When to double down in Blackjack, when NOT to & why!

Double Down is a gambling option in the game of Blackjack where we can double our winnings during the game, but it is also a lucrative offer that can make us lose more.

Double down in Blackjack
Double down in Blackjack

It is therefore especially important that you as a backjack player know when it is good and when it is less good to choose to double.

Below, we have compiled the very best opportunities to double down as well as those when we absolutely should not double down.

What does double down in Blackjack mean?

Double down is when we choose to double our bet in the middle of the game round.

Means that we double our bet and that we get a new card in return. Greater profit if we win but also greater loss if we lose.

The advantage is that we have seen half of the game and can more easily predict how the game might end.

When to double down in blackjack?

11 on the hand

If the total is exactly 11, many blackjack players recommend doubling down. The reason is that the chance of getting blackjack (21) is high with 11 on the hand.

Hard 9 or 10

If you have a hard 9 or 10, it can also be good to double down. A hard hand simply means that no aces are involved.

If that’s the case, the dealer doesn’t have that much of an advantage and thus it’s a perfect opportunity to double down.

Soft 16, 17 or 18

If you have an ace and a total of 16, 17 or 18, this is considered a soft hand.

If you have such a hand, it may also be worth doubling down as the ace card increases your chances of winning in all game rounds as it can be both a one and an eleven.

In this case, you can use your ace as a one to not go over 21!

When NOT to Double Down?

If the dealer has an ace, it’s a round you absolutely should NOT double down. The reason is simply because an ace is a really good card in Blackjack with which you can get 21 (blackjack).

When NOt to double down in BJ
Double down – to Many

When the dealer has it in hand, our winning chances decrease and the dealer’s increases.

If you have more then 11 in your hand, you should NOT double down either because the risk of going over 21 is too great, in other words little risk of profit.

How does double down in Blackjack work?

If you are dealt two identical cards in your hand and choose to split them into two piles of soap, you are usually not allowed to double down!

The only time we get the opportunity to double down is when the dealer has dealt us two cards and we haven’t split, as I said.

When can players double down?

So if you haven’t split and have two cards, you can choose to double down. If you do, you must add the same amount in stake as you have already bet originally.

After that, you get a new card from the dealer and remember that since you have doubled, it is the last card you get during this game round.

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