How to maximize your pokies payouts?

How to boost or maximize pokies payouts at online casinos is a question that players ask all the time. Online pokies or slots are an incredible pastime option when playing for free and are an equally thrilling, and rewarding experience when playing for real money. But how do you win?  Better question, how do you maximize your payout?

In a nutshell, online pokies are games of chance, and the outcomes win/lose are randomly determined. This means that there is no way playing a specific slot will pay more than it is designed to pay.

So how exactly do you maximize pokies payouts? Well, it all comes down to your choices in terms of the games you choose and how you wager.

Let’s begin with the games you play at online pokies casinos.

High bet VS. Low bet

Online pokies with higher coin denominations usually have higher payback rates.

From some of the published statistics in New Zealand, a 1 cent coin denomination will have a payback rate ranging from 84%- 87%. On the other end, a 5 dollar coin denomination will have approximately 94%-97% payback percentage.  Here is a breakdown

Coin denominations amountPayback Rate (%)
1 cent 84-87
5 cents 88-90
25 cents 90-93
50 cents 91-94
1 dollar 93-95
5 dollars 94-97

These are the national averages, which could vary from one state to another and one casino to the next. But to have a clearer picture, let’s take a look at the payback percentage.

Coin denominations amountPayback Rate (%)
1 cent 92.16
1 cent progressive 82.74
5 cents 95.26
25 cents 93.39
50 cents 93.29
1 dollar 94.23
5 dollars 96.07

Video pokies offered in New Zealand land-based casinos pay higher than average when it comes to 1 cent and 1 cent progressive, as well as the 5 cent games. Comparing both payback rates, it is evident that you will have higher payout rates if you play pokies with higher denominations compared to lower denominations.

Take Away:

  • Higher denomination pokies pay higher than low denomination pokies.
  • The higher the payback percentage, the greater the risk. Take a case where you lose a 20-coin wager, in the 1 cent pokies with a return rate of 87%; this will mean you will have lost 2.6 cents. However, with the 5-cent pokies, which has a payback rate of 90%, your loss will be 10 cents.
  • It is also worth noting that when you place a wager of one coin per line on 20-line online pokies, you will be betting 20 cents on penny pokies but $1 on 5 cent pokies.

With these points in mind, your decision on how much to wager should be based on your bankroll. If you are operating with an entertainment budget, then the higher-denomination pokies will be the best option to maximize your payback. However, with a strict budget, it is only wise to stick with the low denominations. The only wager amounts you are comfortable losing.

As earlier mentioned, you can maximize pokies payouts by your choices in terms of the games you choose and how you wager.  Since we have already discussed increasing your payouts based on the type of games, let’s outline the ‘how to wager’ concept.

How you wager can be based on the following:

  • Betting maximum coins
  • Scouting Progressives

Increasing payouts based on how you play

With almost all 3-mechanical reels video pokies, you have a higher payback percentage when you bet on max coins.

Betting maximum coins

However, this is different from the 5-reel video pokies. Ideally, the paytable is proportional from top to bottom, which means that there will be no advantage of betting maximum coins since you will have the same payback regardless of whether you bet one coin per line or five.

Scouting progressives

Some players have been successive in scouting pokies machines with progressive jackpots. To do this, you need to visit a casino and take note of the starting points for progressive jackpots and try to determine when it will hit next. However, these analyses require frequent visits to the casino.

Most of the players who have succeeded in this strategy do not bet when jackpots are low but are always targeting to play at high pay tables, which help maximize their payback rates.

It is, however, worth noting that betting the jackpot does not boost your chances of hitting the jackpot. Nevertheless, it elevates the average payout when you do win.

In all the cases of increasing your pokies payout, you should always remember to wager based on your bankroll!

Have a nice day!