Wellington casino, NOT supported by the Wellington council!

Did you know that more than 700 people in New Zealand alone search for Wellington casino every single month? That’s 8,400 times a year!

You want to play casino NZ here just like in Auckland or Christchurch, what’s the strange thing? Well the strange thing is, there is no casino in Wellington!

Wellington casino policy
Wellington casino policy

My first thought was that there must be a mistake in the statistics in some way because why do you search for something that does NOT exist!

However, it turned out very quickly that the answer was simple. Most people who search for a Wellington casino are not looking for a casino there, nor an online casino.

No, they are looking for a reason why there isn’t a casino in Wellington!

And then it suddenly became much easier to help the searcher find the right answer. In short, the Council does not allow you to open a casino there. It was that simple!

You can read more about this at Wellington.govt.nz in their casino policy report.

Casino report from Wellington:

Nearest casino from Wellington

The closest casino from Wellington is Skycity Hamilton and then it is at least 6 hours away from Wellington.

In other words, if you are from Wellington, you want make a day trip to Hamilton just to play casino unless you are a highroller.

Option number 2 is to play online. If you want to do it with friends, you can easily connect the screen to the TV and play live games to get as close to a “real” casino experience as possible.

In addition, Skycity has launched its own online casino so that you can play online, something that no other local casino in New Zealand can offer at the moment.

However the online casino does not reflect the local version! The online version is offering pokies like other of-shore casinos from thirdy parts like NetEnt.


Will there be a casino opening in Wellington in the future?

Right now there is absolutely nothing to indicate that!

What local casinos are there in New Zealand?
Can you play online casino from Wellington?

Absolutely, choose a good casino from our top list on the home page for the best experience.