Best NZD Online Casinos

NZD casinos online are casinos where we can play in NZ dollars. Casinos that do not offer this option will automatically exchange our deposits to the casino’s standard currency and we may then have to pay a small exchange fee. To avoid the exchange fee and more importantly to play with the local NZD currency, we must choose casinos with NZD. On this page I have created a list of top casinos where NZD is the main currency to make it easy for you to find a good NZ dollar casino.

At some casinos you only select country, at others both country and currency. The image shows an example from the HellSpin casino where you select both country and currency when registering.
Choose the New Zealand Dollar as your main currency when you register with an online casino.

Best casinos with NZ dollars

How to choose NZD currency at online casino

When you create your account with a casino, you will be asked for which country you come from and which currency you want to play in. Before that, you may see $ on the website, but when you register, you can choose NZD. If you happen to make the wrong choice, you can always switch to NZD via your account as a logged-in customer. The important thing is that you know that the casino offers this opportunity, which you quickly notice when you click on the register button.

Example: NZD selected currency at Galaxyno casino
Example: NZD selected currency at Galaxyno casino

Also Galxyno is a great online casino with NZD currency!

Payment options available at NZD online casinos

Keep in mind that not all casinos have all payment methods! Fortunately, at NyaZealandcasinos we have categorized all payment methods and casinos so that you can easily choose your method and get a casino top list presented with casinos that accept your payment method.

The safest and most commonly used payment methods for deposit and withdrawing cash at an online casino are:

Something to think about though when choosing your payment method for any real money casino NZ is the speed of the transactions. While all payment methods have instant deposits, even at a $10 minimum deposit casino NZ, the same cannot be said of withdrawals.

eWallets have the fastest processing time when it comes to withdrawals, making them your best bet for a fast turnaround. The reason for this is that the money transfer process from one e-wallet account to another is instant. So, when the online casino sends your payment, you will receive it in a matter of minutes. 

If you are a player who doesn’t want to wait for withdrawals, you should look at our list of the fastest payout online casinos in NZ and check our detailed casino reviews.

Advantages of online casinos with NZ dollars

  • No extra fees
  • No need to calculate exchange rates
  • Fast and safe transaction in domestic NZ Dollars currency

There are some really big advantages to playing at an online casino that accepts NZ dollars, but the major one is that you won’t pay any extra fees.

Conversion fee VS no fee at all
Conversion fee VS no fee at all

For instance, if you were to make a deposit at a casino that lets NZ players join but doesn’t have NZD as an available currency, then you will have to pay a currency conversion fee via your payment provider. It might not seem like much at the time, but this can add up. It will also cut into any winnings you might make.

If you’re playing at such a site, this fee is unavoidable as every provider has a small fee for currency exchanges. It doesn’t matter if that fee is just 0.5% or 2%; it will add up. Another advantage of playing at an online casino NZD is that you know exactly how much you’re going to deposit and how much you are going to receive if you make a withdrawal.

It can be confusing at times to play at USD or EUR and to have to calculate how much your deposit or withdrawal will end up being. So, in order to avoid any confusion and unnecessary fees when playing in NZD, all you need to do is play at any of our recommended New Zealand casinos.

This also means that you will claim your casino bonus in NZD.

Online casinos that do NOT accept NZD currency

Many players get confused about online casinos that do not accept the NZ dollar versus a casino that does not accept NZ players. When a casino doesn’t allow NZ residents to create an account, all your issues end there. The online casino simply won’t allow you to play, so it’s their loss, not yours.

1 NZD to USD
1 NZD to USD

But, if a casino doesn’t accept NZD, then it can mean you can still play there even though you’re a resident of New Zealand. What this means is that when you create your account you will need to select a currency to deposit in. Often these types of casinos will encourage you to play using USD.

Confusingly, these sites will often let you deposit in NZD, only converting your money into USD at a later stage, which can make people a little bit angry. This conversion will happen at the current rate, you have no control over it. Plus there’s a small fee that often comes with this conversion. 

As our recommendation, if a casino doesn’t accept NZD, then you should check out one of the casinos we have listed here that does! If you don’t mind these fees, then you can simply go right ahead and create a casino account and play in USD or another preferred currency. 

If you like a casino, you obviously don’t have to worry about the currency conversion since its a natural small part of the currency exchange rates all over the world, but you can still plan your gambling smarter.

Different casino types with the NZD currency

New NZD casinos

New casinos are launched regularly with a focus on NZ as the main market. We offer a top list where you can always see the newest launches in NZ and easily find new NZD casinos.

Local NZD casinos

Local casinos such as Christchurch casino and Skycity casino are the best NZD casino choice because these only have NZ as a market and therefore only offer games in NZ dollars.

High-roller casinos

Casinos for big players with the NZD currency are gambling sites where you can both play with the NZ$ currency and where you are richly rewarded. We offer a top list of NZ’s best casinos for High-rollers.

Live casinos

You will find the best live casino sites that accept the New Zealand currency in our top list of the best live operators for NZ.


Which payment method is best for making deposits at online casinos NZD?

For Kiwi players the most popular payment method is POLi, but but very few casinos offer Poli and it is usually not possible to make withdrawals. Personally, I recommend e-wallets such as Neteller because withdrawals are fast, safe and work at all NZD casinos online.

Can I play at casinos where NZD currency is not accepted?

Yes, but your NZD deposit will be converted into another currency such as £,€ or $ and you will likely be charged a small conversion fee by your bank.

What are the advantages of online casinos with NZ dollars?

The advantages are that you avoid exchange fees when you deposit and withdraw money. In addition, it is much more fun to play in the local NZD currency.

Are there any fees at casinos that do not accept New Zealand Dollars?

Yes, you will need to pay a small conversion fee for your deposits and your withdrawals. To avoid this, make sure to pick an online casino with NZD currency.