New Zealand government looks to regulate online gambling with overseas providers!

Online gambling in New Zealand is becoming more and more popular like in the rest of the world.

Did you know that players from New Zealand spend more than $ 2 million on online gambling through operators located overseas!?

NZ goverment building

Kiwis spend  2.1 million dollars every month

This is why the New Zealand government is concerned that this money is not being returned to the local communities and they have decided that they must somehow stop it or reduce it according to NZherald.

Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin has released a discussion document with four possible reforms, which are not bad for either players or online casino owners.

Specifically, one of the reforms involves issuing licenses to offshore operators.

Minister Tracey Martin said she was shocked at the amount of money spent on online gambling.

The Statistics New Zealand Government says that in the past 18 months spent over 381 million dollars on real money online casinos that are based outside NZ.

That is 2.1 million dollars a month.

This is the plan for the future

In the document, the 4 options are outlined:

  • Licensing of domestic and overseas operators
  • Status quo
  • Gambling products Lotto and Tab will be extended
  • Licensing the domestic operators

Minister Tracey has also said that govt intentions are not to stop New Zealanders to gamble because they enjoy it, just because it becomes so big they will have to regulate it.

This is not so bad news for players or overseas casinos, because the new law will not make any changes on the industry like it was in Sweden and other countries.

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