New Zealand government plans for a new pokies regulation!

A new regulation on pokies is in the works in New Zealand. This law aims to reduce gambling-related harm and promote responsible gambling.

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The country is taking action to reduce the harm caused by pokie gaming. The government imposes limits for withdrawal and maximum bet allowed in pokie machines.

Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti, agrees that they need a more systematic reform. This is to reduce harm from gambling in general and address the impact of pokie machines on poor communities in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, they are also investigating measures to restrict access to pokies. This would limit the number of sites that may host them.

Add to that the implementation of a system requiring breaks between game sessions.

The new regulations for online slots will be modified to the following:

Pokies new spending limit

The law would set a cap on how much you spend at the slots at $20 per day or $50 per week.

This applies to all New Zealand pokies machines. Those found in bars, clubs, and casinos have spending caps too.

Under the new regulations, every pokies machine must also show a warning on responsible gambling.

Pre-commitment system

This new system will let gamblers establish a cap on how much they may spend on a slot machine.

It has the ability to control your gambling behavior by providing awareness of your spending habits. Moreover, every pokies machine must have a visible display.

This shows the highest investment, winnings, and the necessary age limit.

Employee mandatory training

Moreover, the new rule requires routine sweeps and keeping track of gambling harm signs. As a result, employees will be subject to annual mandatory training.

The goal is to improve the level of training for employees in pokies establishments.

Venue design and distance

Two new venue design standards will aid in harm reduction by ensuring that workers can supervise ATMs and pokie machines better.

This calls for less visibility of these devices. The laws also set a four-machine maximum that can be used in any legal area.

All slot machines must be at least 500 meters apart from each other. This is to reduce the likelihood of people playing at multiple machines at once.

The majority of these are located in areas with high levels of deprivation and hardship. South of Auckland to name one. People who live in low-income communities are more prone to become problem gamblers.

The harms of gambling affect them. These might include financial difficulties, mental health issues, relational stress, and so forth.

The new rules are a part of a larger initiative to lessen gaming-related harm in New Zealand. This also entails passing legislation to limit gambling product promotion. People are exposed to marketing and advertising of pokies.

This means that even if they do not actively gamble, they are still exposed to its lure.

Also, the government pushes local governments to work together. They must continue to raise public awareness of the consequences of gaming.

This starts with providing resources to help parents and teachers. And later on, supporting young people who may be at risk.

To learn more about plans for this new rule, you can visit Government takes action to reduce gambling harm from pokies |

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