5 biggest mistakes why most Blackjack players lose!

Players often make a lot of mistakes when playing blackjack, those mistakes are common with 80 percent of blackjack players.

What is the reason and how to avoid those mistakes, we are going to show you in today’s article.

Without further ado, we will start with our first tip that will help you to avoid those mistakes and become better in blackjack, so let’s begin!

5 mistakes to avoid when playing Blackjack

Do you want to increase your chances to become better in a casino game that is called Blackjack and keep your budget high?

Well, then you should definitely keep up with these five tips or mistakes that you should always avoid during your blackjack gambling adventure.

Stick to these 5 rules and you will definitely increase your blackjack skills and become better in Blackjack:

Not knowing the rules of the game!

Every blackjack game has different rules, and the biggest mistake that players make is that they settle on the first available blackjack table.

There are many different rules in blackjack game, including:

  • Do you get paid by the dealer 1.5 times the bet if you get blackjack?
  • After splitting couples can you double?
  • On a soft 17 does the dealer drag or stop?
  • Does the game allow you to surrender (give up the hand)?

It is your responsibility that you know the answer to all these questions because you as a player need to learn what casino games are best for the player! If you are not sure in that than you should see our top online casino games guide and learn!

Play at blackjack tables where dealer stops on soft 17 and after that, you can double after splitting your pair.

The bad tables are those where you as the player must pay 6-5, and those where is doubling limited only on 10 and 11.

So before every session, you should read the rules of the game and choose a table that will not lead you to a loss in the long run.

Expecting to win after several losing hands in a row!

Kiwi playing blackjack and making a mistake

A big part of blackjack players think that the odds for this game are 50-50, but that is the biggest mistake.

Most players believe that after a few losing hands in a row, a chance for a win in next hand is better and they place their bets more.

It is very important to know that in blackjack game the previous hand outcomings do not affect the future result, especially if you have lost a few hands in the row.

Even if you have won the several hands in the row or lost the chance to a win in the next hand is always about 49%.

The only time that you should bet more in blackjack is when you know the upper hand. Never put more bets when you think that is time to win.

Not playing according to the “Optimal Game Strategy”

The optimal game strategy is the mathematically correct way of playing each hand in blackjack and it is has been developed by the skilled mathematicians.

The blackjack game is a little more complex game, and definitely, it is not a guessing game where you play just on pure luck.

You can find much detailed information about the best decision and blackjack strategies on the internet, and including our own article, The beginners guide for blackjack.

For example, if you have 9-8 and the dealer has 9th, you don’t have many options to finish this hand, it is only one right way to play this hand. even if you are in land-based casino or online casino the strategies are the same.

You have to split there is no other option.

The blackjack game is not a feeling game it is a mathematical game and you have to put your heart and guts aside. If you can’t accept this, then you should play another game.

Choosing to play 6:5 games

We have already talked about this mistake in our advice number 1, because the blackjack games 6:5 are becoming more often, we have to repeat it and explain better.

When casino pays for blackjack 6:5 the house edge is increased by 1.39%, so you should try to avoid those tables. If a casino pays even the house edge will go up to 2.3%.

In short: Don’t play 6:5 blackjack games, before playing read the rules as we have said before.

If the game does not pay you 3:2 for a blackjack don’t play it.

Playing under the influence of drugs and alcohol

You should never play any casino game under the influence of drug or alcohol. Why? The answer is simple, players should always play responsibly! You as a player need to have a clear head and straight thinking when making a decision and especially in blackjack.

With too much alcohol in your blood, your thinking thought is affected and you can easily make mistakes that can cost you.

The best thing would be to avoid alcohol and drink after the game. Always play blackjack when you sober and rested.

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