3 online casino bugs that made these players richer!

There is always a popular belief that technology doesn’t fail or make a mistake. These beliefs are common especially in the online casino industry where almost every activity is controlled with algorithms and high tech systems. 

In case you don’t know, even the best online casino fails or makes mistakes sometimes.

ace in the sleeve

Maybe you haven’t heard, on three different occasions, players discovered a bug in some casino games and took advantage of it to win huge sums of money.

How lucky can a player get!

The first bug that we are going to talk about happened in an online casino a few years ago. The bug was discovered jackpot game Divine Fortune. This bug was quite different because it was not a bug that a player discovered on his own; instead, it was a technical error. Almost every player that played that game won huge prizes.

This jackpot slot machine was giving out so much money to players. After proper scrutiny, it was discovered that a mistake was made either at the delivery or installation stage.

The casino had no choice but to shut down that game and proceed with repairs. Players that won while playing on these machines didn’t do anything wrong.

Did they? When the casino company noticed the bug on that machine, they immediately sent it out for repairs. This jackpot game is still available and it can be played at LeoVegas

The second bug was on a New Zealand online casino. Some players discovered that they could play a blackjack game even when they didn’t have any money in their account. They played until they won almost NZ$ 1000 without any deposit in their account. 

This was quite strange because the system didn’t register that the button rope can’t be used if there is no money in the account. 

Could it be that the system was hacked? 

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing this, the online casino has not discovered the bug. However, some players were able to cash out their winnings but others had their accounts automatically suspended. 

The third one was also on another NZ online casino:

  • For some reason, releasing their name will be unfair.
  • This bug paid out even before the end of the game.
  • All you had to do was stake an NZ$ 0.5 per spin and before the wheel stops spinning, you would receive a profit for your bet. Just like that.

Imagine staking the maximum bet. You would receive the highest winnings. 

However, what most players did was to keep staking the minimum bet and cashed out when the profit was huge.

What a smart move!

Most didn’t want to online casino detect the bug. Many players cashed out a huge profit with this technique.
It may also interest you that John Kane, a pianist, and Andre Nestor discovered a bug in a Las Vegas machine.

They took over a hundred thousand dollars, but greed took hold of them, and they ended up losing all his money and jail time. Yet, he had to pay back all cash to the casino. This story was all over the breaking news worldwide.

John Kane founded bug in line of video poker games in Las Vegas casino.
John Kane a.k.a. Pianist

What if you find yourselves in any of these situations? Will you take the little profit you have made and leave? Will you keep playing for more, or you would report this to the casino?

Whichever way, bugs at online casinos infrequently happen; If you are lucky to discover one, you would be on the vast temptation.


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