TAB NZ racing walk-through

Tab NZ racing is the most popular product at Tab NZ. The racing section is for betting on thoroughbreds horses, harness and greyhound dogs.

In this review we take a closer look at what Tab NZ racing offers and what is useful to know, especially for new players.

This is how Tab NZ racing works:

Possible betsMore info
GreyhoundsThoroughbreds are a breed of horse known for their speed and agility in horse racing, particularly on the flat track.
ThoroughbredsIn harness racing, horses pull a two-wheeled cart while racing at a trot or pace, and it’s popular for its competitive nature and wagering opportunities.
HarnessGreyhounds are a breed of dog often used in racing, known for their remarkable speed and agility on the racetrack, particularly in coursing and oval track racing.

TAB NZ racing today

This is what it looks like when you visit the TAB NZ racing section for today’s matches. You can quickly and easily see all of today’s matches and, above all, what time will be held.

TAB NZ racing today

On the same page you will also find what Tab NZ calls “Trackside”. Here you can stream all matches completely free. The only requirement is that you are logged in to be able to watch live streaming.

You can also see tomorrow’s matches and upcoming matches 2 days ahead.

Single game info

If you select a game, a new window opens with information only for that particular match.

Here is an example:

Here you can see how much is at stake, which class, distances, rail and all participants with odds.

You can easily select your bets here which is placed on the right side of the site so you can choose your bet and see your potential payout.

TAB NZ racing results

Looking at the results for the different games is the second most popular thing at Tab NZ. You can do this in three different ways.

Check yesterday results

Tab NZ racing yesterday

On the Tab NZ racing page, as we mentioned earlier, you can look at today’s and upcoming matches, but you can also choose to see yesterday’s. Then you get a list of all completed matches and if you click on one, you get the result.

Go to results page

Tab racing results

The other way is to go to Here you can filter which results you want to see.

Choose one that you want to take a closer look at and you will find everything about that particular game.

Here is an example:

Tab NZ racing single game result

Check out TAB racing form

Tab NZ racing form is a page where you can download all game data in PDF format. All you do on this page is choose the game you want to look at and in which format it should be opened.

Tab NZ form

You can find this page by visiting

Tab NZ racing doesn’t offer more than this! But that’s exactly all you need to bet on your favorites and to keep track of the results.


What does tab stand for?

It stands for Totalisator Agency Board. This is the name for monopoly totalizator organizations in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Is TAB NZ racing better than offshore companies?

It is definitely more local and has sports as the only product, but in our opinion not the best place to put your money. Many offshore companies offer better odds and more products, but perhaps lack the local feel.

Can I watch TAB racing on my TV?

You can watch TAB NZ racing via your television by opening a channel where these are broadcast. These are called Tab Trackside 1 and Tab Trackside 2. On Sky or Sky Sport you will find these on channels 62 and 63.