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betting iconOnline betting is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people realize the many benefits of betting online, such as bonuses, better odds and game tips. Our job is to serve you the very best betting pages, the best bonuses and of course the latest campaigns for New Zealand players. Below you will find the absolute best-betting pages according to us and below the list you can read more about online betting and everything you need to know for a nicer gaming experience.

Best bettingsites online

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How to choose the best sportsbook

As with casinos, both the sportsbook has standards that distinguish better sports betting offer from those bad ones. Before you decide to play on one of the offered sports betting we have selected the right tips and criterium that you need to pay attention and that you need to know.

Like we had said above in online betting there are important criteriums that are good to know before playing, especially if you are new to this world, and they are:

  • The most numerous offers of betting games
  •  There are pre-match and live betting offers
  • Choose the highest bonus offers
  • Choose the highest coefficients (odds)
  • Payment and withdrawal methods
  • Pay attention at security and safety
  • Quality of customer support
  • Compatible mobile application

Unwritten rules and strategies of professional betting players

If you want to be a successful bookmaker, you must, of course, know the strategy that all professional betting players use. Of course, it’s not all about strategy, there are several other tips that you should follow to get the odds to your advantage and they are:

Persistence, patience, and discipline

As with many things in life, it’s impossible all to get right now and instantly. Persistence, patience, and discipline are needed for success in any part of life. When betting and hitting the winners in the sport there are many surprises.

The ball is round and it can easily happen that the favorites do not win every game. It is very important that you do not give up after the missed game, but to understand it as a gained experience and proceed further.

Do not use any kind of mathematical system

Although they are very interesting and have many forms, you will not be able to score a goal if you do not hit most of the games.

These systems can fool you because sports cannot be used in mathematics system regardless of many tips. Our recommendation is to play naturally based on your experience, knowledge, and insights.

Combining multiple types of bets

When we think of combining several types of betting, this means that you can play multiple tricks on one ticket, with different sports and, of course, stakes. So you can choose better odds from different sports and get easier influences in which they play favorites.

Do not make bets under influence of alcohol and any drugs

It is very important that you have control over yourself when you bet. This is that you are not under the influence of alcohol or some recreational drugs as this may affect your judgment power. Under such influences, you can only hurt your financial condition and put yourself in an embarrassing position where you can lose your money.

Have control over your financial resources

casino bonus ikonFinancial accountability is very important in the world of betting. Our recommendation is to bet only with the money that belongs to you.

Do not invest money that you are not willing to lose.

An irresponsible betting of money in bets can lead you to unpleasant situations that will only have problems at home and at work.

Expand your knowledge, experience and be well informed:

Follow the results of the matches, the positions of the teams on the tables, the schedule of the game, the statistics of each other’s matches, etc. do not give up after missed betting but you understand this as a gained experience.

Be informed about listening to sports analysts, inform yourself about the team sisters or players you bet. This is one of the most important tips we offer.

Casino bookmarks bonuses

For the purpose of attracting and adhering to new and regular players, bookmakers use a variety of ways, and one of them is definitely a bonus. These bonuses relate to new users when after they make their first deposit, receive a certain bonus depending on the bookie.

The best example of this bonus would be to offer a deposit bonus of 100% up to $ 100 given that the deposit does not exceed $ 100. This means you make a $ 100 deposit in your account and get $ 100 more and you have a total of $ 200. Our recommendation is to know one important thing, that all bonuses come with wagering requirements.

The good thing is that they are not like casino games where you get a bonus you need to turn 20 or 30 times. In betting, this bonus must be turned considerably smaller, for example, 5, 6, 7 times depending on the casino bookmaker you choose.

Pre-match and live betting

The original betting was started in pre-match mode. People put their bets before the game and after the match, they knew what the outcome was.

pre-matchToday in modern times, besides pre-match betting, there is live betting. Sportsbook has allowed us to make a bet until certain games last.

This means that you are able to bet on the ongoing games, you have offered many options with many good odds where you can definitely benefit, especially if you are well informed and experienced in the sport you bet.

That is a very good and interesting thing especially now that we can pay bets from the environment of your home.

What are the odds?

If you’ve ever been in the company of sports betting fan, you’ve probably heard a lot of the word “odds” being mentioned. Odds are a coefficient that gives you bookmakers when you bet against it on a particular match. On the offered odds you pay your money and when the amount of your stake is multiplied with it the result you receive is your potential gain.

There are two types of odds, and they are:

Simply put, if the bookmark offers us a game of F.C. Real Madrid (the last year’s champion of the championship in football) to play with some random team that is the last one on the table and who is fighting for survival in the first league.

And the offered odds for winning F.C. Real Madrid is 3.45, which would mean we have a very good odds. Such offers should never be ignored. Because F.C. Real Madrid is a complete favorite in this match.

Bad odds are reflected in the fact that if we take full favorites like F.C. Real Madrid in a game against a random team that is totally bad by all factors.

If in this case, the betting odds give the odds of winning F.C. Real Madrid from 1.05, we can consider this as a bad odds because we will not have many benefits from it if we play it.

