Bingo cards generator (Free)

Printable bingo house cards for free!

Do you want to be able to play bingo at home with your friends but lack bingo tiles?

Nice, then you will love our housie bingo ticket generator that automatically creates new tickets for you that you can print.

We wanted to create a 100% free version of this and therefore we have used Google Spreadsheet which is also 100% free.

Housie ticket generator
Housie ticket generator

To be able to use our tickets you need either a license from office or a Google account which is 100% free.

Follow the instructions below to generate your first bingo housie tickets in just a few seconds. Good luck!

Download Bingo Housie ticket generator for free

How to generate house tickets:

Download file
Start by downloading the house ticket generator file.
Step 1
Login to your Google account. If you dont have a google account you can use excel but you will then need to have a valid license for it.
Step 2
Step 3
Choose an new empty doc.
Step 4
Click on archive and selecet open.
Step 5
FInd the file you downloaded and doubble click to open it.
Step 6
Print your housie tickets by clicking Print!
Step 7
Press F9 to generate new tickets to print!

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What is the combination file?

The combination file that you can see when you open the housie ticket generator is a list of all possible combinations. When you press F9, the system creates new tickets using these combinations.

Can i share the housie ticket generator with friends?

Ofcourse feel free to both edit and share as you wish!

How many bingo cards are generated?

Every time you press F9 the system will generate 3 new bingo housie cards for you!