Caution: Beware of Hidden Wagering Requirements in Casino Bonuses!

Sometimes you get a little cheated by the casino, when you collect a welcome bonus. It is about the terms and conditions of the bonus, i.e. wager requirements that must be met before the winnings can be paid out. As you probably already know, the wagering requirement is quite decisive for a welcome bonus and the lower the wagering requirement, the better it is for us players. The problem that you may encounter that I want to draw your attention to is precisely this wager requirement and the rules for it.

This is how the casino can trick you

A few online casinos may have the following in their bonus terms. Wager requirement X sum times your deposit + your bonus. This means that if, for example, you withdraw a bonus of 500 NZD with the wagering requirement of 30x, the wagering requirement is not 30x.

The casino states 30x but writes 30x your deposit + bonus, which actually means 35 + 35, i.e. 70x in wagering requirements because you need to wager both the amount you deposited and the bonus money.

The casino isn’t doing anything illegal here and they can have whatever wagering requirements they want, of course, but it can be misleading if you’re looking for a good bonus, when under stress you only quickly glance at the wagering requirement, check the amount and move on, then when withdrawing you get find out that the turnover requirement has still not been met.

Here is an example of this:

Hello Casino is an online casino using this method as you can se in the image from our review here below.

Our Hello casino review
Our Hello Casino review

Do many online casinos have this?

No, here at we only have 2-3 casinos that have excessive wagering requirements and we clearly state in our reviews for these that their bonuses should be avoided. We also refer you to other NZ casino bonuses that have better terms and conditions.

Can a casino with high wagering requirements be good?

At the same time, you should also be aware that a welcome bonus can have what we consider to be high wager requirements but still be a good casino. A good example is CasinoUniverse whose wagering requirement for the welcome bonus is 55x which is quite high.

But at the same time, they offer cashback to players every week which is completely free of wager requirements. We then recommend that you skip the welcome bonus but that you should use their loyalty bonuses because these are free of wagering requirements.

Make smarter casino choices

All online casinos are different good at different things. Hello Casino may use this technology for their bonuses, but at the same time they have a no deposit bonus that does not even require a deposit. CasinoUniverse as I mentioned had bad conditions for new customers but really good for loyal customers.

The purpose of this article is not to single out someone as a bad casino, but to draw your attention to small things that can play a big role when choosing a casino or a bonus. Here at New Zealand Casinos, you will always find this kind of information in our reviews so you never miss anything important that the casino has to offer.

If you do not choose a casino through us and accept bonuses, then I recommend that you look at the wagering requirements and ensure that both the deposit amount and the bonus amount do NOT need to be wagered.