Eventual gain is obtained when we multiply odds and stakes. For example, if we invest $ 100 at odds of 1.05, the potential gain will be $ 105, which means that we are in the plus of only $ 5 while we risk $ 100.

Sportsbook and best offers

The goal of every player who plays sports betting is, of course, a victory. But in order to reach this level, it is necessary to get acquainted with many factors. Many of these factors have already been shown to you in the text above, but there are still more. Another important factor is, of course, the choice of a sportsbook with the best offer and the highest odds.

Many professional bookmakers before finding a bookmaker in which they will play, explore more bookmakers and compare the quality of offer and the size of odds offered. As with casinos, not all of the sportsbooks have some poorer offerings and salaries for sports that we can bet and some more. The same thing is with odds. it’s up to you to find a sportsbook that answers you most, and the list we recommended on our site will not be difficult for you.

Mobile Sportsbooks

Betting on a mobile device is getting more and more popular, which is quite normal with the fact that we live in the 21st century. With this fact, they are well acquainted with betting providers, and of course, they invest a great deal on the design and appearance of sites on the mobile device.

All bookmakers on our list are mobile compatible and without any problems, you will easily put your bets. It does not matter whether you are an Android user or an iOs device, tablet, or bet on your computer. One thing is guaranteed, with ease you will be entertained from the environment of your home.

Safety and security

Our primary goal and main occupation as a casino and online betting guide is to ensure that all players are provided with the best, most reputable and last but most importantly the safest providers of the games were they casino or online betting.

All casinos and sports betting that we recommend are 100% secured by SSL encryption and all legal licenses that provide legal transactions. So absolutely you do not have the need for any concern, because all providers are safe and secure.

Customer support

Customer support is a very important thing for the players because there are often complications where players need help with adjustments or some other problems. Of course, there is support for customers.

All of casino and gambling providers that we recommend have a support that is available to all players from New Zealand via live chat, phone number and via an email account. Most of our lists have live chat support that answers you within a few minutes and is available 24/7 at any time of the year.

Final words

What more can we say regarding online betting that we have not mentioned already in this article? We can outline some of the most important things you need to know to be a successful player. Be careful with the bonus because they come with wagering requirements.

Every professional player is persistent and patient. Change your strategy, combine different sports and different types of betting. Keep eye on sports statistic, sports news, and sports analytics. Avoid mathematical systems, and if you suspect our advice, feel free to try, because that way you can only enhance your experience. What else do we say to you, but happily, and we hope that our advice has helped you!

FAQ & Answers

Question: Is it safe to bet online?

Answer: Of course it is. Online betting is becoming more and more popular, and all bookmakers are aiming to make customers feel safe and secure. All bookmakers we recommend are categorized with a gambling license and are secured by SSL encryption which guarantees the protection of your subscribers.

Question: Is betting allowed in New Zealand?

Answer: All the sportsbooks on our list we recommend are legal, and you are allowed to bet over them. In addition, online and classic gambling is a very popular thing among New Zealanders, so this should not be a problem. Always choose betting sites that are allowed in your region.

Question: What are the advantages of online betting?

Answer: With respect to earthly bookmakers, virtual betting has many advantages.The first advantage is the bonuses you receive and campaigns that you can track and benefit from. While it’s much more interesting to put bets on sporting events from your home environment, where you are relaxed and focused.

Question: Do I have any benefits from the bonus?

Answer: Bonuses are a defining good thing in online betting either to a sportsbook or a casino. our recommendation is to always accept the bonuses offered because you have the opportunity to get the experience for free and win. Just keep an eye on because each bonus comes with wagering requirements, so before you accept any bonus, be informed.

Question: What are the bonus wagering requirements?

Answer: Wagering requirements are the way the casino and sportsbook are fenced to avoid being exploited by the players. They come with bonuses such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses or bonuses from a campaign. All the bonus you get will have to turn up the high number of times before you can withdraw your money.

Question: What are the odds?

Answer: Odds are the number offered by the bookmaker to a particular match. An example of a odds is 2.50 on the home team’s victory, you put your stake on that number. When the bet and odds are multiplied, the result we get is a potential win.

Question: How do I open an account in an online sports betting site?

Answer: Online betting site registration is as easy as signing up for any site. You enter your information and for hours you can enjoy the offers of sports betting we recommend.

Question: Which sport is best for betting?

Answer: The answer to this question is different for each player. It’s best to bet on the sport you know most and with whom you are best acquainted. We can cheer up the most popular sports among the players and they are all the first league matches and cups, NBA basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Hockey. These are some of the most popular sports when we talk about the offer for players of New Zealand.

Question: Is it possible to get money on sports betting?

Answer: Of course it is. People every day around the world get huge money from betting online and it’s all known to everyone. Just because of these gains and betting is so popular among people of all ages.

Question: What are the best tips for online betting?

Answer: The best tips are certainly to be informed about the sport you bet, to be persistent and to change strategies. Do not bet under the influence of alcohol or any drugs. Keep track of statistics and sports analysis and you will be able to hit all sports pairs with ease.

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