Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment system that was founded in 2014 by Apple Inc. It is designed to serve as a simple and convenient means of payment through mobile devices.

Official Apple Pay website.
Apple Pay website

Currently, it is a fully-fledged and very popular payment option thanks to its security features such as two-step authentication.

Nowadays, it has also become a popular means of payment among online casinos in the UK and beyond.

We all know that the aim of new technology is to make things more convenient and faster. With Apple Pay on your mobile device, you can make secure and hassle-free deposits into your casino account.

Best online casinos with Apple Pay

Few online casinos have integrated Apple Pay as a payment method. Despite the flexibility and security, it has simply not managed to become a favorite payment method with online casino operators.

To make it easy for you who have an iPhone and want to be able to play and pay with Apple Pay, we have gone through 100+ casinos and listed those that accept Apple Pay payments.

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General Apple Pay info

Accepted in NZYes
Apple Pay to casino fee?Free
Time to deposit at a casinoInstant
Withdrawal time from casinoUp to 24h
How to add funds?You can connect your credit card..
Withdrawal?Yes withdrawals are possible to your bank account.
Company addressCupertino, California, United States
Payment typePay by Phone

How does Apple Pay work

Apple Pay works as an intermediary service which enables you to make payments anonymously with your credit/debit card.

This makes it a very secure method when you want to boost your casino balance.

To use Apple Pay, you must first save your credit/debit card in your device’s wallet app. This will allow you to set up your Apple Pay account.

However, before doing this, ensure that you card issuer supports Apple Pay. You must also have an Apple ID and an Apple device that has the latest iOS version.

  • Apple Pay is already on your mobile, no need to download an app!
Apple Pay logo

How to deposit with Apple Pay

To deposit using Apple Pay is quite easy. First and foremost, log into you online casino account.

Then, go to the cashier section and select “deposit”. From the list of available payment methods, choose Apple Pay as your preferred option and specify the amount you wish to deposit.

You will then be required to validate the deposit transaction with your Apple ID. Once the validation is successful, choose your favourite game and play right away.


When you use Apple Pay to fund your online casino account, you will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Speed: Deposits through Apple Pay are instantly available in your online gambling account.
  • Simplicity: Transactions to your online casino can be done in a hassle-free manner.
  • No Fees: Apple Pay is a free payment system and casinos that accept it don’t charge any user fees.
  • Transactions are always secure since they are encrypted
  • You will not be required to share your banking details with any online casino.
  • The utilization of two-step authentication minimizes the likelihood of fraud, even if your device is stolen or gets lost.


In spite of the aforementioned benefits, there are still some drawbacks to using Apple Pay as a means of payment at online casinos.

  • No Withdrawal permitted: This is the main disadvantage of using Apple Pay. While you can conveniently make your deposits, there’s no way to cash your earnings back via Apple Pay. This means that you will need to choose another payment method to make withdrawals from your account.
  • Limited casinos: At the moment, only a few online casinos accept this payment method. However, we are hopeful that as it becomes more popular, more casinos will incorporate it.
  • Need for latest Apple Devices: For you to use Apple Pay, you must be having the latest Apple device operating on the newest iOS. This can pose a challenge for people who use Android devices.

5 important things to know about Apple Pay


Apple Pay is a free payment service. This means that if you have a compatible Apple device, you will be able to utilise Apple Pay without incurring any user fees.

In addition, casinos that include Apple Pay as a means of payment don’t impose fees on transactions.

However, it’s important to note that Apple Pay only acts as an intermediary between the online casino and your credit card.

Therefore, you may not be exempt from traditional banking charges from your credit card issuer.


As previously mentioned, Apple Pay is only compatible with Apple devices such as iPhone and iPads.

Therefore, if you own such devices, you probably have the required hardware to use this payment method.

Personal data

Many players are usually sceptical about gambling sites because of the financial and personal details they’re asked to provide.

Luckily, with Apple Pay, you don’t need to give such information which may include bank account or credit card details.

You will only be asked to select the payment method and to authenticate your transaction through Touch ID.


You can only use the Apple Pay mobile payment service to top up your online casino balance.

What this actually means is that you’ll need to settle for an alternative means to cash out your winnings.

Many casinos will allow you to do this via credit card or bank transfer if you deposit via Apple Pay.

Deposit limits

Limits on deposits may differ across different online gambling websites.

On average, the least you can deposit into your account is NZ$10.

The maximum limit, on the other hand, is usually around NZ$10,000. However, to be sure, always confirm with the banking policy of the respective casino.

Apple Pay FAQ

What device can I use to make payments with Apple Pay?

You can only access Apple Pay with Apple devices that run on the latest iOS. Such kinds of devices include the iPhones and iPads.

Can I withdraw my earnings using Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment, you cannot use this method to withdraw money from your casino account. You will therefore need to choose an extra method to do so.

Are there any charges for depositing with Apple Pay?

No. Apple Pay is a free service. However, always confirm with your banking institution since it may impose some fees on transactions.