Mega Fortune

Max win 20,000
Max bet 50
Min bet 0.01

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Mega Fortune Review

The first ever progressive slot created by NetEnt, Mega Fortune, was released in 2009.

Mega Fortune Jackpot Wheel
Mega Fortune Jackpot Wheel

The slot machine has five reels, four betting tiers, twenty-five paylines, and three jackpots, and it has produced a sizable number of super jackpot wins over the years with an RTP of 96.6.

In Mega Fortune review, we will go over this slot and all of its features.

Created by:

  • Netent
    Spinola Park, Level one Mikiel Ang. Borg Street, SPK1000, St. Julians, MT
    Established 1996

Basic instructions

Wins in this game are generated when three or more symbols appear on a payline.

A variety of symbols are presented, including elegant limousines, wads of cash, expensive-looking watches, and coloured rings.

The game’s highest-paying symbol, the limousine, offers players a significant payout for a line of five.

This sign differs from the others in that it also pays for just two on a line.

Symbols and payout

The four highest paying symbols in the slot machine are a beautiful watch, a substantial wad of cash with a golden dollar sign, a white limousine, and a glass of cognac with an ashtray and a cigar next to it.

Mega Fortune payouts & symbols
Mega Fortune payouts & symbols

All of the symbols in the machine are depicted as being luxury.

A champagne bottle-shaped scatter symbol, a wheel with diamonds and the word “bonus” written over it as the bonus sign, and a yacht sailing through open water as the wild symbol are all included.

The slot machine has a maximum base game win of 2162 times your wager, which represents a significant winning potential.

The three progressive jackpots are the cherry on top and one of the main attractions of this slot machine.

Mega Fortune background

Themes and design

The entire purpose of Mega Fortune is to take you to a place that most of us can only imagine: a world where champagne is freely flowing and supercars and large yachts costing a million dollars are commonplace.

The slot exudes luxury, making it impossible not to love it even if you are not fortunate enough to win one of the three progressive jackpots.

The slot is decorated with diamonds, champagne, gorgeous watches, limousines, and yachts.

With lovely icons and an excellent soundtrack, the slot machine clearly demonstrates NetEnt’s attention to detail.

Mega Fortune has been around for a while, but because of its slightly funky 1970s soundtrack, it still holds its own.


There are a ton of extra features that increase your odds of winning to aid you as you strive to strike it rich.

Look at some of the key features of the Mega Fortune slot machine below:


One of the most advantageous features in any game is the wilds. Anywhere on the reels where they appear, these symbols will act as a stand-in for any other payout symbol in the machine.


Land a pair of watches in a row? If there is a wild on that line, even though you wouldn’t normally win, you will!

Progressive jackpots

The three available progressive jackpots are Mega Fortune’s key features. These three jackpots are the quick jackpot, large jackpot, and mega jackpot.

Mega Fortune wheel
Progressive jackpots

Each one has a unique starting size, but as more players take part, they all get gradually bigger.

Although the big jackpot starts at £150,000, it could rise to millions of pounds before a single player wins it.

You must participate in the bonus round to have a chance of winning one of these jackpots.

Bonus game

You must land three bonus wheels anywhere on the reels to activate the bonus game. Then simply press the spin button to get the wheels turning.

Bonus game
Bonus game

Arrows and cash awards are guaranteed wins while using the outer wheel. You can go to the second and third wheels, which feature even better cash prizes, by using the arrows.

Bonus game
Bonus game

A diamond-rich arrow that you employ in the Mega Jackpot, which offers you a chance to earn more than $1.29 million, is located inside the third wheel.

Free spins

One of the key elements of the Mega Fortune slot machine is the free-spins function. Getting three or more champagne scatter symbols on the reels will start the free spins.

Starting freespins
Step 1: Starting freespins

Choose one of the champagne symbols to receive the multiplier and the free spins. The top prize on offer is ten free spins with a stunning 5x multiplier.

Free spins win
Step 2: Choose scatter symbol!

More free spins must be activated in order to be eligible for the Mega Fortune game if you want to embark on a more adventurous journey.

Free spins game play
Free spins game play


Can I get free spins when I play Mega Fortune?

In addition to the three great jackpots that are available on Mega Fortune, you can also get free spins by getting champagne scatters. A win multiplier will be active throughout this free spins bonus, and further scatter symbols will enable bigger multipliers (up to 5x) and additional free spins.

What is the RTP for Mega Fortune?

The RTP for Mega Fortune is 96.6%. Due to a 52.6% hit frequency, the RTP is higher than that of other jackpot slots, with the majority of wins occurring in the base game.

What is the highest jackpot ever won on Mega Fortune?

Mega Fortune has produced numerous millionaires; the largest jackpot ever was €17,861,800, which was won in January 2013. However, the average Mega Jackpot payout is more than £3 million. For more information, see the section on winners.

Mega Fortune