, one has $20 left.

Instead of playing with these, bonus hunters withdraw the winnings, visit a new casino and do the same thing again.


All in all, there are not many ways to make money online casino gambling but two of these are more promising than others.

If you want to be able to earn so much money that you can make a living from casino gambling, you have to become some kind of marketing channel for casinos, such as being a Twitcher with many followers.

All other ways of cheating the casino have either too high a risk or too little reward.

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