Sports streaming live

If you are looking to find the best free online live sports streaming services available in New Zealand, this guide will help you!

It must have happened to you at least once that your favorite sports team or a player has a match, but none of the TV channels you subscribe to broadcast live that sports event. What to do then?

Live stream rugby
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND – JULY 20: Players take the field during the Super Rugby Qualifying Final match between the Hurricanes and the Chiefs at Westpac Stadium on July 20, 2018, in Wellington, New Zealand.

The first thing that comes to your mind is to look for online live streaming services that broadcast numerous sporting events.

But when searching, you come across walls or you have to pay to watch, this can be frustrating.

That’s why today we took the time to get more information on how to easily find live sports streaming services that are free, HD quality and broadcast the most popular sports events from around the world.

In addition, we have gathered a lot of information about how streaming sports online services work and much more.

What is live sport stream online?

Live streaming technology is the ability to broadcast an event the moment it happens, live.

These types of videos cannot be edited or cut, live streaming is, as the word itself, live stream.

The most popular live stream events are sports, political, state of emergency, etc.

Previously, this technology was only available to large companies that were mostly streamed sports events. Today it is much different because this technology is available to every person who owns a mobile phone and tablet.

Currently, the most popular aids for live streaming are Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, but we’ll talk about that later.

50+ sport live streams sites free to watch

Although many streaming sites are available on the internet, it is actually difficult to find a quality stream sport live site for free that broadcasts sports events.

There are hundreds of different sites that offer a sporting event in their title, but after you visit them, you realize that it is fake and that they just tricked you to visit their website through clickbait.

Sport live stream free sites list

Here is the full list of the most quality free sport live stream sites:

  • Live Stream (
  • Appstvs (
  • ESPN (
  • Live Score (
  • Fox Sports Go (
  • FromHot (
  • Streaming Sites (
  • Video (
  • Mob Dro (
  • Live Soccer TV (
  • Stream Hunter (
  • Sony LIV (
  • NBA Streams (
  • Sky Sports (
  • SportRAR TV (
  • EuroSport Player (
  • Stream Wop (
  • The Tennis Channel (
  • Stream Sports (
  • Boss Cast (
  • Sport Plus (
  • I am Watching Oline (
  • VIP BOX TV (
  • Live TV (Livetv.fx)
  • VIP Row (
  • Sports Urge (
  • 720p Stream (
  • Footy Byte (
  • VIP League (
  • Fubotv (
  • Roja Directa (
  • VIP Row (
  • Sport Surge (
  • Sport Hub (
  • Mama HD (
  • Live TV (
  • Crick Free (
  • Sport Lemons (
  • Hot Star ( BBC (
  • EuroSport Player (
  • ITV ( My Cujoo (
  • Stream 2 Watch (
  • Where S The Match (
  • BT ( DAZN (
  • Ronaldo 7 (
  • First Row Sports (
  • CBS Sports (
  • Tenis Live (
  • Sports Stream TV (
  • Stream to Watch TV (
  • Live Sports Stream (
  • Sky Sports Now (
  • World Cup Fottball (

Sport stream TV top list

Sport stream TV is a really popular way in which players can watch sporting events streamed online.

The best Sports Stream option is to watch sports events on sports betting sites completely free of charge.

Many sports betting sites stream the most popular sports events and you can watch them just like on TV.

The biggest advantage of watching your game at a sports betting site is that you can opt for live betting and while you follow your favourite team, you can place live bets and win.

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Available sports to stream online

Sports live stream services offer a stream of all major world sports events, leagues and cups.

all sports to stream online

Some sites even broadcast secondary leagues of more popular countries. Some of the popular sports streamed live are football, NBA, tennis, basketball, rugby. cricket and so on.

Below we have excluded some of the most popular and created a list of the best live stream, sites that broadcast them.

Best sites for live stream rugby

Rugby is one of the most popular sports on both islands, but sometimes we can not watch all games via our TV channel. That is why we have listed top live stream rugby sites to watch for free.

Here you can watch matches from Rugby Union League, World Rugby Cup, New Zealand Rugby League, Super Rugby, Super League and so on.

Here is the list:

  1. France TV (
  2. Appstv (
  3. LMI Sport (
  4. BBC (
  5. World Rugby Channel (
  6. 9 Now (
  7. Live Stream (
  8. Sport Surge (

Free live cricket stream sites

Cricket stream sites are not easy to find, especially because this sport is not so popular in many counties like football and basketball.

In New Zealand cricket is considered as one of the national sports aside from rugby. Here we have come up with some of the best free cricket live stream sites where Kiwis can watch matches for free.

  • Cric Buzz (
  • Sky Sport (
  • BCCI (
  • Sony Liv (
  • Hot Star (

Top live tennis stream sites

Tennis is a popular sport all over the world, but in New Zealand, it comes after rugby, cricket and football. However, when it comes to online betting in New Zealand, bettors often place bets at tennis matches because this is one of the easiest sports to bet on and win.

