Playing for Fun vs. Real Money: The Casino Dilemma in New Zealand

It might sound strange to those who don’t know it, but not all online casinos in New Zealand offer games for real money.

However, what creates confusion and causes the number of searches to increase with words like online casino for real money is easily explained.

The free version of Jackpotcity
The free version of Jackpotcity
The free version of wildz
The free version of wildz

Since offshore casinos are not allowed to market themselves legally in New Zealand, several have found a loophole in the law.

Casinos such as Jackpotcity and Wildz are operators that have created copies of their casinos, but the copy is only a “play for fun” game site where you cannot play for real money.

These casinos that are having fun game play can advertise on both TV and radio in New Zealand, and have been doing just that for many years now.

But many who play here soon look for casinos where you can play with real money. It is a problem that was recently reported by 1news that the country is now trying to solve.

In other words, the fact that the number of searches for online casinos with real money is increasing indicates that more and more people have tried casinos without real money offered by these players and are now interested in playing with real money.

Right now, however, not much can be done about this problem because New Zealand law Gambling ACT 2003 only prohibits marketing for real money, which these fun to play casinos are not.

We recently wrote an article about how new casino launches affect New Zealand and I think that article goes a little hand in hand with this one because we also highlight there that a new license system should be introduced in NZ.

This article is just another sign that clearly shows that NZ is moving towards a new gambling licensing system.