Ozzy Osbourne

Max win 2.500x
Max bet $50
Min bet $0.1

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Ozzy Osbourne Review

Ozzy Osbourne slot is New Zealand friendly online casino and the branded addition to the NetEnt Rocks group.

Like all versions of NetEnt, care has been taken to ensure that the visual images used in this video are just as amazing as you would expect anything related to the previous Black Sabbath interface.

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne

The gothic idea supports the metallic background sound and madman style.

Thus, it consists of many famous Ozzy songs; all lovers of this type of music will have their headbanging away, while the reels spin in perfect harmony with the rhythm.

Welcome! This is our Ozzy Osbourne pokies/slot review. Here you can find all the details about this marvellous game.

Let’s check below what this game has to offer us!

How to play Ozzy Osbourne

The star performer is about to reach the scene, and you can join him if you set your bets.

  • Currency levels can be set by clicking on the Coin Value +/- button, and in a union, with Level +/- the total wager will be formed.
  • Max Bet will define the highest stake possible.
  • The spins will be set in motion after the bets have been placed.
  • Autoplay automatically manages the spins, a select number of times, without a break.
Symbols and features
Symbols and features

Symbols and features

Video by Ozzy Osbourne Slot has a perfect feel with a present-day twist.

The game includes 20 set-up pay lines secured into a timeless 5-reel, 3-row design. 

It’s a medium-contrast slot full of eye-catching graphics and exciting features.

This brand-new name in the NetEnt Rocks line offers free spins and Re-Spins with Symbol Charge Up.

So, before each Re-Spins and Free Spin, Symbol Charge Up is initiated and granted one or several benefits: Wild symbols, coin win, or upgrade symbols or multipliers.

Just like Ozzy, you never know what you will get.

During Free Spins and Re-spin features, Symbol Charge Up is aroused first, and Symbol Spinner selects the symbol.

Next, Feature Spinner sets the element that applies to the symbol chosen during Free Spins or Re-spin.

Any symbol excluding the Wild symbol can arrive on Symbol Spinner.


The Spinner feature can award an upgrade or wild award.

Each selected symbol that arises on reels turns into a Wild symbol if the Wild feature is granted.

However, if you get an upgrade feature, every symbol chosen rises on reels that switch to the symbol before it, according to the payment list.

Free spins

Three scatter symbols appear on spins 5, 3, and 1 in the main game or a scatter symbol rise on Feature Spinner in Re-spins initiates free spins.

When playing with the main bet, four free spins are activated.

When playing with a bonus bet, five free spins are launched.

About Ozzy Osbourne slot

The Ozzy Osbourne Slot video is undoubtedly an ideal expected addition to the rock slot series (Motörhead, Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses), hailing one of the most significant living rock legends of all time.

Similar to various branded games, the display element is at the forefront with frequent rewards and original soundtracks.

Although the seasoned players and the significant victories are not omitted with the improved win-win potential and the new bonus bet that is more than ten times than the rest.

Conclusion and RTP

You may or may not be a devotee of the Ozzy Osbourne slot, but this game surely deserves a chance a shot.

It is a little complex game to master, but after a few sessions, you will know the mechanisms NetEnt intended.

The RTP rate is within 96.30% and 96.67%, and the slot exhibits medium fluctuations.

Either way, we are won over that Ozzy fans will surely love the game even though it’s pretty light compared to what Ozzy Osbourne slot represents.


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Ozzy Osbourne