Casino war

When it comes to table games that are fun and easy to play, casino war is surely on the list.

The game draws inspiration from the game of war, and SHFL Entertainment, previously known as Shuffle Master, is the mastermind behind it.

Casino war
Casino war

One thing that makes casino war fascinating and popular is that the gameplay is easy-to-understand as it does not involve a lot of rules. As a result, you can learn how to play it in the shortest period.

This comprehensive guide will discuss casino war gameplay and explain the different bets and rules that apply. So with that said, let’s dive right in.

Casino war online

As a card-based and bank game, casino war is played between players and a dealer (the house).

The game uses a typical set of six standard 52 cards, and the card ranking is the same as blackjack and poker. Ace is the highest, and 2 is the lowest.

The goal is simple: you must have the highest card to win.

Interestingly, you can play casino war online, and it is a pretty popular game found in the table game section of most top online casinos.

Whether you are playing online or physically, the rules that apply are the same.

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Casino war rules

The rules of casino war are easy to follow, which is why the game is one of the best games that newbies in the online casino scene can consider playing.

At the beginning of the game, you place your bets according to the table limit.

Game bet wins
Game bet wins
Game bet loses
Game bet loses

After that, the dealer will give you one card from the deck and take one for himself. You win the game round if your card is higher than the dealer’s card. However, if the dealer card is higher, you lose.

But what happens when the dealer and player have the same card rank? This is called a tie, and the player can decide how the game should proceed.

Typically, you have two options in this scenario — surrender or go to war.

If you surrender, you will lose half your wager, and the game round ends. However, if you decide to go to war, then the gameplay continues.

Go to war or surrender
Go to war or surrender
Go to war loses
Go to war loses

You will need to double your bet by placing another bet of the same amount as you did at the beginning of the game round.

After that, the dealer will burn (discard) three cards and deal the next card to the player. He will burn another three cards and deal himself a card.

Whoever has the highest card after this round wins. However, note that you will only get winnings for the increment bet, not the initial wager.

Betting on tie

It is possible to bet on a tie as a side bet in casino war.

This means you are wagering money on your card to be the same rank as the dealer’s card. If your bet wins, you will get paid 10:1.

This is the most lucrative part of the game, compared to the regular win bet that pays only 1:1.

Casino war odds

The odds of winning on the first card in casino war is 46.3% for both the player and dealer.

This is fairly even, although it is still not short of 50:50.

However, when a tie occurs, house edge sets in, depending on whether you surrender or go to war. If you surrender, the house edge is 3.7%.

However, if you go to war, the house edge is 2.8%.

For this reason, expert players always advise against surrendering during a tie.

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How to win in casino war?

Winning in casino war is simple. You must have the highest card than the dealer to win.

If your card is lesser, you lose the game round. However, if a tie occurs, you can either surrender and lose half of your wager or go to war.

The payout for a win in the game is 1:1. That said, you can also bet on a tie as a side bet, which comes with a 10:1 payout.

Can I play for free?

Yes, it is possible to play for free. Choose an online casino that offers the game for free, and you can start playing without risking your hard-earned money.

In most cases, you won’t need to sign up to play casino war for free, and it is a good way to learn the moves and familiarize yourself with the gameplay and features.

However, note that you cannot win real money when you play the game in demo mode.

What is the house edge?

The house edge of casino war is typically 2%.

However, when a tie occurs, the house edge can increase depending on how you choose to proceed with the gameplay.

If you surrender, the house edge will be at 3.7%.

However, if you go to war, the house edge will be at 2.8%.