Arabian Nights


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Arabian Nights review

Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot is one of the main games that came out years ago and it is still on fire.

I will give you a review that will have you playing this game in no time at all.

This game originated out of New Zealand and has caught the attention of slot machine gamers all across the globe.

Whether you are new to this game or you have found your long lost friend, Arabian Nights pokies jackpot is here waiting for you to join the fun everyone is raving about.

How to play?

The Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot game is most loved because it is simple to play.

It has the five reels that are easy to follow along with an Aladdin themed background.

You are started off with 10 paylines that are automatic winners depending on your bet.

You can bet as low as a penny to get you started having fun.

You don’t have to ever do jackpot challenges as you would need to bet at least $5.00 to enter.

Once you start playing, don’t be surprised at the time that flies by.

While newer games have a lot of frills and bells, there is something simple about Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot that keeps it as one of the most loved games in the industry.

The spinning is really addictive and the wins come fast and easy.

Then when you least expect is a wild pops us. Next, a scatter comes with the free spins.

Before you know it, the simple joy of playing slots are in the comfort of your home, travel, and privacy.


The features are the usual bonus spins that appear once you get 3 lamps in your reels.

That scatter bonus will afford you free spins in the Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot.

Then your spins will get a 3X multiplier on winning lines which helps you to continue to play.

There is also a Wild Feature who is an Arabic man that will double your amounts for your winning lines.

He is the one to look for extra points.


If you are interested in winning a larger amount of money per line, consider the Jackpot.

In order to win the jackpot, there must be 5 gems in the winning lines to collect your massive payout.

You need to bet $5.00 per spin, but the payouts are huge.

If you have saved your money from your lower bet winnings, you might want to give the Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot a spin or two.

If you get lucky, you will be singing Arabian Nights all night long.


The jackpots are progressive, therefore the large amounts of money are constantly growing.

You can play with a low bet and find yourself playing all day long. The game RTP is 95.60 %.

Then when you build up enough money, you can look at the amount that the progressive jackpots have grown to.

Use some of the money you have won and taken that spin for the win of your life.

If you take a chance and it just might be your day or night playing Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot.

This is one classic game that will never get old. And the Jackpots makes it even sweeter.

Play Arabian Nights Pokies Jackpot and see why the masses still rank this game as a favorite among so many games available.

Rating: 2.3 - 3 votes

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