How to win at Roulette (Simple guide for beginners)

How to win at online roulette is a question that many roulette fans and players ask themself.

Roulette is one of the most exciting and entertaining games at the casino, but it also has some of the worst player odds for winning.

In today’s article, we are going to give you some pro tips to win at roulette!

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How to win at Roulette

In order to win roulette, you need to be lucky, but also there are some skills and tricks that can help you increase your chance to win. Firstly, to increase your chances of winning at the roulette table you need to understand how the game works and learn all available types of bets.

Learning the game rules is an important part because there are so many roulette variations these days where top on the basic rules game developers add new rules. The best example would be the live Lighting Roulette game where besides basic roulette rules there are additional multipliers and lucky numbers that can help you win more. Knowing these rules can give you a great advantage and a better chance to win.

Also, you can use some of the recommended roulette strategies we have listed below.

Few articles that can help you win at roulette more often:

Use the roulette strategies

Why do people keep playing, and how do players win at roulette online or in land-based casinos? It all comes down to the roulette strategy.

Let’s take the five most successful roulette strategies for a spin and see which wins for you.

1. The Martingale roulette strategy

It’s one of the most common casino strategies for roulette employed by online roulette and casino table players, Martingale roulette strategy. The method here is doubling on the same bet after all losing wagers to recoup losses with a small profit.


  • Keep wagers the same small amount until a loss.
  • If you lose before you’re done playing, double your original wager on the same bet. So, if you bet $1 on red/odd, then bet $2 on red/odd again. Continue doubling until either the max bet is reached, you run out of funds, or you’re profitable (win.)
  • Once you win, you can go back to the original small wager and continue the strategy for each loss, or you can take your profits and exit.

You’ll need a table with both small minimum and high max bets so you can start small and retain the ability to double. In order for the strategy to work, you must be able to continue doubling, meaning you must also know when to walk away once you’re in the red so much that the table’s max bet doesn’t allow you the ability to double losing wagers.

Paul Pierre Levy the inventor of martingale system

2. The Reverse Martingale roulette strategy

As the name implies, you’ll raise your wagers after wins and lower them after losses to capitalize on hot streaks and mitigate losses.


  • Start with a small bet, keeping your same wager on the same spot until it hits!
  • Losses mean consistent small wagers!
  • A win means doubling the same spot for the next round!


You’ll need a table with a small minimum and high max bets.

This online roulette strategy is all about timing out hot streaks, assuming risk, and knowing when to quit.

Remember, a single loss wipes out your earnings once you double a win.

3. The D’Alembert roulette strategy

If you’re exploring how to win at roulette without so much risk, this might be the D’Alembert roulette strategy for you to use at the New Zealand casinos. Instead of doubling based on wins and losses, you’ll raise or lower your bets by a factor of one each time.


  • Place a small wager!
  • Increase the wager by one for losses!
  • Decrease a wager by one for wins!
  • Exit the game when your wins equal your losses, which puts you in the black!


It’s a simple win at roulette strategy, but you’ll need to carefully keep up with the number of wins and losses to exit correctly.

Let’s say you start with a $10 wager and lose. Your next wager is $11 and a loss.

Your next wager is $12, which wins. The win means your next wager goes back to $11, and it wins.

You’re now even with two wins and two losses, and you’re up to $2 from your original wager.

4. The Fibonacci roulette strategy

If counting games aren’t your style, then try a memorized number sequence in this Fibonacci roulette strategy.

This is a number sequence method dating back thousands of years ago.

fibonacci sequence

It’s characterized by every number after the first two equating to the sum of its two predecessors, which looks like 1,1,2,3,5,8,12, and so forth.

The sequence is employed by roulette players by adding their last two bets together.


  • Start with a small wager.
  • Go down the sequence if you lose your bet. So, a losing bet of $1 would call for another $1 bet, which, if lost, would then call for a $2 bet and so on.
  • Once you win, move back two numbers in the sequence for your wager. So, if you’re on $8 when you win, your next wager would be $3.


The good thing about this method is that you can lose more than you win and still walk away in the black.

Remember, though, knowing how to win at roulette is about understanding when it’s time to walk away.

The further you slip down the sequence, the more you stand to lose.

5. The James Bond roulette strategy

Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character, said that this foolproof roulette method could win you a good meal each night. Be warned that this is a high-risk strategy, and you’ll need at least $200 to use it in online roulette or at the casino.


  • Start with a $140 bet on 19-36 (any high number,) second bet of $50 on 13-18, and a third ‘insurance bet’ of $10 on the 0.
  • Simple enough, right? Now, if 1-12 shows up, you’ve automatically lost $200 in a single spin. Otherwise, you’ve won $80 for the high, $100 for the low, or $160 for the 0.

Final words

In closing, any of these strategies can help you win at New Zealand roulette.

It spins out to which works best for your ability to keep up with numbers and how much risk you’re willing to assume.

Use our real money online roulette casino to test out all the methods and see which works best for you!