In 2012, a group of pals in Stockholm opened a tiny studio to create casino games, and that’s how Thunderkicks’ journey began.

The company was launched in 2014 by a young and inventive Swedish company founded by a team with many years of experience in the igaming field.


Their main aim was to stand out by creating innovative slot games that put the needs of the players first and enhance the player’s overall experience.

Their growth in the market has been relentless due to their unwavering commitment to creating high-quality games.

Moreover, everything is done in-house, assuring the highest quality and individuality for the game providers. Their slots are always original in design, setting, and gameplay, with wacky and amusing themes.

Their minimalist Scandinavian style works amazingly well and provides players with a distinctive gaming experience every time.

Unlike several other studios, it doesn’t appear to follow a set release schedule. During some seasons, it will release new slots as regularly as once a month, while at other times, there are long periods between releases.

The company’s innovative approach to development and operation has drawn the interest of some of the world’s largest casinos.

Because of this, a significant number of casinos provide Thunderkick games for players to enjoy online.

The development of these games has resulted in Thunderkick being given licenses by Malta Gaming Authority and U.K. Gambling Commission.

Casinos partnered with Thunderkick

Additionally, over the past few years, Thunderkick as a brand has shown a significant growth rate.

It has some popular casinos under its partnership, while the others are still growing.

A couple of third-party review sites confirm that the number of partners has been growing as people learn about their casino services.

I bet you have come across some of these Thunderkick casinos in the list below.

Is Thunderkick legal or safe?

Thunderkick is legal and completely risk-free.

This is because the two most trusted authorities license them.

Malta Gaming Authority and the U.K. Gambling Commission both granted them licences.

Their games do not gather or exchange personal information.

The best course of action would be to familiarize yourself with each casino’s specific privacy policies before playing on them.

Latest Thunderkick games reviewed:

  • Triple Christmas Gold
    Max win 5000x
    Max bet 100
    Min bet 0.10
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
    Max win 670x
    Max bet 100
    Min bet 0.1

What makes Thunderkick games stand out?

There’s a lot to look forward to in their games.

Their detailed information about gameplay, and other aspects of the game stated below, have led to them having high-quality games.


Their graphics are cutting-edge, providing amazing sights and animations; unlike many other 3-D slots, they do not have loading or crashing troubles.

Thunderkick pokies
Thunderkick pokies

Thunderkick majors in fancy 2-D slots with a glamorous feel and minimal error reported.

Uncharted Seas, for example, makes use of pencil visuals, and a review won’t give you an intimate sense of it.

It would help if you considered trying its demo version.

Every setting in the game is well-executed, and they all contribute to the overall enjoyment and excitement.

Novel features

Their games have unique themes, logic, and gameplay that people talk about in most online third-party reviews.

Sword of Khan, for example, is a game that celebrates the Mongol Empire.

Genghis Khan founded the empire.

After his death, the people believed that his sword had powers.

In turn, it expanded to become the world’s greatest contiguous empire.

Thunderkick’s way of recreating historical events and famous scenes is a pleasant way to promote tourism and celebrate cultures and historical events through gambling.

Finally, each new game they produce has been quite evident to be better than the previous one.


Their sound effects and music are rich and well-produced.

When playing, depending on the setting, plot, and mood of the game, each game’s soundtrack is unique.

In turn, the overall effect enhances the total immersion of the gamer.


Their gameplay is well-known and always stands out.

Switching settings around from game to game has resulted in gameplay that isn’t repetitive or boring.

In turn, players have come to anticipate a fantastic experience from their games.

Type of developing technology used

Earlier on, they used Flash to make some of its games.

Soon after, they switched to HTML due to it being more effective.

All the slots that Thunderkick makes now use mainly HTML5 technology.

Compatibility with various mobile platforms.

All their slot games are compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS.

Thunderkick mobile
Thunderkick mobile

This means you don’t have to sit in front of your computer to play the games.

Instead, you can play them whenever and anywhere you want.

As a result, gamers will be able to access any Thunderkick slot via their smartphones or tablets.

Any mobile device with a recently updated browser consistent with the latest HTML developments can play it.

Conclusion about Thunderkick

Thunderkick began in 2012 and was later launched in 2014 by a group of Swedish video game creators.

Their games, specifically are always unique in design and gameplay, moreover with outrageous and hilarious themes.

As a result, some of the world’s largest casinos have expressed their interest in their revolutionary approach to their game development and operation.

In essence, their games have distinct themes, settings, and gameplay that pops up on most online third-party review sites.

Each game’s music and sound effects reflect the game’s setting, plot, and feel.

As a result, they are creating an overall effect of total immersion.

In addition, it creates all of its pokies games using HTML5 as its principal technology.

This makes their games very adaptive on any device.

Thunderkick FAQ

Which license does Thunderkick`s game have?

Thunderkick has the makrnad’s safest license from Malta, ie MGA license.

How many casino games does Thunderkick have?

In 2022, Thunderkick is up in over 45 pokies games in its portfolio.

Does Thunderkick have table games?

No, this game developer focuses so far only on pokies games.