Rapid Transfer – New Skrill service for faster withdrawals & deposits!

Skrill has launched a completely new service in collaboration with over 170 banks around the world.

This new service can be used by anyone who has a Skrill account to make quick withdrawals and deposits directly to the bank account.

In this article, we go through this new service that Skrill calls rapid transfer.

The Advantages of Rapid Transfer lanuched by Skrill.

With the increase in the number of companies that are providing online services, there is always a great need for individuals to consider online payments.

This is probably the reason behind the increasing number of companies that are providing online payment processing services in the same way as with bitcoin online casino brands.

If you are looking for payment processing services, you must have heard of so many options.

One of the most legitimate money transfer company that you should consider is Skrill because of its benefits.

The identity verification of this type of money transfer company is particularly something to look out for.

They ensure safety especially when it comes to the money transfer business which is very essential.

So many businesses consider Skrill to be a better option when it comes to payment services.

Rapid Transfer launch

The launching of rapid transfer payment option has benefited so many users of Skrill.

It enables people to make faster online withdrawals and deposits. It is a payment option that is supported by almost 170 banks around the world.

Rapid explained 1
Rapid explained 2
Rapid explained 3

So many Skrill customers have come to realize that online payments have been made easier because of this option.

Perhaps you are wondering why this option is quite beneficial. Here are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy with this payment option.


What makes rapid transfer to be quite beneficial is the fact that it is instant. The fact that it has this quick transfer for different customers makes it very beneficial.

If you make online payments, you can be sure that it will be accepted instantly.

Transactions will be quite easy which is very essential.


Everyone is obsessed with security when it comes to payment options. They always want to go for a secure method of payment.

This is something that is portrayed on various online platforms. Considering rapid transfer to your Skrill account can be very helpful in this area.

It is a payment option that guarantees a lot of security because there will be no misappropriations or even loss of funds.

There are security measures in place that ensures that the whole transaction process will be secure.


One of the most important things that every individual goes for when it comes to payment is convenience.

The guarantee that comes with ease of conversion, makes rapid transfer to be a very good option for you.

No registration required

The process of signing up can be quite complex and time-consuming and therefore, you can enjoy not having to register to use the service. That makes life that bit easier.

Some of the other advantages that you get to have include enjoying payouts and refunds, having indemnified payments and licensed PSD2.

You can also note that no PCI DSS required for this process. If you have a Skrill account, adding rapid transfer can be a big step forward.

This makes majority of payment processes to be faster. You can be sure that you will enjoy this payment option the moment you add it to your account.

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