10 interesting casino facts that you probably didn’t know!

It does not matter if we visit a land-based casino in NZ or we spin a few pokies spins in the online casino, we are all here because we love the experience and enjoy the thrill that casino games give us.

Gambling and casino games have been a part of New Zealanders for centuries and today with all technology it is easier than ever before to try out pokies with free spins or place our bets on black at a certain online casino.

But when it comes to casino origins and everything that is related to them, how much do we actually know?

Well, here are the top 10 interesting casino facts that you probably didn’t know. Sit back and enjoy!

#1 The word “casino” came from Italy

Yes, even if the most popular and stunning casino places are in Las Vegas, London, or France, believe it or not, the honour goes to Italy.

The word “casino” comes from Italy and when it is translated into English it literally means “a little house”.

The word can trace its roots somewhere in the middle of the 18th century., but the precise gambling origins are unknown.

We do know that the first organized gambling house was in Venice in 1638. Only high stakes were offered and the casino had a strict dress code (hats and masks).

First casino ever ( Venice, Italy)

#2 Pokies first appeared in 1899

The first pokie machine was invented way back in 1899. It was called Liberty Bell and it was invented by the developer Charles Fell.

The first design was released in 1981.

This pokie had basic construction, and it created a path for all upcoming pokie machines (slots).

First slot machine ever, the Liberty Bell (1899).

#3 The biggest loss in 3 minutes

Playing for fun is ok, but responsible gambling is important and you should never go over your budget.

The late British media mogul, Robert Maxwell, has apparently lost a whopping £ 1.5 million in roulette in just three min. fortunately, no one in the world has yet to beat Maxwell’s record.

#4 Casino psychological tactics

The psychology and reaction of players to many things within casinos and games play a big role in the feeling of players and making his decision.

Casinos know this and make extensive use of various tactics to attract and entice players to play as much as possible.

Casinos used to play coin drop sound on speakers in casinos to get people thinking other players are winning, which would encourage them to gamble more.

Each sound and video effect on online pokie games are designed to attract the player and give him a special feel while playing.

The colour in the casino greatly influences the reaction of the player, such as the green on the tables gives the player calm and security, while the red colour excites the player and speeds up the heartbeat.

#5 Different roulette types

The wheels on American Roulette are different from the roulette wheels in other parts of the world.

To reduce odds of winning to 1/38, US casinos use 0 and double 0. In other countries, the odds of winning are 1/37 because their wheels only have one 0.

On many casino guides, you will see that European Roulette is always at the first place of recommendation, while American Roulette is not recommended. Roulette online guide at our site can give you all information in detail.

#6 Ashley Revell, the man who staked it all on red and…

Ashley Revell was an English professional gambler who was back in 2004 playing in a series known as Double or Nothing.

He sold all his possessions with a goal to stack it all on one turn of a roulette wheel. After selling out all his possessions he raised £ 135,300, all he had left was his clothes.

He then went to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where he invested everything in the red.

Fortunately for him and the audience who followed him on TV, the ball landed at number seven, red.

See the outcome here!

Ashley Revell

#7 Ben Affleck is banned for life at playing blackjack in Las Vegas

Who would say, that celebrities like to cheat while playing at a casino?

One example is the famous American actor Ben Affleck, who has been banned from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Casino for a lifetime.

Ben Affleck was caught counting cards while playing blackjack and was automatically thrown out of the casino.

It didn’t even help that he was one of the most popular actors in the United States. Cheating in casinos is not recommended!

#8 First casino in New Zealand

Most of us probably know this information, but for those who do not know the first casino in New Zealand opened only 26 years ago, specifically in 1994 in Christchurch.

Today we have 6 casinos in New Zealand, while Christchurch casino is popular as the host of the New Zealand Poker Championships.

#9 The longest game of Poker

Playing poker is a lot of fun, whether it’s playing with friends, at a casino or online, but have you ever wondered how long the longest poker game ever was?

Believe it or not, the longest poker game in history has been 8 years! It happened in 1881, in the basement of a theatre somewhere in Arizona, poker was played 24 hours a day, for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days. Amazing, isn’t it ?!

Game of poker in animated image.

#10 Hong Kong casino gangster

A Hong Kong gangster Cheung Tze-Keung who made more than $250 million in kidnapping ransoms has lost most of its money on gambling at a Macau casino.

After being caught and prosecuted, it was revealed that he planned to kidnap the owner of a Macau casino.

He was sentenced to death by Chinese authorities and executed by shooting on December 5, 1998.


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