Five sneaky ways to cheat in Blackjack

Blackjack is the game where you can clutch huge winnings, and it’s no surprise that it was always a target of cheaters.

Maybe you are not familiar, but since the first opened casino floors, the game of mice and cat started between the cheaters and the house.

That is why we have decided to dig into the top five of some of the sneakiest blackjack tricks used by cheaters over the years.

Just to make sure, we do not recommend you to use any of mentioned blackjack cheat techniques!

Whether it was land-based or online casinos, cheating in blackjack or any other real money game is a criminal offence.
This article is published only for an informative and entertaining purpose.
Blackjack cheater from the Casino 1995 movie.
The blackjack cheater from the Casino movie 1995.

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How to cheat in Blackjack?

If you are a beginner in blackjack, you should know that this card game plays on a skill and a strategy.

Only with time, you can get better at blackjack. But yet, many players who want quick bucks look for the possibility to beat the house edge by cheating in blackjack.

When we mentioned blackjack cheats, most people first think about card counting.

But most of them are surprised when they learn that card counting is not a method of cheating in blackjack, but a technique of tracking the remaining cards in the shoe and those that are dealt.

Blackjack cheating techniques

Over the years, players developed so many blackjack cheating ways, which the most common where: 

  1. Keep betting (adding chips) to a current bet
  2. Using cheating devices
  3. Marking cards
  4. Bribing a dealer
  5. Finding weak blackjack dealers spots and checking their hole card

Nonetheless, if a player wants to make successful cheating in blackjack must be highly alert and cautious.

Any suspicious behaviour is a red light for pit staff and security officers.

Even if your cheat works, you need to be discreet and play with smaller bets.

Casinos pay more attention to consistent winners at the tables, which mean more attention will be on your back.

Most of these tricks can’t be used if you decide to play a few hands of blackjack online, but we thought it could be interesting for you to learn them.

1. Finding weak blackjack dealers spots

For this type of cheating, you need to have a partner and a cheating device that will allow you to contact your cheating partner.

Namely, you are sitting at a table and playing quite usually while your partner is trying to find the weak point of the dealer to see when he reveals his hole card.

This position is located somewhere behind the dealer, and after noticing the hole card, your partner must somehow tell you what the card’s value is.

Previously, players used tricks as touching the nose, nodding the head or devices as an electronic signalling system that we can see in the cult film Casino from 1995, where two cheaters practice this very tactic in cheating blackjack.

While the then casino pit boss, played by Robert De Niro, cunningly manages to break the trick and expose the cheaters. Watch this fantastic scene on youtube.

2. Adding chips to a current bet (past posting)

Adding or removing chips to an existing bet is a method of cheating in blackjack, also known as Past Postin.

With this method, cheaters try to decrease or increase bet size after noticing the outcome of the blackjack hand.

Let’s see an example:

  • If a player starts a hand with a $50 bet by using 2 green chips of $25 before receiving two Queens for a hand value pat 20.
  • So, the dealer keeps dealing the cards around the table.
  • Cheater slides two more chips of $25 in the initial stack, increasing the original bet to $100.

The cheat result is that the player will receive $100 instead of $50 on a hand where the dealer is burst. On the other side, if a cheater realises that he will lose, he will pull back one green chip from the pile during the game.

This cheat is based on the belief that the dealer won’t see.

3. Using cheating devices

If you are not the type of player who wants to go the usual way and rely on its skill and lady luck, some devices can help you increase your winning odds.

We must say that none of these devices is legal and if you want to use them, that will be at your own risk.

Casinos nowadays use highly advanced technology to catch cheaters. So to get criminal charges, even a few broken ribs and a black eye are pretty high for you.

cheating device
Cheating device

As far as blackjack is concerned, there are devices like the blackjack card counter app, blackjack beater, and so on.

As for other popular devices, there are drilled down dices for craps, card holdout cheating devices for baccarat, slot machine remote jackpotter, etc.

4. Marking cards

Marking cards is one of the oldest cheating methods in gambling. It can be used in any card game, and cards are marked physically or with special glowing dyes.

However, the simplest way to mark cards is to scratch them or ping them with a needle.

Cheaters do not have a need to mark all the cards from the deck, but marking just a few high-value cards can be enough to give a player a high advantage in the game.

In today’s casinos, you have to have a good connection or agreement with the dealer in order to use the marked tickets.

marked card

The most common method of marking karate is dyes which can be spotted with special glasses or lenses.

This method helps the player to recognize the dealer’s hole card, which allows him to know which strategy to use.

5. Bribing a blackjack dealer

Bribery of dealers is not a common occurrence, and it is very risky for both a cheater and the dealer to engage in this act, which is illegal.

In essence, it is very difficult to use a dealer to play to your advantage because, after all, a dealer and a blackjack player play against each other.

bribing a dealer

However, in some cases, if you are lucky, you can meet a dealer who is dissatisfied with the casino where he works and has the ambition for quick money.

In that case, the dealer could help you cheat together and halve the winnings.

Why cheating in a casino doesn’t work?

The mentioned methods for cheating in blackjack come with high risk and enormous failure percentage. However, if you decide to try any of the techniques, you must beware of casino security systems. These are: 

  • Casino pit bosses: Many players are unaware that casinos have special people who watch suspicious actions at tables and machines. Their job is to identify cheaters. This include pit boss, floor supervisors and more. 
  • Surveillance cameras: Nowadays, land-based casinos have high technological surveillance equipment to identify cheaters and suspicious actions in a casino. These cameras are played through the whole casino, and their main task is to watch players continuously.
  • Radio-Frequency Identification chips: Many players are unaware that casinos have special people who watch suspicious actions at tables and machines. Their job is to identify cheaters. This include pit boss, floor supervisors and more. 
  • Casino database: Many players are not aware that casinos have special You may not know, but casinos have a unique database in which they keep statistics on each game, won / lost hand, and scoreboard. These results are analyzed and compared with last month’s player results and percentages. Delicate analyzes and algorithms can detect and detect all suspicious patterns.