Top 10 online pokies in New Zealand with highest RTP

Pokies machines with the highest RTP are games that return the most money to us players over time. On this page I tell you more about how RTP works and list New Zealand’s top 10 slots with the highest RTP.

Casino RTP explained

Top 10 highest RTP pokies

What is RTP? 

RTP, Return to player is theoretically refund that all slot machines have set to control how much a slots game pays back to the players over time. Simply explained, a slot machine with an RTP of 97% should return 97 NZD per 100 NZD over a longer period. It’s not like you get 97 NZD back for every hundred bucks you play for, but over a longer period the game will pay out 97% back to the players and the house will keep 3%.

RTP is thus information about how big an advantage we players have against the house. The remaining percentages are then the house’s advantage, i.e. 3% in this case. You can therefore also turn it around and see which slots have the least advantage for the house. For example, a slot with 98% in RTP only gives the house a 2% advantage.

This is how you win more in the long run

Choosing slots with a high RTP never guarantees winnings, but as I mentioned above, it guarantees that you are playing on a slot machine that over time will return more to us players. If you always choose slots with a high RTP, your chances of winning increase a little in the long run.

Combine this with playing at a casino that offers good cashback without a wagering requirement and you get extra money to play with and thus your chances of winning increase even more.

Casinos with the highest payout percentage

The same game can have different RTP at different online casinos! Many confuse this with casinos paying out the most, but in fact the casinos that pay out the best are only casinos that have games with a high rtp. For example, Gonzo’s Quest can have an RTP of 97% at one casino and 96% at another.

But the casino that has worse RTP for Gonzo’s Quest may have better RTP for other games. In other words, there is nothing that says that a specific casino pays out more than others, but the point is to compare the individual games that you want to play.


Is the game’s RTP the same at all casinos?

Yes, casinos rent their games from game developers so everyone who has the same game offers exactly the same RTP for the game as this is determined by the game developer and not by the casino themselves.

Will I win more on a high RTP slot?

Not necessarily, theoretically you should win back more over time, but the RTP varies and can sometimes be lower and sometimes a bit higher depending on the machine’s previous wins. The theoretical repayment should be seen more as an average payout over time.

How can I know the RTP of other games?

The games not mentioned here do not have higher RTP, but if you want to know the RTP value of a slot machine, just open Info in the game and you will find the game’s RTP value in the information. Some casinos also offer a list of all the games and their RTp so you can easily see the RTP of all the games they offer.