Unraveling Games of Chance vs. Skill

Game of chance is a game where winning depends solely on luck. These games unlike “Skill games” are customized by someone to influence the outcome of the game.

Game of chance

As a player, you cannot do anything to improve your chances of winning at all, but you rely 100% on your luck and the mechanics of the game.

Below we tell you more about both game of chance and Skill games and go through what distinguishes them technically.

Casino games belonging to the game of chance category

This category includes games such as slots, scratch cards, and other table games that are in RNG format.

JackpotsInstant Win games

RNG format games are games like classic table games like Blackjack or games like Bingo and Keno but in an automated version where you play against a computer instead of against real players or dealers.

Pros and Cons with game of chance


  • Easy to play
  • Big wins
  • Fun to play


  • Most addictive

How does the game of chance work?

All casino games are built with a so-called RNG (random number generator) that automatically generates new game layouts every time.

A slot, for example, has an infinite number of combinations that it can stop at. Every time we pull the lever or click Spin, a random number is generated in the background.

These numbers are then converted into the game’s symbols and determine which will stay on the wheel and where.

Kiwi casino pokies

Casino games belonging to the Skill games category

Games that do not belong to the “Game of Chance” category are games where some form of knowledge is needed and where the knowledge actually affects the outcome of the game.

Sic boCraps

These games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Poker against real dealers or players. Skill games are just like Game of chance games that are adjusted mathematically so that the house has a greater advantage in all bets.

Because of that, luck still plays a big role in whether you win or not, but unlike games of chance, in these you can play with knowledge and strategy to increase your chances of winning.

Pros and Cons with skill games


  • Chance to influence the result
  • Less addictive


  • Requires knowledge of the game

How do Skill games work?

Skill games, on the other hand, are mathematically calculated. For example, you have a deck of cards, you know who always draws last and you know what combinations are in the game.

In other words, these games have a mathematical advantage, and this advantage can be reduced as a player by using different strategies.

However, it is still luck that determines if you win or not in the end because the house always has the mathematical advantage over the players.


Increase the chances of winning in Game of chance

Games such as game of chance cannot be used out of knowledge or strategy to increase the chances of winning. The only thing we can do is to choose the game and here is one thing that many players look at that indicates that the game will give a better payout.

This is called RTP (Return to player). All games have a built-in RTP that tells how much it returns to players over time. Games with a higher RTP return more to players over time and therefore many choose games with as high an RTP as possible.

If you want to increase the chances of winning in Skill games, you can use both basic knowledge of the game and proven casino strategies to maximize your payout.

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