One Blackjack

One Blackjack is a new live casino game launched by Pragmatic Play in March 2021.

One Blackjack Pragmatic Play live casino card game.
Unique state-of-the-art studio and host of One Blackjack.

If you are looking for an exciting and high-quality live casino gaming experience in a game of blackjack, then this version is the right choice for you.

Friendly dealers, new game dynamics, a chance to win 2000x your bet, great side bets, and many more features you can find in this new card game that you can play at all online casinos that support Pragmatic Play.

Learn more about this game in our detailed review below.

Info for nerds

Let’s see some game details of One Blackjack that are really important for experienced players:

  • Decks: 8 deck shoe
  • Pays: Blackjack 3: 2
  • The dealer draws to 16 but stands on all 17’s
  • Players are allowed to split cards with the same value, and aces
  • Hitting split Aces is allowed
  • 6 card Charlie rule applies (Players wins if draw 6 cards without bust)
  • Insurance available (pays 2: 1)
  • Time to place bets: 16 seconds

How to play One Blackjack?

The rules of the One Blackjack game are the same as with the classic blackjack, with a few small additions such as side bets.

If you have played Blackjack infinite and All Bets Blackjack you will notice that this game has many similarities with them.

But let’s go through the basic rules of this game.

one blackjack
Place your bet
You have 16 seconds to place your start bet.
make your desicion
Don’t forget on the side bets
Of course, what makes this blackjack different are the side bets you can bet on. Choose between Crazy 7, 21 + 3, Perfect Pairs, or Bonus Bust, and place our bet on one of these (optional).
one blacvkjack 2
Make your decision
Once you have placed your bets the dealer will deal the cards. After that, it’s time to make your decision. You have classic options to choose from, double, hit, stand, split.
one blackjack 3
Depending on your choice of decision and ticket value. There may be another round or end. Mostly whoever is closer to number 21 is the winner. Of course the side bets count in the end, so if you lose the main game, you might win one of the side bets.

Here we have explained how the game works for players who already know how to play online blackjack. If you are an absolute beginner then you should first visit our online blackjack beginner’s guide and learn all the details and instructions on the basic rules of blackjack.

One Blackjack side bets – how it works?

Namely, in addition to the basic bets, four more side bets are available in this game, including:

21+3 side bet – payout and RTP%

This is a side bet where you bet that your first cards combined with the first dealer’s card will make a three-card poker hand. This 21 + 3 side bet is one of the most popular side bets in modern blackjack.

The RTP percentage for this side bet is 96.30%.

House edge is 3.70%.

Max payout is 100: 1.

HandPayoutHit frequency %
Suited trips100 to 10,02
Straight flush40 to 10.02
Three of a kind30 to 10.52
Straight10 to 13.10
Flushe5 to 15.88

Perfect Pairs side bet – payout and RTP%

Here you can bet on whether your first two dealt cards will be a pair. The payout is 12: 1 if you have a pair of the same colour. While for a couple of different colours it pays off 6.1. Pairs of the same suit pay 25: 1.

The RTP percentage for this side bet is 95.90%.

House edge is 4.10.

Max payout is 25:1.

HandPayoutHit frequency %
Perfect pair25 to 11.69
Coloured pair12 to12.89
Mixed pair6 to 15.78

Crazy 7 side bet – payout and RTP%

The Crazy seven side bet respects the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s first card. The bet is paid out when seven appear in the first three cards drawn. The more seven, the higher the payout – the maximum payout with three sevens is 2000 to 1 and the minimum payout with one seven is 5 to 1.

The RTP percentage for this side bet is 94.26%.

House edge is 5.74%.

Max payout is 2000:1.

HandPayoutHit frequency %
Suited 7-7-72000 to 10.02
Unsuited 7-7-7500 to 11.45
Suited 7-7150 to 13.64
Unsuited 7-725 to 17.36
75 to 150.34

Bust Bonus side bet – payout and RTP%

Here you can bet that dealer’s hand will burst. The bet is placed before the cards are dealt. You can’t put this bet on during the game, just before. The more cards the dealer has on hand when he bursts, the payout for the player will be higher. Don’t expect to win big winnings, use it for fun while playing the main one.

The RTP percentage for this side bet is 93.82%.

House edge is 6.18%.

Max payout is 250 to 1.

HandpayoutHit frequency
8+ cards bust250 to 1n/a
7+ cards bust100 to 1n/a
6+ cards bust50 to 1n/a
4+ cards bust9 to 1n/a
3+ cards bust2 to 1n/a
2+ cards bust1 to 1n/a

Features of One Blackjack card game

Pragmatic Play really put in the effort when creating the conditions for this game because in terms of features it set the standard and homework for all competitors.

Truly a player who once uses this game will surely come back again, at least we had that feeling during our game.

The game was broadcast from Pragmatic’s studio, with only one seat, although an unlimited number of players is allowed.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this game:

  • Preferred decision taken by most players is shown in real-time
  • Multiplayer game
  • Auto stand option
  • The unique sound and visual effects
  • Available on mobile and desktop (HTML5 technology)
  • 4k cameras
  • Latency: low streaming
  • Available 24/7
  • Players can see detailed bet history
  • Game hosts are experts
  • Live chat available (with host, live support and other players)

More details about the game

  • Launched: 3rd Mar 2021
  • Technology used: HTML5
  • Accepted currencies: 100+ (including NZD)
  • Languages available: 20+
  • Main language: English

Blackjack news


What is One Blackjack?

One Blackjack is a live casino game launched by Pragmatic Play developer that has the rules of a classic blackjack game with the addition of side bets. The game is very similar to Evolution Gaming’s Infitive Blackjack.

What is the One Blackjack RTP percentage?

If you stick to the basic game then the RTP percentage is 99.28%, but if we look at the side bets then the RTP increases to 99.45.

Where can i play One Blackjack?