That is why below we have excluded some of the top line tennis stream sites to watch for free.

  • Live Stream (
  • Tenis Live (
  • ESPN (
  • Live Score (
  • Fox Sports Go (

Top badminton horse trials live stream sites

Badminton horse racing is a wonderful sport to watch, but unfortunately, badminton horse trials live stream services are not easy to find. Even this sport is popular and has an audience, not so many websites offer live streams to watch it.

But just for all badminton readers, we have come up with some of the best sites to watch badminton live stream.

  • Badminton Horse (
  • BBC ( (Available with VPN)
  • Equideo (
  • Horse and Country (

Free NBA live stream sites

NBA is of the most popular leagues in the world. Even the time of Michal Jordan and other All-Stars legends are behind us, today we have new legendary players and it is really enjoying to watch their play.

But having in mind that the time zone is different, and domestic TV channels are not broadcasting it is really hard to find NBA live stream sites.

But do not worry, we have come up with some of the best free streaming services where you can watch NBA live via your mobile or desktop device.

  • NBA Streams ( Free
  • NBA (
  • 720p Stream ( Free
  • Stream to Watch TV (
  • Live Sports Stream (

Live football stream services

Football is certainly the most popular sport in the world including UEFA Championship League and European leagues. Also for bettors, these leagues are best paying and with the best odds.

That is why in this part we have come up with a list of the best free football live sport streaming sites where you can watch for free.

  • Live Stream (
  • Live Score (
  • VIP Row (
  • Ronaldo 7 (
  • Sport Surge (

Given the huge popularity of football in the world, many classic casinos and regular games have been modified in the spirit of football to attract as many players as possible. Take pokies with the theme of football teams, Evolution’s Football Studio, pinball machines, and more.

Best TV streaming services online

If you want to enjoy high quality live streaming services like on television without popup windows and irritating ads you should subscribe to these TV streaming services online.

In New Zealand the most popualr streaming services include Sky Sport, Spark Sport, and BuffStreams among others.

Below we have added a few details and ratings, so let’s check them out.


Sports hub Stream or Buff Streams is one of the top three TV streaming services online that are available and completely safe for New Zealand audiences. The great advantage of this streaming TV service is that is completely Free to use. That’s right, you will not need to pay any money or to register in order to watch your game. Another big advantage is that they offer over 100 different sports to watch.

  • Website:
  • Rating: 10/10
Screenshot of the TV streaming service website.

Sky Sport

Sky Sport is one of the most popular TV streaming services online where you do not need to pay any money in order to watch esports events. All you have to do is create an account and log in to watch many sports types such as rugby, cricket, football, NBA, and soon.

  • Website:
  • Rating: 9/10
screenshot of the website

Spark Sport

Spark Sport is the best New Zealand streaming service with a cover of over 50 most popular sports events. It offers high quality resolution and great connection, but in order to watch streamings, you will have to register and subscribe. There is a 7-day free subscription where you can test this service and after you will have to buy a packet. Also, you have pay per view option where you can choose a sports event and pay to watch.

  • Wesbite:
  • Rating: 8/10
screenshot of the live stream TV website

Live sport streaming and betting

In some beginnings of online betting, players could only bet on an event before they started, while in recent years online sports betting sites have enabled live betting on popular sporting events including basketball, football, rugby, hockey, tennis, cricket, and more.

Betting in play while watching a live stream is the best way to make money quickly and easily.

Without question, it is much easier to understand the course of the game and predict which of the two teams is better or what can happen during the game, than before it starts.

live streaming and betting example

While watching a live sports event you have the opportunity to get to know all the unforeseen circumstances such as injuries, team or player behaviour, weather, and so on.

Live betting

If you are an expert and know well the sport you are betting on you have a better chance of winning.

Another great thing is that while watching the live stream match and following the events, you have the opportunity to place a bet instantly on the outcome.

The betting options are different depending on the sport you are betting on.

For example, in tennis, you can bet on the winner of a set/game, serving, etc. In football, you can bet on the next goal, without goals, red card, foul, corner, and much more.

In order to bet live you need to:

  • Create account at any of the recomended sports betting sites on our site
  • Go to cashier page and create your first deposit
  • Head to the sport betting section
  • Choose live betting
  • Select the pairs you want to play


How to stream live sport in NZ for free?

Here you can fin a list of 50+ free live sport stream sites and services. All sport live stream sites here are tested in order to be sure they are legit and some spam sites. Most of these sites will not ask any requirements from your, while on some you wil have to create a free account.

Do i have to bet real money to be able to stream online?

In most cases no, you can visit any of the reccomended live stream sports betting sites and go to the sport section where you can find live stream sport events to watch.


What are the cons of free live streaming?

Cons of free live streaming are:

  • popups windows
  • a lot of adds
  • low quality streaming
  • foreign game/match comentator