Estonia casino license (MTR)

Located in North-East Europe, Estonia is a small country known for its rapid growth. This country is at the forefront of different digital inventions, including casinos.


If you wish to open either a land-based or online casino in this country, you need a permit from Estonia Gambling Authority. Online casinos can also offer their services to players around the world with their license.

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The Estonia Gambling Authority

EGA is a body that governs all casino activities in the country. The main goal of the Estonia Gambling Authority is to ensure that the regional casinos stay relevant on the international scene. It achieves this by licensing gambling organizations and blocking illegal casinos, creating a trustworthy and safe betting environment.

Countries protected by Estonian license

As mentioned, the Estonian gambling license protects and regulates Estonian casinos. Additionally, some offshore casinos in Europe and the global market also operate under this license as of 2011. In other words, an online casino can offer its services to customers outside Estonia, as long as the country you are in does not have a ban or its own licensing system. In New Zealand, for example, there is no license system for online casinos and everyone can therefore play at casinos with a license from Estonia legally.

Gambling Act 2021

An online casino with a license from Estonia follows the rules and laws that apply in Estonia. This law is called the Gambling Act and was introduced on January 1, 2021. You can read the whole thing at the Riigi Teataja.

How are you protected as a player?

You are guaranteed fair play when you play at a casino with an Estonian license. One of the licensing authority’s mandates is to audit casinos regularly. This confirms that casinos generate winning combinations and numbers randomly.

In addition, the governing body prohibits all casinos from allowing minor players. Players must provide age verification documents during either the registration or withdrawal processes. Note that the legal gambling age in the country is 21 years, however players outside from Estonia playing online only need to be 18+.

Another way the Estonian license guards you as a punter is by facilitating responsible gambling.

By law, all casinos under Estonian rule must set tools in place for players who feel they might be falling into addiction. Among these tools is self-exclusion, a period where players take a break from betting.

Gambling sites must also set betting limits. Besides, the casinos have to provide players with sufficient and comprehensible information about the betting limits and any other relevant categories.

Whenever you have an issue with a casino using this license, you can complain to the authority board. The EGA launches investigations and works towards ensuring that your problem is resolved.

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Where can I find a list of all casinos?

If you want to know which casinos have Estonian licenses, you can check out Estonia list of all gambling licenses here.

Where can I leave complaints?

If you have a query or complaint, you can send them an email.

  • Gambling complaints email:

Contact Info

The Estonia Gambling Authority/ Estonian Tax and Customs Board is reachable through the following channels.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +372 880 0811.
  • Fax: +372 676 2709.
  • Address: Lõõtsa 8a, 15176 Tallinn.

Estonia license FAQ

Is gambling in Estonia legal?

Yes, since 1995, gambling has been legal in Estonia. It was during this year that the first Gambling Act came to pass.

In 2009 another Act came to power, and finally, 2011 saw the legalization of online gambling in Estonia.

What licensing jurisdiction does the Estonia Gambling Authority have?

Through the Gambling Act, Estonia can govern both local and off-shore casinos.

In 2011, the country permitted the operation of foreign casinos within its boundaries.

Which casinos operate under an Estonian license?

Today, you can find several casinos that have an Estonian license.

To mention a few, they include Bet 365 Casino, Hey Casino, and TonyBet Casino.

Which games does the Estonian gambling license govern?

Generally, the Gambling Act of Estonia governs 4 games. These are games of chance, which depend on luck.

Mostly such games are played on electronic devices or machines.

The others are totos, which are games whose outcome is not controllable, say sports bets and lotteries.

Finally, there are games of skills. These rely on the players’ physical abilities or knowledge.

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